Dewalt Dwe7491rs Review [ Top Picking Table Saw ]

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Craving for decency in your DIY crafts? We got you sorted as this Dewalt dwe7491rs review offers you an instant solution to your worries. The Dewalt brand provides a variety of services to the DIY lovers like you. For instance, the Dewalt dwe7491rs portable table saw is mindful of your safety as well as the accuracy and decency of your work.

Dewalt 7491rs exhibits unlimited quality in an array of woodwork tasks. Its remarkable portability and functionality make it a must-have tool in your workshop. Because of this, this Dewalt dwe7491rs Table saw offers you solid reasons behind the high acceptance of the dwe7491rs dado in the market.

At a glance

  • Maximum cutting capacity of the right blade: 32.5.
  • Maximum cutting capacity of the left blade: 22.
  • Blades speed: 4800 RPM.
  • Saw measurements: 31 by 24.5 by 31 inches.
  • Table measurements: 26.25 by 22 inches.
  • Bulkiness: 90 lbs.
  • Motor: 1.75 HP.
  • Amps: 15.
  • Size of dust port: 2’’.
Dewalt dwe7491rs review

Dewalt dwe7491rs Review – Features & Specs

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Impressive motor power

Dewalt dwe7491rs is equipped with 15-amp motor with a speed of 4800 RPM. Wood ripping has never been easier as Dewalt dwe7491rs portable table saw handles both small and large pieces of wood.

 The table saw can carefully rip a 0.75-inch plywood as well as framing material and maple. With this Dewalt portable table saw Dewalt portable table saw, you are never limited as its capability assures you of a remarkable outcome.

Excellent rip capacity

Dewalt dwe7491rs dado is equipped with superior rip power on both the right and left blades. The right blade can cause a maximum cut of 32.5 inches while the left one goes up to 22 inches. This saw gives you the benefit of having to work on both wide and small-sized wood. No doubt, the Dewalt dwe7491rs is suitable for you if you are a DIY beginner. check our best beginner table saws list.

Onboard storage system

Storage and safety of your woodwork accessories is now easy. Dewalt dwe7491rs  saw comes with a ready storage system that saves the costs of having to buy and replace lost parts. With this provision, your Dewalt dwe7491rs table saw is bound to serve you for an extended period of time as you develop the habit of keeping the accessories in their respective storage.

Is your woodwork area limited? Then this is the best saw for you as you don’t have to worry about stacking your accessories in a corner. The storage system improves the appearance of your working area as it minimizes any form of carelessness when storing the Dewalt dwe7491rs table saw accessories.

Impressive portability

The Dewalt dwe7491rs table saw weighs a whopping 90 lbs. Scary right? Dewalt got this issue sorted as it embraces a wheeled design for ease of movement. Of course, you will have to move it from place to place, and the good thing is that the entire process will be effortlessly easy.

Compact design

The Dewalt dwe7491rs dado incorporates a compact design that enhances ease of operation for you. It has retractable fence rails that back the compactness of the entire package. Besides, it comes with a sturdy stand that easily fits in compact working spaces to enhance the saw’s functionality.

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What We Loved

  • Excellent rip power.
  • Simplicity in setting up.
  • Presence of onboard storage system.
  • Heightened accuracy and smoothness.
  • Allowance for big cuts.
  • Highly flexible flip over fence.
  • 15A engine.
  • Highly durable & Sturdy and compact stand.

What Could Be Better

  • Lacks the dado plate.
  • Some people find the use of plastic in the saw’s structure to be undesirable. However, this plays a significant role in reducing the saw’s bulkiness.
  • Less portable as compared to compact models with similar prices.

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You don’t have to hassle on the storage of this compact stand as you can store it in a vertical manner. Equally, you don’t need an expert to set up or dismantle the stand for storage purposes. This can be done by anyone, as it is uncomplicated and straightforward.

Radical Safety Features

Handling any types of saws like beginner or top quality contractor table saws that can be risky. This explains why the Dewalt dwe7491rs best budget table saw goes the extra mile to enhance your welfare as you enjoy your woodwork art.

The Dewalt dwe7491rs is equipped with a secured on and off switch, power reset capability and an advanced riving knife. Thus, with this saw, your safety concerns are at the forefront.

2.5 -inch dust port

No doubt, you hate that annoying sawdust flying around your working area. Dewalt dwe7491rs got your back as it is equipped with a 2.5-inch dust port that gives room for vacuum cleaning. You only need to connect it to a vacuum, and you are good to go.

Adjustable angular ripping 

Creativity calls for the flexibility of a table saw. At 900 the dwe7491rs dado is capable of achieving a depth of 3.125inches while at 450 it goes up to 2.25 inches. This gives room for your development of creative designs, and in the end, you get satisfied with the outcomes.

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7 Quick safety tips

1. Maintain balance

Ensure that you are in a stable position as you engage in your woodwork. You couldn’t want to lose your balance, and trip over the saw as it may injure you. You should position yourself in a manner that will favor you in case of a saw kickback. In this case, you should avoid positions that place you right before the cutting blade. Always keep the blade sharp before using it to get better performance.

2. Avoid contact with a moving blade

You may want to make some adjustments as you engage in your DIY. The best position to do this is when the blade is still; otherwise you risk losing your precious fingers. Just bear in mind that your welfare is worth more than the saw adjustments and thus, there is no hurry to make the changes

3. Never use the miter gauge and fence together

These two elements serve the same purpose, which is; guidance. Using them together not only poses a danger to you but also to your precious saw. The end result of their concurrent use is binding against each other which proves challenging to correct.

4. Always do background checks

Foreign objects may find their way to different sections of your saw. Prior to using it, ensure that it is in good shape. You don’t want to lose your eyes due to projectile nails in the structure of the saw. Thus it is better to take precautionary checks.

Besides, ensure that all the parts are intact, adjusted in the appropriate ways, and tightened where necessary before you engage in your woodwork. Once you establish its proper state, then you can enjoy your woodwork.

5. Keep high levels of hygiene

You may wonder why this is even appropriate. This minimized the chances of a loose object from the dirt and sawdust becoming project tile. Therefore, make this part of your woodwork in the sense that you do it as frequently as possible. Remember, the more you do it, the lesser the chances of being injured by a foreign object and vice versa.

6. Use push sticks

Do not risk your fingers by using them in place of push sticks. Any simple distraction will amount to ripping off your fingers instead of the wood, and you will not like the results. To be on a safer side, invest in quality push sticks the same way you invest in a satisfactory table saw.

7. Switch off and disconnect the saw from power when the need to change the blade arises.

When you think of working on the blades and other parts of the saw, make it a priority to switch off and disconnect it. You never know the settings of the saw, and any slight careless move may unintentionally switch it on. Therefore, keep yourself safe by completely disconnecting it from the power source.


Q. How do you change the angle on a Dewalt table saw?

Ans. To start with, loosen the 00 adjustment screw, and then use the digital gauge to check the degrees. The digital gauge should be turned on after which you zero it and then check the angle. Depending on the angle you want, adjust the angle using the bevel handle.

Once you reach your required angle, lock the bevel, and tighten the untightened screw and you are good to go. if you need to learn how to use table saw you can click here

Q. How do you clean a Dewalt table saw?

Ans. To clean rust and dust from your table saw, you should scrub it with mineral spirits. Then ensure that you carefully wipe away the resulting residue. Further, apply a lubricant on different parts of the saw-like the miter gauge slots and the fence’s side to minimize the chances of rusting in the future.

Final Verdict

So From this DeWalt 7491rs reviews, we learned that the Dewalt dwe7491rs dado table saw is commendable as it fits the environment of a beginner and that of an expert table saw user. Related to this you can have a look at the shop fox brand which is known as a hybrid saw.

 It is equipped with eye-catching and satisfying features that enhance the user’s safety and overall functionality. Some online Dewalt dwe7491rs reviews refer to it as the best beginner table saw based on its safety precautions.

In a nutshell, if safety and accuracy are your primary concerns when looking for a compact saw, then you have your solution. Dewalt dwe7491rs or Dewalt Dwe7480 table saw is convenient for you. However, if you fancy saws that come with dado plates, then you can consider other models to enhance your overall satisfaction.

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