7 Best Portable Miter Saw Stands 2023 [Review & Top Picks]

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If you are using heavy-duty tools, a stand can be a very important thing to have. However, miter saws happen to benefit more from them compared to other tools. With a good stand, you can be confident of resting your miter saw in a safe place, and you can easily fold it away when you are done with it.

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Obviously, you want the best portable miter saw stand. But the problem is that there are so many of them that it becomes challenging to stick with one. Still, you cannot buy two stands when you only need one. For that reason, we will be exploring some of the best portable stands for a miter saw to help you shop wisely.

A Quick Miter Saw Stand Comparison Of Our Favorites In 2022:

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So let’s get on with it, shall we?

What Types of Stands Are There?

What Types of Stands Are There?

There are basically four types of miter saw stands;

  1. Traditional miter saw stands. This is the simplest type of miter stand that features a solid wooden plank that is held by two wooden sawhorses. It is simple but very durable.
  2. Compound miter saw stand. This one is made of metal and features two legs. The saw is also very sturdy and durable.
  3. Table saw stand. This stand is suitable for tabletop saws.
  4. Rail miter stands. This is the most popular type and tends to be portable with pull-out legs.

The 7 Best Portable Miter Saw Stand Reviews 

So yes, not every portable miter saw stand you find out there is worth your purchase. But for the sake of saving you time and effort, take a look at these 7 units you should consider buying;

1. Bora PM-4000 Porta-Mate Miter Saw Stand.

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  • Weight capacity of 500 lbs.
  • Rust-resistant tubular steel and aluminum.
  • 36” work height.
  • Snap pin folding legs.
  • Folded size is 43.5″ Wx 20″ Dx 6.5″ H.

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What We Loved

  • Strong and durable; it supports up to 500lbs of weight capacity.
  • Lightweight at only 30lbs.
  • Quick-attach saw mounts for easy mounting your saw.
  • It folds easily for storage and transportation.
  • Convenient 36-inch work height.
  • 116-inch long material support.

What Could Be Better

  • The height is not adjustable.
  • Only offers 9ft material capacity.


Nowadays this is the best portable miter saw stand that you should consider buying. If you have a heavy miter saw and you need a sturdy stand for it, this might be your best pick.

This fella comes with super-strong tubular steel for sturdiness when mounting your saw. It is so strong that it can support a maximum weight capacity of 500lbs. Generally, this stand can support just about any saw out there. Besides that, it features a powder-coated finish that prevents any rust and corrosion.

By the way, this is a very lightweight unit at only 30lbs. This allows you to move it around with ease when you need to set it up or store it away.

With this stand, you get a comfortable 36-inch work height that should be enough for an average user. The stand also comes with fast-and-easy snap-pin folding legs that let you store it away with minimal effort.

It also comes with a quick-attach saw mount that lets you mount your saw easily. We won’t fail to mention the 116-inch long material support capacity that lets you use it in multiple projects.


If you love a lightweight stand that can support a heavy saw without a problem, this fella should suit you perfectly. Even if it doesn’t come with wheels, moving it around is a walk in the park. Generally, it is an easy stand to use.

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2.  DeWalt DWX725B Portable Miter Saw Stand.

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  • 36″ wide, allows easy transport & storage,.
  • Lightweight aluminum construction (17 lbs.).
  • Leg Lock Levers allow for fast setup.
  • 1000 lb. capacity (each).

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What We Loved

  • Very strong and durable construction.
  • It comes with mounting brackets.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Supports up to 1000lbs of weight capacity.
  • Legs can be latched for easy portability.
  • Generally affordable.

What Could Be Better

  • It doesn’t come with wheels.
  • It doesn’t extend like other stands.


For those on a tight budget but still want to get a good miter saw stand, this unit would suit you perfectly. It is affordable, but very much reliable in almost every aspect.

The stand is made of a high-quality aluminum-steel construction that makes it strong and durable enough. Besides that, this fella comes in at only 15.4lbs, making it lightweight enough for easy portability. Even with its lightweight, this fella can still support a weight capacity of 1000lbs.

By the way, it is important to note that this stand doesn’t come with transport wheels, which you might not need after all. The saw itself is lightweight for easy transportation even without the wheels.

The legs will fold and unfold easily for easy transportation. Plus, you can latch the legs together to make it easier if you want to move with it from the workshop to the job site, and back.

It comes with some adjustable mounts that allow you to work with any brand. However, you might need some additional brackets if you are using a different saw brand with this stand.


This fella is a good unit to choose if you need a reliable stand for your miter saw. It can support a heavy saw without a problem and comes in at a very lightweight for easy transportation. Best of all, it is very affordable.

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3.  Bosch T4B Portable Wheeled Miter Saw Stand

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  • Adjustable telescoping leveling leg.
  • Outfeed up to 12 In. in height.
  • Universal mounting system.
  • Integrated rubber wheels.
  • Gravity-Rise System designed for rapid set up.
  • Up to 18 Ft. of material support capacity.

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What We Loved

  • Sturdy steel construction.
  • Comes with rubber wheels.
  • Features a universal mounting system.
  • Adjustable telescoping leveling leg for stability on uneven surfaces.
  • The height outfeed is adjustable.
  • Wide base for better stability

What Could Be Better

  • It is heavier than most stands out there.
  • Doesn’t come cheaply.


Basically, this stand from a reputable brand, Bosch. This Bosch folding miter saw stand comes with incredible adjustability and it has been made to serve you for a long time.

The stand is made of high-quality steel that comes with adjustable leveling feet to assure you of stability and durability. Even if you are working on uneven surfaces, this stand has got you covered. Speaking of adjustability, the saw also comes with a Bosch patented Gravity-Rise System. This system is designed to give you an easy setup or breakdown time. In other words, it will save you time and effort.

The saw comes with a maximum of 18ft of material capacity, which happens to be the highest capacity out there. Furthermore, it comes with 8-inch pneumatic wheels to assure you of easy transportation over your job terrain.

We consider this a universal miter saw stand that comes with rapid-release tool mounts that you can use with most miter saws out there. Plus, it comes with an adjustable outfeed of up to 12 inches in height.


We’d consider this a premium stand for your portable miter saw since it is heavy-duty, comes with features to make it easy to use your miter saw, and the price tag is also not that low. So, if you don’t mind spending some extra hundred on it, then you can go ahead and buy the stand.

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4.  DEWALT DWX726 Portable Miter Saw Stand.

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  • Compact vertical storage.
  • Wide rubber grip wheels.
  • Durable tubular steel construction.
  • Adjustable mounting rails.
  • Weight 75 LBS
  • Three-position pneumatic.

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What We Loved

  • Sturdy tubular steel construction.
  • It can support a maximum capacity of 300lbs.
  • Comes with wide adjustable infeed and outfeed work supports.
  • Features a three-position pneumatic assisted raising and lowering.
  • Easy to adjust mounting rails.
  • Comes at a decent price tag.

What Could Be Better

  • The assembling instructions are not so clear.
  • It can be challenging to set it up for the first time.


If the previous stand was way out of your budget range, here is a good stand that could suit your budget. It is affordable, but also strong and durable enough.

Thanks to the tubular steel construction, you can enjoy having a sturdy stand that can support a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs. This is also one of the best miter saw stands with wheels that assure you of easy movability. It is loaded with wide rubber grip wheels that allow you to move it around your job site with ease.

Besides that, the saw comes with wide adjustable infeed and out-feed work supports, which offer up to 8 inches of material support. The mounting rails are easily adjustable and they will adapt to nearly any miter saw out there.

Furthermore, the Dewalt DWX726 is the best rolling miter saw stand which comes with a three-position pneumatic assisted raising and lowering, which is meant to offer you ultimate flexibility when setting it up and using it.

If you have a heavy-duty 12-inch blade with the best compound sliding miter saw, this dewalt dwx726 rolling miter saw stand would serve you perfectly. By the way, it weighs around 67lbs, which is easy to manage with the wheels on it.


If you have worked with a portable miter saw table before, this one should be easy to work with. It might not be the best choice for beginners since it can be somewhat challenging to set up initially. Luckily, there are multiple videos online to help you with that. Plus, the price tag is friendly enough.

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5.  Ridgid AC9946 Portable Miter Saw Stand.

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  • Single-step release for fast setup.
  • Assembled width 22.5 in.
  • Extension lock levers for fast and secure adjustment.
  • Installed mounting braces.
  • Superior mobility even over stair treads.
  • Tool-free material stops.

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What We Loved

  • Universal brackets for use with different saws.
  • Easy to use.
  • Comes with large transport wheels.
  • Quick set-up and release system.
  • It features a tool-free extension system.
  • Supports up to 400lbs weight capacity.

What Could Be Better

  • Might be too heavy to some users.
  • There are still stands that are cheaper than this one.


This stand comes with excellent construction and features that give you an easy time when using it.

The stand features mounting braces that are meant for universal compatibility, hence giving you a wide range of options when deciding the saw to use on it. We loved the design and construction of this fella, which is meant to stand strong for long.

However, this one might be a little heavier at 67lbs. Luckily, there are large transport wheels to let you move it around with ease. The wheels let you use the saw even in the rough terrain with ease. The saw itself offers you a material support capacity of 9.6 feet, which we thought was not so bad. By the way, you can extend the main arms of this unit without the need for extra tools.

Keep in mind that this stand offers you a maximum weight capacity of 400lbs, which is still reliable enough. Folding it away is also easy breezy because it comes with a quick-release and set-up system. You won’t need any special guide to set up or fold away the stand.


We won’t judge if you consider this your best rolling miter stand. It comes with excellent qualities and features that make it perform decently. The price is not too high, neither is it too low. Nevertheless, this is a good miter saw that would serve you accordingly.

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6.  Hitachi UU240F Portable Miter Saw Stand.

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  • Large 8-inch diameter tread wheels.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction support up to 400lbs.
  • 8-Foot material support extensions.
  • Quick-release mounting brackets.
  • Installed material stops are adjustable.

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What We Loved

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel tubing.
  • Quick-release mounting brackets for easy mounting and removal of the saw.
  • It comes at a reasonable price.
  • The rubber feet are non-marring to protect your floors.
  • The height is adjustable to meet your preference and comfort.
  • It accepts up to a 12-inch sliding compound miter saw.

What Could Be Better

  • The stand is heavier than most units.
  • It is challenging to move it with the saw attached.


The design and other features of this stand make it a unit worth purchasing. It has also been built to last while offering you the best support for your saw.

This fella comes in with heavy-duty steel construction that is capable of supporting a maximum weight capacity of 400lbs. On the other hand, it has a maximum height of around 34 inches that is generally good enough. Keep in mind that this height can be easily adjusted to suit your preferences. The best part is that you won’t need a tool to make adjustments.

It comes with material support extensions of up to 8 feet. This is enough for supporting the long materials. Besides that, the stand will accept miter saws of up to 12 inches for flexibility.

There are some quick-release mounting brackets that let you mount and remove the miter saw with ease. If you want to move it around, you can do so with total freedom, thanks to the non-marking rubber feet on mounting brackets. The feet will prevent the damaging of your floors when moving it around.


We thought this was a good stand to get for your miter saw as it is strong, sturdy, and overly durable. Best portable miter saw stands among all, the height is adjustable, unlike some units that come with a fixed height. Also, it can accept different sizes of miter saws with ease.

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7.  Bosch GTA3800 Folding Leg Portable Miter Saw Stand.

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  • Repetitive stops- quick and easy set-up.
  • Carry Handle with Wrench Storage.
  • Weight 58 pounds.
  • Adjustable roller material.
  • Rapid release universal tool mounts.

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What We Loved

  • Ideal for small spaces.
  • It can support up to 16 feet of material.
  • There are dual sliding rails that expand up to 12 feet and 9 inches.
  • Comes with wheels for easy mobility.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Comes with a convenient carrying handle.

What Could Be Better

  • It may not work with all miter saw brands.
  • It is somewhat costly.


This bosch portable miter saw stand comes at the last spot on our list, but it doesn’t mean that it is the least favorable.

Like other stands on the list, this one also comes with strong steel construction and other incredible features that make it a good stand to have in your inventory. It comes in at 34lbs, which is more of a medium weight range for easy mobility. But if that seems too heavy for you, this is the best miter saw station with wheels onboard to help you move it around with ease.

Besides that, you get the saw with quick-release universal tool mounts that will adapt to most saws out there. The quick-release lock is meant to attach and detach the saw to and from the stand without any problem.

There is also an adjustable roller material support that will adjust up and down for it to accommodate multiple saw sizes with ease. Keep in mind that it comes with an extra-wide roller for the larger material.

We also loved the repetitive stops that assure you of a quick and easy setup for making those repetitive cuts to length. Best of all, this stand comes with a carry handle with wrench storage, which is uncommon among most miter saw stands.


If you never mind spending some extra dollars on a miter saw stand, you would find this one convenient enough. It comes with some features that make it a good stand to use with your saw. The user experience is also on point.

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How Do You Mount a Miter Saw Into a Stand?

Mounting a miter saw onto a stand can be challenging, but here is the easiest way to do it;

Step One: Test the miter saw’s motion of fluid while it is on the table

First of all, place the miter saw in position and check that the bevel and miter can move freely. Ensure you move the saw through all the bevel and miter angles.

Step Two: Label the holes for screws that will mount the miter saw

Here, you will need a pencil to mark the mounting holes on the baseboard.

Step Three: Add more labels and decide if you will need mounting brackets

After that, you will need to remove the saw from the baseboard and label the holes you just marked. Remember to mark them as front and back.

Step Four: Mount the Saw: Mount and screw the saw in position

You can now drill holes in the marked areas and mount the saw. Ensure that it is secured with screws.

Miter Saw Stand Buying Guide

Best Portable Miter Saw Stand

So, now you have an idea of the best miter saw stands 2022 to consider buying out there.

However, we can’t let you go just yet. It would be better if we gave you tips on how to choose the best stand for your best cordless miter saw/Corded miter saw. That being said, here are some of the things you need to consider before buying a miter saw stand.

Construction/Durability of the Stand

First off, you need to be sure of the construction of the stand. What is it made of and how strong is it? Ideally, choose a stainless steel stand that should be strong enough to serve you for a long time. Besides that, you should consider finishing. A coated finish stand will stand against the outdoor environment. This means that they will easily fight rust and corrosion without a problem.

Weight/Portability of the Stand

Along with the construction, you also need to consider the weight of the stand. A stand might be made of high-quality stainless steel or aluminum, but it can still be lightweight. You shouldn’t always go for the heavy unit if you have a heavy miter saw. Here, you need to consider the weight of the stand in relation to the portability.

Weight Capacity

Now, here is the most important part of the saw. Even with all the construction, weight, and portability of the stand, it won’t be reliable enough if it cannot support your saw accordingly. The stand you buy must come with a weight capacity that easily accommodates your miter saw with ease. For reliability, go for one that comes with a high weight capacity limit. Some can support even 1000lbs, which is reliable enough.

Compatibility of the Saw

You also need to know if your saw will not only be supported by the stand but also fit perfectly on the mount. Some units come with universal mounts, which miter saw stand is best or you can be called good enough. However, make sure the stand will be compatible with your saw accordingly. If you have multiple miter saws, then you can purchase different mounts to fit them on the stand as needed.

Folded Size

How large or compact is the stand when you fold it? Will it consume much of your space when you store it or not? Before that, ensure that the stand is easy to fold away and also set up. It should come with a quick-release system to help you with that.

Height Adjustability

While looking for a miter saw stand review the Question that may arise to your mind is that, Does the stand you are about to purchase come with adjustable height or the height is fixed?

Some come with a convenient height that is considered the standard height, but they tend to be fixed. Well, this doesn’t seem to be convenient enough, because it will restrict a short or a tall person to use it with ease.

For that, you should go for a stand that comes with an adjustable height in general.


The Requirement for “best mobile miter saw stand” is the stand that you intend to buy must be stable enough to offer you an easy time when working with your miter stand. The base should be wide enough to offer extra stability and the wheels should be able to be locked in a way that the whole unit doesn’t move when you are working on your project. If possible, ensure that you test the stand’s stability and also can check more tips that can guide you for wise buys.

Above all, go for a stand that comes from a reputable brand and one that falls in your budget bracket.

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Q. Are miter saw stands universal?

Ans. No, not every miter saw stand is universal. However, you can find some that come with a universal mounting system to let you use it with saws from different brands.

Q. Do I need a stand for a miter saw?

Ans. Ideally, yes, you do. Just make sure that you go for a sturdy miter saw stand that is strong enough to serve you for a long time while meeting your project needs.

Q. Who Makes The Best 12” Miter Saw Stand?

Ans. There are many top 12-inch miter saw brands out there. However, the top brands include Bosch, DeWalt, Makita, WEN, Tough built, and Genesis.

Q. How do you secure a miter saw to a table?

Ans. If you will not be using a stand for the miter saw, you can hook it up to your best miter saw tables. However, you will need to ensure that the saw is firmly attached with necessary clamps that keep it locked to the table accordingly. All in all, follow the manufacturer’s guide at all times.

Final Verdict 

We have come to the end of our Best Portable Miter Saw Stand review for today. We hope you have all the needed information to help you choose the right stand for your miter saw. Always remember to consider the miter saw you have in relation to how compatible it will be with the stand. Don’t forget to go for a durable stand at all times.

If you have anything to know about the best miter saw stand, Please let me know in the comment section, I will try to discuss further more about these things.

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