Bosch 4100-09 Review – Is It Satisfying Table Saw ?

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A good saw is determined by its delivery, and this Bosch 4100 09 table saw is one of the best that has a satisfying delivery. We tested this table saw in our lab, To be honest, I found some helpful insights to share. Here is a Bosch 4100-09 review To help you understand its delivery further.

At a Glance

  • 60lbs weight
  • 29 x 32 x 13.2 inches product size
  • 29-by-12.5inch table size
  • 15-amp, 4.0HP motor
  • 3650RPM blade speed
  • 25inch maximum rip to the right
  • 2.5-inch dust collection port
Bosch 4100-09 Review
Bosch 4100-09 Review

Bosch 4100-09 Overview

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  1. Designed for durability and longevity.
  2. Innovative, gravity rise, collapsible table saw stand.
  3. Larger cutting table surface area.
  4. SquareLock rip fence engineered.
  5. Anti-kickback pawls for protection.
  6. High precision cutting & efficient power.
  7. Ripping capacity handling stock up to 25 inches wide.

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This table saw has been made for both professionals and those with general DIY projects. It comes with a portable design to let you use it and move with it effortlessly. Besides that, this baby comes with a unique level of precision. The safety of the saw has also been proven, and you can enjoy working with it – thanks to the powerful motor.

Since the motor is reasonably powerful, the saw can handle almost any type of project. Besides that, this machine comes with an innovative gravity-rise stand. With this stand, you can use the saw on any construction site without a problem. This machine is easy and safe to use for anyone that needs a reliable table saw.

Best of all, this saw comes with a friendly price tag, even though it comes from a top brand known to deliver high-end products at a high price.

Bosch 4100-09 Reviews & Features 

Size and Construction

We commence this Bosch 4100-09 table saw review with the build of the product because that is usually what matters how and where you will use the machine. The size of the table saw will determine if it will fit in your workshop or not. With this one, it has a decent size that is neither too big nor too small.

The saw measures 29 x 32 x 13.2 inches, which is obviously not a small machine that you can carry in your hand. However, it isn’t as big as other table saws out there either. Coming in at 60lbs, this table saw is considered a lightweight unit that is easy to move around. Its portability is made possible by the strong and rugged wheels.

It features a gravity-rise wheeled stand to let you move it around with ease. The wheels are strong enough to easily move in any terrain. So yes, you can take this beast outdoors to help you with your sawing projects.

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What We Loved

  • Long and heavy miter gauge.
  • Rugged wheels for easy portability.
  • Strong motor.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Motor runs quietly.
  • Onboard storage.
  • Decent rip capacity for a portable unit

What Could Be Better

  • The rip fence can be challenging to adjust.
  • The blade provided is not the best quality.

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Whenever any woodworker is looking for a reliable saw, they tend to consider the motor that comes with it. You want a strong saw that can comfortably handle your specific projects without a problem. That is why you must consider the motor as you are sampling the table saws.

Luckily, this one comes with a satisfying motor that assures you of reliability when cutting the woods. It boasts of a 15-amp motor with a 3650RPM maximum speed. Whether you want to cut thick oak or oversized plywood, this table saw will cater to you with perfection.

Cutting Capacity

The first thing to know about the cutting capacity of the saw is that it comes with a 29-by-12.5 inch table size. Even if you come across any other Bosch 4100 09 review out there, you will find out that the saw as a sizeable tabletop to give you enough cutting space.

By the way, this baby runs with a 10-inch blade. You don’t have to purchase a new blade because there is one that comes with it. The blade that comes with the saw has 40 teeth, which is suitable for any type of project. It can handle both hard and soft materials without a problem. The multiple teeth on the blade make this the best portable table saw for fine woodworking.

However, the blade is not the best if you want a durable piece that will handle even the heavy-duty projects. So, you might want to purchase another blade for better results.

This one comes with a retractable extension that extends to the right side of the blade. When it is fully stretched, the table saw will offer you a maximum cutting capacity of 25 inches to the right. For the general projects, that capacity should be enough.

We loved the handy visual signal that will help you to determine if the extension has been securely locked. This is a small piece of plastic, which will rise above the surface of the table when it is locked in place. With this feature, you can be sure of keeping the extension locked before you start making the cuts.

User Experience

Honestly, we think this table saw is safe to use. Even if you check any other Bosch 4100-09 review out there, you’ll notice that the saw is made with the user’s safety in mind. Of course, it comes with a blade guard, along with an anti-kickback system. These two features are common among most saws. Still, they help to keep you safe when working with the heavy-duty saw.

There is a large ON/Off button that assures you of convenience when working with the machine. Furthermore, the Bosch table saw 4100 09 features a dust-collecting port that is conveniently placed. The placement of the dust collecting port means that the sawdust won’t be flying around as you use it.

But just like any other table saw, you should expect some sawdust to fly in the air. That is why you must wear the necessary protective gear. In this case, protective goggles would do just fine.

There is a soft start circuitry on this baby, which assures you of a smooth and quick ramp up. This also minimizes a possible circuit breaker trip. A Constant Response Circuitry also helps to maintain the speed under load while protecting an overload.

Above all, For bosch 4100 09 review you also need to know there is a Square Lock rip fence, which is meant to enhance the trueness and make the table saw easier to use. The fence will easily glide along the rail when operating the saw with one hand. Read our expert’s written portable table saw fence review.

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Q. Bosch 4100-09 vs 4100-10 Table Saw -Key differences

Ans. While both these saws come from the same manufacturer, they do have some differences. 4100-10 is an upgrade of 4100-09. Specifically, the stand is the major difference between the two. 4100-10 comes with a lighter weight than the previous version.

Besides the stand, there is also a point of difference in the blade. bosch table saw 4100 09 comes with a 24-tooth blade, compared to the previous 40-inch blade.

So, that is the general difference between these two blades.

Final Verdict

With this Bosch 4100-09 review, it is safe to say that the 4100-09 model is perfect for just about any project. As long as you find a strong and high-quality blade suited for your specific project, you will be good to go. Compared to most table saws out there, this one comes with a relatively fair price. It is also a table saw that would serve you for a long time.

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