7 Best Wet Tile Saw Under $300 – [ Updated Reviews 2021 ]

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Too often, cheap and high-quality don’t go hand in hand. Many people assume that a low-priced power tool won’t offer as much as that with a high-price tag. However, sometimes you can be on a tight budget but still want a reliable wet tile saw. If that’s true about you, we came up with this article to help you.

In this article, we will be exploring the best wet tile saw under $300 to help you go for the perfect wet tile saw that will not force you to break the bank. Even as you go for the cheap wet tile saw, always ensure that it perfectly suits your project needs. That being said, here are some of the top wet tile saws under 300.

Best Wet Tile Saw Under $300

Best Wet Tile Saw Under $300

the Best Wet Tile Saw Under $300 Reviews

With multiple wet tile saws out there, it can be challenging to choose the perfect saw that would suit your project needs. Choosing the best wet tile saw for the money becomes even harder. Nevertheless, here are seven models you should consider including in your wish-list if you need an affordable wet tile saw;

1.  PORTER-CABLE PCE980 Wet Tile Saw

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What We Loved

  • Roll cage for easy portability and protection of cutting cart.
  • The powerful motor offers 2850RPM.
  • Splash guard and drain plug for working with minimal mess.
  • Rustproof stainless deck and mainframe for durability.
  • Onboard miter square for accurate miter and rip cuts.

What Could Be Better

  • The water reservoir could be bigger.


We kick off the list with this model from Porter-Cable. The wet tile comes with a 7-inch blade, and it is a heavy-duty unit that delivers incredible but still very much affordable. It also features a powerful 1.0Hp motor to offer you smooth cutting on different projects. Truly, this wet tile saw easily outshines some expensive units out there.

Stainless steel mainframe and top deck

The wet tile saw comes with a durable and rustproof stainless-steel top deck and mainframe. With this, you can be sure of a strong top deck that can accommodate heavy materials with ease. The sturdy top deck also lets you use the saw rigorously without any worries.

Precision miter square with a reliable cutting capacity

Thanks to the miter square onboard, you can easily make accurate miter cuts as well as repeatable rip cuts with this saw. Along with that, the deck comes with a sizeable space to let you make straight cuts of up to 17 inches and diagonal cuts of up to 12 inches.

Roll cage for protection and easy portability

Another feature that would make you consider this the best cheap wet tile saw is the lightweight design it comes with. At only 32lbs, you can easily carry this wet tile saw around the workspace. Even better, the unit comes with a roll cage that allows you to carry it with ease. The roll cage also protects the cutting cart.

Splash guard and drain plug

With the splash guard on the saw, it will keep water from splashing on you. Along with that, there is a drain plug on board to let you drain water easily over a bucket. This lessens the mess as you work on your projects.


This would be the best budget tile saw for you if you want a sturdy saw that can serve you for a long time while serving you in multiple applications. The cutting capacity is amazing, but you might find the water reservoir small.

2.  SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw with Hydro-Lock

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What We Loved

  • Lightweight design at only 24lbs.
  • Rustproof and sturdy aluminum top deck.
  • Sliding side extension lets you cut tiles up to 18x18 inches.
  • .Reliable water management
  • Makes precise straight, bevel, and miter cuts.

What Could Be Better

  • The rip fence is tricky to move precisely.


Here is another unit that stands among the best inexpensive tile saws, which is equipped with a powerful motor and other amazing features to let you handle different projects. The saw lets you make bevel cuts tile at 0, 22.5, and 45 degrees, which allows you to cut different types of cuts.

Powerful motor

With the 5.0Amp motor on this tile saw, you can throw almost any material to it. The tile saw spits up to 3600RPM. This speed is excellent, and it gives you the freedom to cut through materials including marble, porcelain, ceramic, or any type of tile.

Aluminum table top with sliding extension

Unlike other wet tile saws, this one offers you an aluminum top that will remain strong even to handle high-demanding projects. The aluminum top deck is rust-resistant too for extra reliability. Even better, there is a sliding side extension that will offer you a large 18-inch cutting capacity.

Reliable Water Management

The Skil wet tile saw comes with a hydro lock water containment system, which will contain the water around the blade and minimize cleanup time. Along with that, you enjoy a water guard that prevents the water from splattering as you handle your projects.

Adjustable rip fence with miter gauge

With the adjustable rip fence and the miter gauge on this saw, you can be confident of making precise miter and straight cuts.


This could be the best wet saw for the money as it offers you durability, sturdiness, excellent power, and still super lightweight. You might have to be careful when adjusting the rip fence.

3.  Rockwell Blade Runner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw

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What We Loved

  • Lightweight design with convenient carry handle.
  • Comes with onboard storage.
  • Features a safety switch to protect you against accidents.
  • Vacuum port onboard to get rid of dust.
  • Offers miter cuts between 0 and 60 degrees.

What Could Be Better

  • Not the best pick for cutting thick materials.


We wouldn’t cover the best cheap wet saws without including Rockwell Blade Runner X2 saw. This is one wet tile saw that is easy to set up, and you can move it around the workshop with ease. User safety is also assured with this saw.

5.5Amp Motor

The powerful motor on this unit offers you a no-load speed of 3000RPM. This speed is powerful enough to cut through metals as thick as 1.5-inch thick. Also, the motor can handle ceramic tiles, wood, aluminum, plastic, and other metal materials.

Standard guard and riving knife system

With the standard guard and riving knife system of this wet tile saw, you can easily make rip, scroll, miter, and crosscuts with precision. The saw cuts like a full-size unit. There is also an adjustable gauge that lets you make accurate miter cuts.

Lightweight design with carrying handle

This is supposedly the best portable tile saw as it only comes in at 15lbs, and features a convenient carry handle. When you need to use it or store it away, you will have an easy time with this unit.

Tool-less blade change with onboard storage

No need to have a special tool to change the blade on this unit. The saw works with any 4-inch T-shank blade from Rockwell, and there are five blades that come with it. Changing a blade takes only 3 seconds. Besides that, there is convenient onboard storage that lets you store the accessories with ease.


If you are looking for the best wet tile saw for DIY, we’d point you in the direction of this model. It is user friendly but still delivers decently when cutting wet tiles.

4.  RIDGID 7" Portable Job Site Wet Tile Saw

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What We Loved

  • Powerful motor.
  • Convenient water management.
  • Easy to carry around.
  • Features a blade guard to capture water.
  • Adjustable fence.

What Could Be Better

  • Doesn’t come with an accessories storage.


Anybody that has used power tools before understanding the reliability of the RIDGID brand. They are known to make some of the best wet tile cutters, and this mode is one to consider. The powerful 6.5Amp motor can easily cut through grade-4 porcelain tiles.

Extendable T-Square Design and Clear Splash Hood

Thanks to the T-square design of this wet tile saw it can easily extend to let you cut large tiles with ease. This design also allows for repeated cuts and slide effortlessly when you need to make adjustments. Above all, there is a clear splash hood that allows you to view the blade and cut line.

Anti-Slash System

You will not have to worry about the water splashing on you as you work with this wet tile saw. There is an overflow tube that is located in the water reservoir to prevent leakage. A blade guard is also there to capture the water with ease.

Rugged and durable tabletop

The tabletop of this wet tile saw is designed to be strong and also serve you for a long time. Also, the tabletop is slightly rugged, which prevents the tile from sliding out of hand.

Easy to carry around

The design of the wet tile saw is meant to give you an easy time when you need to move it around. You can carry it from any side, and it only comes in at 32lbs.


If you need the best professional wet tile saw but you don’t care about onboard storage, you’d enjoy working with this unit. It comes with a good delivery, and it is powerful enough to handle demanding projects.

5.  SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

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What We Loved

  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • Adjustable rip fence with miter gauge for accurate cuts.
  • Blade cooling water reservoir.
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel top.
  • Makes diagonal and crosscuts with ease.

What Could Be Better

  • It can get messy.


SKIL understands the importance of a durable unit, which is why they offer you this wet tile saw with a stainless steel tabletop. With a 4.2Amp motor, the saw delivers a no-load speed of 3600RPM.

Adjustable rip fence with miter gauge

The tabletop of this saw is corrosion resistant, and it is big enough to support tiles of up to 12x12 inches. Along with that, there is an adjustable rip fence and a miter gauge that lets you make straight and precise miter cuts.

Blade cooling water reservoir

No more worries about the blade heating with this saw as it comes with a water reservoir that keeps the blade cool. Also, this will cut down dust and debris.

Miter and bevel cutting

The saw allows you to make 0 to 45-degree bevel cuts for flexible cutting. There is also a cross cut capacity of 7.75 inches and a 7.25-inch diagonal cut capacity.

Lightweight and compact design

At only 17lbsm this wet tile saw will give you an easy time when carrying it around. It also measures 14x13.25 inches, which won’t take much of your space.


We consider this the best small wet saw, which will easily handle your 12-inch tiles with accuracy. The only major challenge is that it can be too messy as you work with it.

6.  Leegol Electric 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

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What We Loved

  • Powerful motor with thermal protection.
  • Blade cooling water reservoir.
  • Miter gauge and adjustable rip fence for accurate cuts.
  • Reinforced tub to withstand jobsite condition.
  • Tilts easily for making bevel cuts.

What Could Be Better

  • The base can be unstable when it’s wet.


With the compact design of this model, it makes it one of the best cheap tile saw that delivers incredibly, regardless of its size. The powerful motor onboard assures you of top speeds of 3550RPM to handle even the high demanding jobs.

5.0Amp Motor

This saw offers you a powerful induction motor of 5.0Amp, which will deliver top speeds of 3550RPM. Another plus feature is that the motor comes with a thermal protector to prevent it from heating up.

Chrome-plated tabletop and reinforced tub

The elegant tabletop of this wet tile saw is chrome-plated to not only look good but also remain strong and durable even after multiple uses. Furthermore, there is a reinforced tub that withstands demanding jobsite conditions.

Titling table for making bevel cuts

The table will tilt to let you make bevel cuts of between 0 and 45 degrees. This offers you flexibility for multiple cut types.

Adjustable rip fence with miter gauge

With the miter gauge on this wet tile saw, along with the adjustable rip fence, you can easily make straight and miter cuts with more accuracy.

Blade cooling water management

The saw comes with a water reservoir that will cool the blade as it runs. Along with that, the water reservoir will cut down debris and dust.


This is a top-rated wet tile saw that would serve you well for cutting tiles, and it is one of the few units that control heat buildup on both the engine and blade. Unfortunately, the water reservoir can mess the workspace.

7.  QEP 22650Q 650XT Tile Saw for Wet Cutting

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What We Loved

  • Compact and super-lightweight.
  • Rubber footpads for stability.
  • 8-inch table extension for cutting large tiles.
  • Water reservoir reduces dust while keeping blade cool.
  • Tilting table for making miter cuts.

What Could Be Better

  • Not best pick for demanding jobs.


This might be the last product on the list, but it is still reliable enough. It comes with a 0.75Hp motor that spits no-load speeds of 3600RPM. The best part is that this unit is super lightweight and compact to fit in any space.

Compact and lightweight design

The saw comes in at only 7.08lbs, and it only measures 15.74 x 20.08 x 9.88 inches. With this unit, you won’t have to worry about the available space or the need to move it around.

Flat table design with table extension

The saw comes with a flat table design that offers you the chance to make diagonal and rip cuts with ease. Furthermore, there is an 8-inch table extension that stretches to either side to support large tiles.

Rubber foot pads

Thanks to the rubber foot pads on this saw, you will easily work with it even when the floor gets wet. The rubber foot pads assure you of stability as you work with the saw.

Tilting table

To make miter cuts with this saw, you simply have to tilt the table accordingly. The table can tilt at 22.5 and 45 degrees for you to make miter cut with ease. It also offers maximum cutting depths of 1.25 inches.


This unit also makes it among the best tile saw under $300, and it would make a good pick for those that want a decent wet tile saw for their DIY projects.

What To Look For in a Wet Tile Saw Under $300

When choosing Best Wet Tile Saw Under $300, you should consider a few factors. Here are some things to keep in mind;

  • Size of the blade. This should be based on the tile thickness you will be cutting. 7-inch blades cut tiles of 1.5inch in thickness, 8-inch blades cut up to 2 inches, while a 10-inch blade cuts 2.6 inches.
  • Construction. Choose a saw with solid and durable construction. Ideally, go for aluminum or steel-made units.
  • Saw power. The power of the saw should be based on the project you are handling. 900 watts would go well with professional and high-demanding projects, while 400 watts suits a DIY project.

Besides that, consider the portability of the saw, safety features, tabletop size, water reservoir, overheat guard, adjustable side guide, feed rate, bevel cutting, as well as spare parts/accessories.


Will a cheap wet tile saw be durable?

As long as you go for quality with a sturdy construction wet tile saw, it should serve you for a long time, even with its low price tag.

Who Needs a Wet Tile Saw?

Anybody that needs to install new tiles and cut them in the ideal and precise size would appreciate the delivery of a wet tile saw.

Do you need a wet saw to cut porcelain tile?

A wet saw is by far the best and most accurate pick for cutting porcelain tile with precision.

What size wet tile saw do I need?

This depends on the tiles you wish to cut and install. However, a wet saw with an 8-inch blade will easily suit most projects.


With the Best Wet Tile Saw Under $300 reviews we have shared, you can now make an informed decision when choosing one that suits you. It is always about going for one that meets the demands of your projects accordingly.