7 Best Cordless Pole Saws – 2021 [ Reviews & Top Picks ]

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Are you the kind of person who likes keeping their yard neat and tidy? If you are, then you are in the right place. Keeping the yard neat is not easy, mostly if you have tall trees out there. So, when you are trying to reach those hard-to-reach branches, you'll need the perfect tool to help you with that.

best cordless pole saw reviews

best cordless pole saw reviews





(Best for money)

Sun Joe SWJ800E

  • Battery Powered
  • 7 pounds

(Best Value)

Greenworks 20672

  • Battery Powered
  • 8.36 pounds

(Top Picks)


  • Battery Powered
  • 10.4 pounds

Oregon PS250

  • Battery Powered
  • 17 pounds

Maxtra 6955185710333

  • Battery Powered
  • 58 pounds

How Many Types Of Pole Saw?

Basically, there are four major types of pole saws;

  1. Hydraulic pole saw: They run on hydraulics and are best suited for heavy-duty applications.
  2. Manual pole saws: These ones are the oldest models and they can be used in handling different applications.
  3. Electric pole saws: These models can be corded (run on electricity) or cordless (powered by batteries). try to read electric pole saw reviews given by users.
  4. Gas-powered pole saws: They run on gasoline and are also best suited for heavy-duty projects.
four types of cordless pole saw

7 Top-Rated best Cordless Pole Saw Reviews in 2021

It is never easy to step out there and get a specific cordless pole saw for your yard. However, here are seven units you should consider buying;

1.  BLACK+DECKER LPP120 Cordless Pole Saw


  • 20V MAX* Lithium Ion battery.
  • 8 inch Cutting Bar.
  • Center Extension.
  • Range Up to 14 ft.
  • Weight 6.3 lbs.
  • Unit Disassembles.

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What We Loved

  • It is lightweight
  • The length is adjustable.
  • Decent battery life.
  • Reasonable price point.
  • In-line powerhead offers easy maneuverability and visibility between branches.

What Could Be Better

  • Only two settings onboard.


Our first contender is this cordless pole saw from Black & Decker. This one comes in at 6.3lbs, which is relatively lightweight compared to most units out there.

Equipped with a 20V Max Li-Ion battery, you can be sure of enough power to serve you as you work in the yard outside. With a complete charge, this unit can offer up to 100 cuts of 1.5-inch pine branches. Furthermore, it comes with an 8-inch bar and chain that lets you achieve a maximum cutting diameter of 6 inches.

This baby has a motor that delivers a top speed of 375 RPM. There is a central extension that offers a reusable length of 6.5 to 10 inches. As a result, this will offer you an overhead reach of up to 14 feet, which is very much reliable.

Plus, the saw comes with an in-line powerhead that lets you maneuver with ease and also have an easy time seeing between branches. If you need to transport it, the unit will disassemble very easily.


This cordless pole saw is a decent unit for clearing a moderate yard. It might not have too much power for commercial applications, which makes it perfect to use at home.

2.  Greenworks 20672 Cordless Pole Saw


  • Battery40V.
  • Battery 2.0Ah(Amp hours).
  • Battery Type Lithium Ion.
  • Bar Chain Length:8 inches
  • Length with/without extension 8.0 ft to 5.0 ft.
  • Oil Tank Capacity 1.69 fl oz.

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What We Loved

  • Packs a lot of power.
  • Angled cutting bar.
  • The battery life is reliable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Automatic oiler keeps chain well oiled.

What Could Be Better

  • It uses a lot of oil.
  • The battery can be challenging to remove sometimes.


This one is another best battery pole saw unit to consider. It comes in at 8.36lbs, which is still lightweight enough – you won't experience too much exhaustion in the hand when using this unit.

This one is powered by a G-Max 40V Li-Ion battery system that offers enough power for clearing the yard. There are a 2Ah battery and charger included, by the way.

Besides that, this saw comes with an 8-inch bar and chain for offering you an easy time when trimming those branches. The chain tensioning system is easy to adjust, so you will have an easy time when tightening the chain.

Also, there is an automatic oilier that will apply oil to the bar and chain when you needed. This way, you can be sure of having a durable pole saw with optimal use. The best part is that thee oil tank is translucent, so you will view the oil level with ease.

Above all, there is a 3-piece aluminum shaft that can be stretched out to 8 feet. This offers you the needed reach for the high branches.

Unfortunately, this unit uses a lot of oil when running. It also auto oils the chain, so you should be ready to refill the tank frequently.


Here is one of the best battery powered pole saw that has a decent battery life and has a lot of power needed for cleaning up the yard. The length is extendable, and you can be sure of enjoying the best delivery with this unit.

3.  Sun Joe SWJ800E Cordless


  • Ideal for cutting overhanging.
  • 15 ft of overhead reach.
  • Powerful 6.5-amp motor.
  • 8-inch Oregon cutting bar.
  • chain with automatic lubrication.
  • Manual Chain Tension Adjustment.

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What We Loved

  • Decently powerful.
  • Ideal for cutting overhanging limbs and thin logs.
  • Auto-chain lubrication system.
  • Reaches a maximum of 15 feet.
  • Best pole saw for the money.
  • Comes with a safety switch.

What Could Be Better

  • Not ideal for large branches.


This one is the best battery operated pole saw from Sun Joe is another great unit to consider. It is also quite lightweight at 7lbs and comes with some decent features that make it worth choosing.

This pole saw takes out the danger and difficulty of trimming those overgrown trees. The 6.5amp motor on this one assures you of enough power needed for cutting the branches in your yard. Plus, the motor is so powerful to deliver a no-load speed of 6000RPM. The saw can cut branches up to 7.5-inches thick.

We think this would be your best pick for cutting the thin logs and any overhanging limbs. There is a pole that extends to 8.7ft hence offering you 15ft of overhead reach.

This is yet another pole saw that has an auto-lubrication system. There is an 8-inch cutting bar, along with a chain with the auto-oiling system. The oil tank capacity of this baby is at 2.7oz. You can feel safe when working with this saw since it comes with an inbuilt safety switch that will prevent any accidental starting.

 When it comes to the chain tensioning, all you will need is a turn of the screw, and you'll be good to go.


So, this pole saw is one of the best if you want a unit that is reliable enough at an affordable price. It comes with decent power output, along with other features that ease your yard cleaning experience.

4.  Maxtra Gas Pole Saw 6955185710333


  • Can be adjust from 8.2-11.4 FT.
  • Can cut branches 14-15 FT high.
  • 2-stroke 42.7cc engine.
  • Easy to Carry & Store.

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What We Loved

  • Powerful enough for the massive projects.
  • Reaches brunches up to 14 and 15ft high.
  • Highly versatile.
  • Comes with a carrying case.
  • Enhanced chain cover for safety.

What Could Be Better

  • It is a bit heavy


One thing to love about this pole saw is that it is highly adjustable, and also features some useful accessories to help you when clearing the yard.

This one packs some serious power, but it is also very heavy. The saw comes in at 27.5lbs, which is the heaviest on this list. If you are to use this pole saw, make sure that you are strong enough and that you can hold it up for a while without the need to place it down.

Besides that, the pole saw can be adjusted from 8.2 to 11.4ft if you put the user's height into consideration. Therefore, it can cut branches that are between 14 and 15ft high. You won't need a ladder to reach the high branches when you have this saw.

The saw comes with a powerful 2-stroke 42.7cc engine that is EPA certified. In other words, it won't cause too much pollution or be a threat to your health. This engine allows you to cut 7 to 9 inches limbs with ease.

This one can easily convert into tools such as string trimmer, hedge trimmer, or brush cutter. There's a carrying bag for transporting it.


If you are in search of a strong pole, saw that could perfectly handle your heavy-duty projects, this would suit you perfectly. Also it's the best commercial pole saw so far. The only major drawback is that it is very heavy.

5.  Oregon PS250 Cordless Pole Saw


  • Powerful and Quiet.
  • Reach high branches.
  • Extend the shaft upto 10.1' for a reach upto 15'
  • Slim & compact head.

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What We Loved

  • Durable pole and saw.
  • Good battery life.
  • Ergonomically designed for better control and balance.
  • Maximum pole reach of 15ft.
  • Runs quieter than most pole saws.

What Could Be Better

  • It's quite heavy.
  • The chain tension needs frequent adjustment.


Here is another great consideration if you are in search of best cordless tree trimmer. This one comes in at 17lbs, which is also among the heaviest pole saws on this list and out there.

This baby is powered by a 40V Max Li-Ion power for making up to 500 cuts on 2 to 3 inches branches. The pole saw comes with a premium cell technology with constant, no-fade, power output. The Oregon PS250 comes with an 8-inch bar and chains for trimming branches that are up to 6 inches thick.

This one has an extendable pole that can reach a maximum of 10.1 feet in length. So yes, you can be sure of a maximum pole reach of 15ft, which is reasonable enough. The chain is Micro-lite 3/8-inch and comes with a 0.43-inch gauge, which offers a maximum speed of 2817RPM.

 The med-mount motor design offers you proper tool balance and reduced elevated weight. We also loved the ergonomic design on this one that delivers low-vibration and better control.


Generally, this is a decent unit to consider if you need a reliable pole saw that has enough power along with durable battery life. Keep in mind that it is a heavy unit. If you don't mind that, then it would serve you perfectly.

6.  Ryobi One + P4360A Cordless Pole Saw


  • 8" Bar & Chain.
  • Automatic Chain Oiler.
  • Y33 .043" Replacement Chain.
  • 6.5' - 9.5' Length.
  • Weight 7.4 lbs.

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What We Loved

  • The length is adjustable.
  • Fast-charging battery.
  • Fade-resistant power output.
  • Angled head for better cutting experience.
  • Decent battery life.

What Could Be Better

  • The head cannot be adjusted.
  • Not so powerful.


This Ryobi cordless pole saw is one of the best units to choose from there. This pole saw offers you the ideal solution for pruning those hard-to-reach limbs and branches.

The saw runs on the ONE+ Li-Ion battery, and it can extend up to 9.5ft to let you reach even the tallest branches in the yard. It also features an auto-oiler that assures you of a smooth operation when working out. Thanks to the in-line motor housing, this saw will let you prune even the tight spaces with ease.

It might not be the most powerful pole saw out there, but it proves powerful and reliable enough when you need a decent machine to keep your yard tidy. By the way, this one comes in at 7.4lbs, which is lightweight enough.

We loved that the battery system on this one is designed to deliver a fade-resistant power output. In other words, the power won't fade, even if the battery level drops down.

Furthermore, the saw has an 8-inch bar, along with a slightly angled, fixed cutting head. Unfortunately, the head cannot be adjusted. But the best part is that the pole comes at a very friendly price.


We'd recommend this pole saw to someone whose yard doesn't have thick branches and trees. If you have a moderate yard that needs some occasional touch-ups, then this would be your best item to choose from.

7.  VonHaus 40V Max 8" Cordless Pole Saw


  • Pole extend 2.44m.
  • Two-stage safety trigger.
  • Battery 20V MAX.
  • Teeth Spacing 14mm.
  • 45cm dual-action laser cut blades.
  • Precise horizontal and vertical cutting.

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What We Loved

  • Comes with a multi-use battery.
  • Features a shoulder strap, auxiliary handle, and foam grip for better control and user experience.
  • Comes with a Ryobi pole saw extension.
  • Two-stage trigger operation prevents accidental starts.
  • Features an LED charge indicator.

What Could Be Better

  • The chain is not the best out there


Last but not least, is this VonHaus cordless pole saw that is good enough for handling any type of yard out there.

This one comes in at 11.8lbs, and it has been designed to offer the user an easy time when working with it. The pole saw allows you to take on the overhead tree branches with ease easily. This would be the perfect garden tool for cutting back unruly tree branches.

Even though the saw comes in at 11.8lbs, there is a shoulder strap that comes along with an auxiliary handle and foam grip. We loved the strong and sturdy telescopic pole. This will offer you a working height between 8ft and 10ft.

Furthermore, you can be sure of your safety when working with this pole saw since it comes with some safety features onboard. There is a two-stage safety trigger operation that helps to prevent those accidental starts.

Also, the pole saw comes with a 4.0Ah Li-Ion battery and a charger that powers the 8-inch Oregon chain. When storing the saw, you can use the blade cover to keep it away from rust and corrosion.


If you are in search of a multi-use pole saw that could handle your yard and other DIY in the garden, this one would suit you perfectly.

Why Will You Invest in Ideal Cordless Pole Saws?

There are several benefits of investing in a good cordless pole saw. Here is a look at some of them;

  • Portable: A cordless pole saw can be used portably outside without any movement restrictions.
  • Lightweight design: With the lightweight design of the cordless pole saw, you won’t experience fatigue in the hands.
  • The cordless pole saw is convenient, and it can be easily used to trim high branches with ease. No need for a larder.
  • These modes are also easy to operate.
  • The saws require minimal maintenance.
  • Cordless pole saws happen to be one of the cheapest types, hence making them easy to buy

Buying Guide

With this best cordless pole saw reviews 2021 list, you now have an idea of what to consider when looking for a good cordless electric pole saw out there. But we will give you tips on how to pick a good battery-operated pole saw.


Being a cordless pole saw, the first thing you should consider is the weight of the saw. You must be able to handle the saw without experiencing exhaustion. If you cannot hold the saw for a long time, then you will need to take a pause several times.

So, ensure that you choose a saw that is not too heavy.


When buying the cordless pole saw, you must ensure that the saw is powerful enough to handle your yard. If you have thicker branches, then you should go for a powerful machine.

The Battery 

You also need to consider battery life when choosing the cordless pole saw. You need to consider how long the battery can last. The saw must have a decent battery life without running out too easily. It should also charge faster to save you time. Before purchasing a pole saw you should carefully read the battery powered pole saw reviews given by users.


If the pole can be extended, then it will be easy to reach the high branches. So, consider one that is long enough to reach the branches in your yard. If the yard has short branches, then you don't need a long chain and pole. However, always go for a telescoping pole.

Head Angle

Some head comes with a fixed angle, while others come with an adjustable angle. For the fixed angle head, they are best suited for vertical tree branches. But the horizontal cuts are best handled with angled head. To cut down trees you should go for the best pruning saw 2021.

User Experience 

You need to consider if it is hard or easy to work with the pole saw. Ideally, choose one that is easy to use. The startup, operation, and maintenance should all be easy. For instance, a pole saw with auto-lubrication limits the maintenance needs.

Above all, consider the versatility of the saw, along with the accessories included. Always go for a saw from a reputable brand and follow the tips for choosing one.

Cordless Pole Saw Cutting Techniques And Hidden Tips

You must use the pole saw appropriately for you to get most of its delivery. Here are some tips to help you enjoy the delivery of a cordless pole saw;

  • Clear the fallen branches or trees for you to use the pole saw with ease.
  • Remove anything that barricades the entering place.
  • Set aside the thick branches or trees that you will be cutting.
  • Investigate the tree and branch lengths to be sure of how you will cut the property.
  • You should also be able to tell how the pole saw will be used to cut the branches and trees effectively.
Cordless Pole Saw Cutting Techniques

If you will be doing jump cuts, the thick branches should be cut underneath.

Safety Precautions When Using A Cordless Pole Saw

When using a pole saw, it is mandatory that you observe the necessary safety tips. Here are some tips to apply.

  • Always wear the right safety gears including safety goggles, a helmet, and earmuffs.
  • Make sure you observe the area properly before you start using the pole saw.
  • Monitor the pole saw for any defect or damage before you start it up.
  • Always keep the saw upright.
  • Avoid cutting directly over your head.
  • Ensure that you have a firm footing before you start using the saw.


What are the downsides of a cordless saw?

Ans. Unfortunately, a cordless pole saw will not be reliable for prolonged projects since they run on a battery that only lasts for several minutes. Furthermore, they are not the best pick for heavy-duty projects.

Does DeWalt make a cordless pole saw?

Ans. Yes, DeWalt is one of the best pole saws manufacturers. However, you need to consider the pole saw before you pick it. Don't just look at the brand, but consider the features and functionality of the saw. It should meet your needs accordingly.

Who makes the best battery powered pole saw?

Ans. There are many well-known brands that make battery-powered pole saw. They include DeWalt, Black & Decker, Maxtra, Sun Joe, Greenworks, Ryobi, and more.

What's the longest pole saw?

Ans. The Husqvarna 327PT5S is the longest pole saw on the market with a maximum reach of 17 to 18ft.

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Final verdict

So, which cordless pole saw will you be going for? Don't only for the longest or the shortest. Rather, choose one that meets your yard needs accordingly. Generally, the best cordless electric pole saw is that which meets your project needs and preferences perfectly. So, choose wisely & before using it learn how to use a pole saw.

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