7 Best Corded Electric Chainsaw-2023 [ Reviews & Top Picks ]

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If you are out in search of a good saw for tree felling, log cutting, or other landscaping projects, a chainsaw should be the right pick for you. To be honest corded chainsaw has the special power to serve according to your needs.

There are two types of chainsaws out there; corded and cordless. In this article, we will be exploring the best corded chainsaws to help you find the one that suits you best. Keep in mind that corded chainsaws require electricity to run.

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That being said, let’s explore the top rated corded electric chain saw reviews.

The 7 Best Corded Electric Chainsaws Reviews

There are hundreds of corded electric chain saws out there, which makes it challenging to choose the right model. However, here are the options of the best models to consider buying;

1.  BLACK+DECKER CS1518 Corded Chainsaw

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  • Clear Oil Level Window.
  • Tool-Free Chain Tensioning.
  • Powerful motor for large branches.
  • Quick & easy chain adjustments.
  • Feature: Chain Break.
  • Oiling System: Automatic.

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What We Loved

  • It is designed to reduce the noise and vibrations.
  • Features a clear window for quick oil visibility.
  • Comes with a chain brake for user safety.
  • The auto oil-lubrication system keeps bar and chain well lubricated.
  • Self-tightening blades for optimal performance.

What Could Be Better

  • It doesn’t come with a cord cage.


We start the list with this Black & Decker chainsaw that comes with an 18-inch bar for cutting through the thick wood pieces with ease.

You also get enough power to handle your projects perfectly. This baby offers you a 15-amp motor that works accordingly with the 18-inch low-kickback bar and chain. In general, the chainsaw allows you to enhance the cutting performance as you work on your projects.

Besides that, there is a clear window that lets you view the oil level of the chainsaw. This way, you can easily know when it is time to refill the oil tank. The best part is that this chain saw electric model comes with an auto oiling system that will keep the chain and bar oiled all along.

On the other hand, tool-free chain tensioning allows you to make quick and easy adjustments to the chain without the need for a tool. You can be sure of your safety while working with this chainsaw, thanks to the chain break.


This monster is worth the purchase, it is a beast when handling the wood-cutting projects, and user safety is assured too. The only issue is that it doesn’t come with a cord cage. Luckily, that doesn’t affect its performance in any way.

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2.  WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw 18-Inch

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  • Built in chain brake.
  • Built in oil reservoir with level indicator.
  • Patented auto tension chain system.
  • Low kick back bar.
  • Offers consistent performance.

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What We Loved

  • Inbuilt chain brake assures you of safety in case of a kickback.
  • Auto tension chain system prevents over-tightening.
  • Rubber molded rear handle for optimum comfort and control.
  • Low-kickback bar and chain.
  • Inbuilt oil reservoir with window level indicator.

What Could Be Better

  • Adjusting the bar can be challenging.


This Worx electric chainsaw makes it among the best corded electric chainsaw 2022, and the delivery is worth pointing as well. The chainsaw also comes with a 15-amp motor that easily manages your projects.

Along with the 15-amp motor, you get an 18-inch bar that will slice through your trees and logs easily. We loved that the bar comes with a low-kickback feature, along with a chain brake. This means that your safety is assured as you work with the chainsaw.

The automatic-tension chain system eliminates the possibilities of over-tightening. Along with that, you enjoy auto-oil lubrication that will keep the chain and bar perfectly lubricated as you work on your projects.

 Even better, there is an inbuilt oil reservoir, along with a window level indicator. With this, you won’t have to worry about the oil running out unexpectedly. By the way, there is a sprocket that’s easy to lubricate on the bar nose. This helps to preserve the chainsaw life and assure you of a durable machine for handling your projects.


This is one of the top rated electric chainsaws or I can name it best value electric chainsaw, that offer you excellence on your projects. For a beginner, this might be somewhat challenging to use, especially with the chain adjustment.

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3.  Makita UC4051A 16-Inch Electric Chainsaw

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  • Tool-less blade and chain adjustment.
  • Built-in current limiter.
  • Zero emissions & reduced maintenance
  • Rubberized grip handle esures comfort.
  • Large metal spike bumper.
  • Large oil reservoir.
  • Oil level visible by window.

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What We Loved

  • Rubberized grip handles for comfort.
  • Lightweight for better control.
  • The large trigger with soft start offers quick and smooth start-ups.
  • The inbuilt current limiter prevents a possible motor burnout.
  • Oil reservoir with view window lets you know when it’s time to refill.

What Could Be Better

  • You might have to tighten the chain after long usage.


If you value user comfort without compromising the performance of a chainsaw, you’ll love working with this one.

One of the major features that make this among the best electric chain saws out there is the user-friendliness. First off, the chainsaw only weighs 9lbs, making it very lightweight and easy to handle. Besides that, there are rubberized grip handles that are ergonomically designed for comfort. The trigger switch is large enough and offers a soft start for easy start-ups.

Other than that, the saw comes with a 12-amp motor that powers the chain around the 16-inch bar. You can enjoy a tool-free chain and blade adjustments for convenience when handling your projects. Furthermore, this offers you easy maintenance of the chainsaw.

There’s also an inbuilt current limiter that offers protection for the motor from burnouts. When the saw is overloaded, the current limiter will minimize the power of the motor.

You also get a large oil reservoir that comes with a view window to let you check the level of the oil.


This baby is the best electric chainsaw for the money, and the lightweight design makes it user-friendly too. There are other features that enhance the performance of the chainsaw while assuring you of your protection when using it. If you don’t mind tightening the chain oftentimes, then you’ll enjoy working with this fella.

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4.  Husqvarna 414EL 16″ Best Corded Electric Chain Saw

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  • Engine is positioned lengthwise.
  • Tool-less chain tensioning.
  • Voltage 230V
  • Transparent window to check chain oil level.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Oil pump Automatic.

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What We Loved

  • Quiet but powerful operation.
  • Air-injection filter minimizes filter replacements.
  • Anti-vibration offers smooth operations.
  • 90-degree ergonomic handle offers comfort and control.
  • Lightweight design.

What Could Be Better

  • You might have to use a chainsaw extension.


Another option of the best rated electric chainsaw is this monster from Husqvarna. Coming in with a 16-inch bar, this beast can comfortably eat through thick trees and logs.

In terms of the motor, this fella comes with a 14.5-amp motor that is decently powerful for handling most wood cutting projects. It does come with an air injection cleaning system that offers you clean working experience. In other words, you won’t have to replace the filters too often.

The user experience is assured too, thanks to the anti-vibration dampeners that will absorb the movements. There’s also an ergonomic 90-degree front handle that enhances the user comfort all along. You can be confident of enjoying the supreme performance with the ergonomics and maneuverability of the chainsaw.


This chainsaw electrical model is a good performer, and it comes with excellent features too. The motor is quiet and powerful too, and you will generally have an easy time working with it. Even though the price tag is high, it is generally worth it.

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5.  WORX WG303.1 Powered Chain Saw

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  • Patented AUTO-TENSION system.
  • Quick-stop chain break for safety.
  • Ergonomic front handle.
  • Engineered with cutting-edge technology.
  • Auto-LUBRICATION Keeps chain running.

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What We Loved

  • The motor runs with a consistent performance.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design for user-friendliness.
  • Auto oil lubrication with window level indicator.
  • Low-kickback and inbuilt chain brake for user safety.
  • Comes at a decent price tag.

What Could Be Better

  • The chain adjuster knob can loosen when used in tight areas.


This electric chain saw is also meant for those looking for a heavy-duty machine. Of course, this might not be the most powerful and one of the best electric chainsaw 2022 on the list, but the delivery is worth mentioning.

It offers you a 14.5-amp motor that should be enough to handle your projects. The 16-inch bar should be enough to slice through the logs and trees. Keep in mind that it does feature a patented auto-tension chain system that prevents it from over-tightening. The chain will stay at the right tension even after multiple uses.

There is an inbuilt chain brake that is coupled with the low-kickback bar for extra user’s safety. Like most chainsaws, this one also comes with an auto lubrication system, along with an oil reservoir onboard. You can easily check the window level indicator to know if you need to refill the oil tank.

The ergonomic and lightweight design of only 11lbs makes it user-friendly.


This chain saw is a good unit to use, and it delivers accordingly too. You might have to be careful when using it in tight areas. The chain adjuster knob can loosen in such areas, which should be such a big deal when handling normal projects.

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6.  BLACK+DECKER LP1000 Lopper Chain Saw.

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  • Interesting clamping jaws grab.
  • Scissor action cuts branches effortless.
  • 4.5 amp powerful & fast cutting motor.
  • Chain quickly cut thick branches and logs.
  • 4 inch cutting capacity.

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What We Loved

  • Small design with an ergonomic design for easy handling.
  • Auto oil filler limits the need for re-oiling the chain.
  • Tool-less chain tensioning.
  • Perfect choice for branches and small longs.
  • Easy and safe to use.

What Could Be Better

  • Not the best pick for tree felling.


For those that are looking for the best small electric chain saw to handle the branches’ thin logs. If you already have a chainsaw for felling large trees, this one would be a good pick to add to your arsenal.

This chainsaw only comes in at 6.5lbs with a 4.5-amp motor. It also has a cutting capacity of 4 inches with its 6-inch bar length. The innovative clamping jaws will grip the branches and twigs to make an easy cut.

We’d recommend this unit for handling the small jobs or any landscaper that wants perfection with their projects. Thanks to the alligator design and the ergonomic handle. You won’t have to worry about the common kickback issues of other best budget chainsaws out there.

Working with this little fella is easy. To operate it, all you have to do is pull the trigger after you grip the wood between the jaws. After pulling the trigger, you’ll need to pull the handles together like a pair of scissors.

There’s an auto oiler (fixed flow, which will keep the bar and chain perfectly lubricated. Adding several drops to the reservoir is all that is needed of you.


If you already have a chainsaw for cutting down trees, you would want to take this home for cutting the branches or small logs. It is the best cheap electric chainsaw but It will be a waste to buy this if all you need is a tree felling chainsaw.

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7.  Craftsman 34120 Electric Chain Saw

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  • Metal bumpers on the base.
  • Automatic chain brake system.
  • 18″ steel blade cuts through thick wood.
  • Translucent oil tank.
  • Auto-tension system.
  • Bucking spikes ensures safer and stable cut.

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What We Loved

  • The 18-inch bar for cutting down thick trees and logs.
  • The chain brake is activated in the event of a kickback.
  • It comes with a chain catcher for user safety in case of a snapped or slipped chain.
  • Lightweight but very powerful.
  • Low-maintenance chainsaw.

What Could Be Better

  • It doesn’t come cheaply.


Last but not least among our electric chain saw reviews is this unit from Craftsman. This baby comes with an elegant design and it is made to serve you for a long time.

First off, it comes with a 15-amp motor that is powerful enough to handle even the heavy-duty projects. If you will be cutting down thick trees and logs, this baby will suit you perfectly. The 18-inch bar is capable of easily slicing through thick trees and logs.

User-friendliness is assured, thanks to the ON/Off trigger that is placed on the soft grip rear handle. The trigger itself is 12-inch long, which assures you of better operation. There is a safety lock button on the side of the handle for easy access.

You can activate the chain brake through the front and rear hand guards without any problem. When it comes to tightening the chain, there is a knob placed at a position that makes it super easy to access. No need to worry about oiling the chain manually as this machine comes with an auto-oiling system.


If you want a decent electric chainsaw to handle your projects, this baby would be the best corded electric chainsaw. However, you might want to dig your pocket a little deeper to get it. Still, we thought it was worth the price.

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7 Extra Advantages to Using an Electric Chainsaw

If you purchase a corded electric chainsaw, here are the top benefits you’ll get:

Best corded electric chainsaws
Advantages Of Electric Chainsaw
  1. Quiet Operation – Gas chainsaws are made by the engine but electric chainsaws are made by the motor, so it makes less noise and gives a quiet comfortable environment while cutting.
  2. No Down Time – As it’s not a battery chainsaw there is no possibility of downtime while using it.
  3. More Affordable – As no extra fuel cost and less maintenance cost it’s much affordable for the users. 
  4. Infinite Cutting Time –  While using your saw plugged into a power outlet you don’t need to worry.
  5. Lighter Weight –  As it has no battery, heavy engine, gas tank it’s lighter weight than other chainsaws. 
  6. No Fuel Emissions – As it corded there no need for fuel. It’s an extra advantage for users.
  7. Less Maintenance – No engine, No extra engine parts to maintenance cost for users.

Choosing the Right Extension Cord and Length for an Electric Chainsaw

When using a corded chainsaw, you will need the right extension cord if you will be cutting trees that are away from a power outlet.

To help you find the perfect extension cord, here are some factors to consider when choosing one.

  • Consider the plug type. Here, you need to check if your outlet is a 2-prong or 3-prong.
  • Environment. Consider where you will be using the extension cord, along with the variable weather conditions of the area.
  • Length of the extension cord. The length will depend on how far the power outlet is from the field. However, the shorter the extension cord, the better.
  • Indoor or outdoor? Extension cords are normally classified as indoor or outdoor. Indoor extensions come with an S, while outdoor cords come with a W.
  • Gauge. The gauge is the thickness of the inner wires. If you have a 15amp chainsaw, you should go for a 12-gauge cord at 50ft. But for 100ft, it is best to go for a 10-gauge cord.

Always ensure that you unplug the extension cord when you are not using it.

Common Parts Found on the Best Corded Chainsaws

When comparing electric chainsaws, here are some of the common parts you should be looking at.

Best Corded Electric Chainsaw
Best Corded Electric Chainsaw
  • Guide bar: This is the length of the blade, which holds the chain in place.
  • Handguard: This feature will protect your hand from flying debris.
  • Chain: The chain will eat through the wood and trees.
  • Top handle: This is held with the left hand and it allows you to guide the blade through the wood pieces.
  • Rear handle: This one is held by the right hand and it helps to stabilize the chainsaw as you pull the trigger.
  • Switch: A power switch is used to turn the chainsaw on or off
  • Throttle: Throttle lockout prevents the chainsaw from starting accidentally
  • Trigger/throttle control spins the chain when pressed.

Other parts include the bucking spikes for stabilizing chainsaw, chain oil reservoir, chain tensioner, chain oil cap, oil level window, power cord plug, and more.

Buying Guide: What to Consider Before Choosing a Corded Chainsaw

When buying an electric chain saw, it is not just about going through the top corded chainsaw reviews. Rather, you should direct your search based on what you want and if the chainsaw will meet your project needs accordingly.

Keeping that in mind, here are some of the things you need to consider when going through electric chainsaws for sale.

  • Consider the Power

The first thing you need to consider when choosing the chainsaw for handling your project is its power. Generally, corded chainsaws tend to have less power than their gas-powered counterparts. Nevertheless, they can still handle your projects if you choose the right unit. The power is measured in amps or watts.

Ideally, choose a chainsaw that comes with a 9 amp to 16 amp motor. Anywhere below 9 amp is considered less powerful and it may not serve you as you expect. The corded unit doesn’t run on batteries, so that shouldn’t give you any headache.

  • Extension Cord

You should also consider the length of the cord, and if you will be needed an extension cord to cover that. Most likely, you will need an extension when working with the chainsaw. One advice, most professionals give is that you should not go for an extension cord that is longer than 100 feet long. Professional chainsaws are different in nature.

This is because a longer extension cord might cut down the power of the machine due to voltage fluctuation. In the long run, it could damage the chainsaw.

  • Tool-Less System

A lot of people don’t consider this factor, which happens to be very important when buying a good chainsaw. Ideally, you should choose a model that comes with a tool-less system. A tool-less unit assures you of convenience while saving you time.

For example, you can find a chainsaw with a tool-less chain tension that lets you adjust the tension of the chain without the need for any tools.

  • Oiling 

Do you want to go with the auto-oiling chainsaw, or you prefer doing it manually? Most woodworkers and landscapers prefer using a chainsaw with the auto oiling system. There is no difference in either of them in terms of the performance and delivery of the chainsaw. However, it would be better to go for the auto-oiling system.

The auto-oiling chainsaw will know when to release the oil to the chain hence reducing the possibilities of a breakdown. Such chainsaws will come with an oil reservoir that will release the oil to the chain when necessary. This doesn’t only save you time but it also prevents the oil from drying up.

Consider choosing a chainsaw with a clear-view window for letting you know when the oil tank/reservoir is empty.

  • Ergonomics

The chainsaw that you choose must come with excellent ergonomics to let you handle it with better comfort and control. This includes the handle and its design. Choose a chainsaw with a handle with comfortable grips that are made of rubber. Also, consider if the chainsaw comes with limited vibrations to enhance the overall control.

Don’t forget to consider the weight of the chainsaw and if it will give you discomfort when working on your project.

  • User Friendliness

Above all, it is important to choose a chainsaw that is easy to use. i suggest you to learn how to use it first. If you are new to chainsaws, make sure you go for a unit that is generally easy to handle and use when cutting down the trees and logs. To cut down trees a best folding pruning saw can be an option.

  • Safety Features

Your safety is an issue that you should never take lightly when working with a lethal power tool like a chainsaw. If any accident happens, the chainsaw can leave some serious damages to you. In that case, you should check if the chainsaw comes with the necessary safety features. One of the features that tend to be a must-have is the anti-kickback chain system.

This feature will prevent the chainsaw from experiencing a kickback that could eventually injure you. Some saws come with a chain catcher that will hold the chainsaw whenever there is a kickback. Also, you can find other units with a chain brake that allows you to stop the chain immediately in the event of an emergency.

  • Brand

If you want to buy a reliable chainsaw, you will need to ensure that it comes from a reputable brand. There are several recognized brands out there that are known to deliver quality and reliable chainsaws. Some of them include DeWalt, Black+Decker, Bosch, Craftsman, Worx, Husqvarna, Makita, and more.

Regardless of the chainsaw that you choose out there, just make sure that it comes from a recognized brand that is known to deliver top-notch models.

Corded vs Cordless Chainsaw

Chainsaws come in two major categories; corded and cordless. In a nutshell, corded chainsaws are also called electric chainsaws, and they come with a cord that must be plugged into a power outlet.

On the other hand, cordless chainsaws run on rechargeable batteries. You will have to charge the batteries first before you put them on the unit.

To break it down for you, here is a look at the cordless and corded chainsaws offer.

Corded Chainsaws Pros

  • More Power: One thing about the corded chainsaws is that they deliver more power compared to their battery-powered counterparts. As a result, they can cut big and tough trees easily.
  • Uninterrupted operation: All that you need for the corded chainsaw to run is to plug it into a power outlet. As long as there is no blackout or power failure, you will be sure of uninterrupted operation with the corded chainsaw.
  • Less costly: Even with its massive power, corded chainsaws tend to be less costly than their counterparts.

On the flipside, corded chainsaws are less-portable and might come with limited control when the cords tangle.

Cordless Chainsaws Pros

Before choosing the best cordless electric chainsaw you need to know, Cordless chainsaws are powered by a battery pack, which is recharged before they are installed in the chainsaw. Here is some cordless electric chainsaw reviews and what cordless chainsaws have to offer;

  • Portability: Since they are cordless, you can move with these chainsaws easily around without cord limitation.
  • More control: They are also easier to control in heavily wooded areas due to the lack of power cords.

However, cordless chainsaws have less power, they tend to be more expensive than corded units, and replacing into the best battery pole saw may will save you some money in the long run.


Q. How Do Electric Chainsaws Work?

Ans. Electric chainsaws come with two parts (systems). These two parts are the saw blade and a motor. The saw blade comes in the form of a chain that’s wrapped around a metal bar. measuring the chainsaw bar is also important for a comfortable task. On the other hand, the motor will be powered by electricity. Cordless chainsaw work on a battery pack, while corded units will run be plugged into an outlet.

The chain (bicycle-like) will fit around sprockets that are gear wheels designed to turn the chain with their steel teeth.

The engine will come with a piston that moves in and out of a cylinder to push a connecting rod. This rod will move and turn a crankshaft, which will then turn the gears connected to the sprockets. From there, the chain will spin around to allow the blades to cut through wood pieces.

This will be engaged by a trigger switch located at the handle.

Q. Are electric chainsaws more dangerous?

Ans. Chainsaws are naturally dangerous and can be lethal if not handled with care. If you don’t follow the right safety precautions, the chainsaw can lead to some serious injuries. Furthermore, if the chain experiences a kickback, it can snap and injure the user. That is why you should always consider having a chainsaw with the necessary safety features.

Q. Can Electric Chainsaw Cut Down Trees?

Ans. Electric chainsaws tend to be smaller and most of them are easy to carry around. Nevertheless, most of them don’t have enough power to cut down large trees. If you will be felling down large trees, you should opt to use gas-powered chainsaws.

Final Words

As you are looking for the best corded electric chainsaw, make sure you choose the one that meets your project needs accordingly. Above all, ensure that the chainsaw comes from a reputable brand and that it has all the necessary features of a good chainsaw. Always remember to observe the safety precautions whenever you are handling the chainsaw.

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