Dewalt Dwe7480 Review 2022 [ Top RatedTable Saw? ]

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Are you in search of Dewalt Dwe7480 Review? you are in the right place, this is an appropriate compact table saw for your workshop. Worry no more because this Dewalt dwe7480 review gives you a reason to smile. The Dewalt dwe7480 brand offers you the value for your money as its features are personalized to meet portability, affordability, reasonable amount of power as well as your own safety.

Its portability and ease of handling is on another level, and you do not have to strain when handling. No doubt the Dewalt table saw 7480 considers your satisfaction as you embark on your woodwork. This Dewalt 7480 review explains the reasons behind the preference of the Dewalt table saw 7480 in the current market.

At a glance

  • Product weight: 48lbs
  • Strength & speed of the cutting blade: 4800 RPM
  • Amplifiers: 15.0 Amps
  • Deepness of cut at 900: 3.125″
  • Deepness of cut at 450: 2.25″
  • Dust port length: 2.5″
  • Arbor size: 0.625″
  • Breadth of the blade: 10″
  • Maximum size of slits to right side of cutting blade: 24 inches
  • Maximum size of slits to left side of cutting blade: 12 inches
Dewalt dwe7480 Review
Dewalt Dwe7480 Review

Dewalt dwe7480 review – Features & Specs 

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Rack & Pinion Telescoping Fence Rails 

Dewalt 7480 table saw comes with a Rack and pinion telescoping fence rails. With these features in place, fence adjustment is speedy. Thus, it takes into consideration high levels of accuracy during its operation.

The Dewalt 7480 table saw  leaves no chance for mistakes as it offers room for adjustments through the use of the hex key when the need arises. Markedly, this depicts the product’s flexibility. This is also a important thing that you need to focus on while looking for Dewalt Dwe7480 Review.

Impressive Motor Power 

The Dewalt dwe7480 dado prides upon a high motor power of 15 amps. Even though this is a significant characteristic of most jobsite table saws, Dewalt dwe7480 stands out due to its affordability. Besides, the dwe7480 dado prides itself with substantial rip capability.

24” Wide Cutting Boards 

With an impressive 24″ size rip, the product has a remarkable attribute as it caters for 99.9% of your wood cutting requirements.

 Interestingly, the Dewalt 7480 table saw accommodates the cutting of wide boards. Due to its adjustable features and portable table saw fence that offers the necessary support and minimizes the possibility of rocking as you engage in your woodwork.

Smooth Forward Facing Hand Crank 

The Dewalt dwe7480 dado is equipped with a smooth Forward Facing Hand Crank that makes the height adjustment a walkover.

Here, different heights are catered for in the quest to meet the required specifications. However, during the height adjustment, you may have to make several turns before arriving at the maximum or lowest height.

Ergonomic Single-hand Handle

Handling the Dewalt dwe7480 has never been easier considering the possibility of operating it with a single hand. The presence of ergonomic handles simplifies everything for you as you can pick it from any angle.

 This feature, coupled with its lightweight and portability attributes, saves you the energy and effort of carrying it around. Logically, you would not like to strain when moving the Dewalt 7480 table saw around and hence, the portability of this product is for your own good.

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Compact & Durable Design 

The Dewalt table saw 7480 assumes a desirable compact design that saves you on the working and storage space. Its Site-Pro Modular Guarding System offers room for necessary adjustments on the knife and blade guards, thus enhancing your safety and convenience as you use the Dewalt 7480 table saw. If you face problems you can learn how to use table saw safely.

The durability of the product is assured based on the quality of materials used in its design. For or example, unlike other products with lower budgets, the Dewalt 7480 table saw embraces a durable metallic base which guarantees its longevity.

Onboard Storage System 

Most importantly, with the Dewalt 7480 table saw, you are not concerned about the proper storage of the different parts as it is equipped with an onboard storage system. This is a remarkable tool in the on job site as it enhances convenience and reduces the chances of misplacing the accessories on completion of the tasks in question.

However, despite this form of storage, the miter gauge lacks space in it, and this leaves you with the responsibility of improvising its storage space.

Hassle-free Setup & Operation 

Setting up and operating the Dewalt table saw 7480 is simple and does not require any professional expertise. The installation of the guard and the fence is the essential thing when setting the product for its functionality. Therefore, once you get the idea of how to go about the same, you are good to go.

Markedly, this makes the Dewalt 7480 table saw the most recommended on the job saw as it can be operated with ease. Its simplicity makes it more time saving than the other table saws. 

What We Loved

  • A convenient on-board storage system for accessories.
  • Quick adjustability as the blade operates in the range of 0-45 degrees.
  • Durable & long-lasting metallic roll cage base.
  • Works on both even and uneven surfaces with the easily adjustable rear feet.
  • Smooth cutting surface for enhanced accuracy and minimal friction.
  • Excellent cutting capability compared to products of similar sizes.
  • Easy to adjust and use the fence.
  • Possesses easy on and off features that complement the user’s safety

What Could Be Better

  • The motor is rather noisy.
  • Poor quality meter gauge.
  • Sold on its own without the stand – one has to incur extra costs for the stand.
  • Lacks the required stability to handle wide boards perfectly.

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Quick safety tips 

Carefully read the instruction manual

Dewalt dwe7480 saw comes with the manufacturers’ manual, and thus, you should not overlook it as it offers the guidelines of the functionality of the saw. To be on a safer side, get the first-hand facts from these instructions. This way, you are sure to avoid safety issues as a result of ignorance.

Wear respiratory protector

When engrossed in your woodwork, you are bound to forget about your respiratory safety. We value your welfare and recommend that you wear the protectors as the first step to reduce the chances of getting injured or hurt in any way.

Once you make this a habit, it becomes part of you, and hence you remain safe.

Maintain a dust and debris free working environment.

Just like in the case of protective clothing, we recommend that when using the Dewalt 7480 table saw; embrace the habit of cleanliness to minimize the chances of health conditions from the dust and debris. We recommend that you make it a continuous process in the sense that you set up a cleaning system that operates in between your projects.

Substitute the use of your fingers with the push sticks

Sometimes your mind may wander away as you operate the Dewalt 7480 table saw , and this may result in regrettable outcomes. You do not want to rip off your fingers as you work because it is a harrowing and unimaginable experience. Rather than using your bare fingers during the ripping process, consider obtaining the cheap push sticks.

This way, you can be sure of the safety of your fingers. Considering the sharpness of the cutting blade, strive to minimize its contact with your fingers by embracing the push sticks.

Embrace continuous learning process

Keeping safe is all about getting the required facts about the operation of the saws. No doubt, learning has no destination as each day discoveries are made. Ensure you are updated about the features, functionalities and new information about the Dewalt table saw 7480 and other beginner table saws/Contractor table saws to minimize the extent of ignorance.

 It is fun to get to understand different techniques of handling these types of saws in the quest to minimize the chances of being hurt. Otherwise, you may end up making the same mistakes and get hurt over and over.

FAQs and answers

Q. Are DEWALT DW 745 and DWE 7480 the same?

Ans. They are not the same as they exhibit differences. For instance, Dewalt DW 745 has a motor power of 15A, 3850 RPM while Dwe 7480 has 15A, 4,800 RPM. Also, Dwe 7480 weighs 48 lbs while Dewalt DW 745 weighs 45 lbs.

Q. Where are the manufacturers of this brand based?

Ans. The Dewalt 7480 table saw manufacturers are based in Taiwan.

Q. Does Dewalt 7480 table saw include a dust bag?

Ans. No, the saw incorporates a dust port with an allowance of a shop vacuum attachment.

Final verdict

The Dewalt 7480 table saw reviews depict outstanding pros that surpass the cons of this compact saw.Dewalt dwe7480 review showed you Dewalt 7480 table saw is the recommended choice in cases where space is limited, and portability is a necessity. The saw’s functionality is high tech, and it offers you the value for your money.

Before purchasing the Dewalt 7480 table saw, bear in mind that it does not accommodate the dado stack due to its size. If this is a necessity for you, then you should shift your focus to the other alternatives with this feature like shop fox w1837 or you can check the Powermatic PM1000 review for getting variation. In a nutshell, the Dewalt table saw 7480 affordability and portability fits in needs of those who travel with their saws, in on-site job environment as well as in cases with highly limited working space.

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