Dewalt DWS780 Review-2022 [ Really as Good as They Say? ]

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Miter saws are some of the top power tools that any woodworker should have in their collection. With multiple brands and models of miter saws out there, Dewalt dsw780 stands among the best. Here is a Dewalt DWS780 review to help you get a glimpse of the saw’s delivery.

At a Glance

  • 56lbs weight
  • 21.5 by 17.7 by 17.1 inches measurement
  • 15amp motor with 3,600RPM.
  • Cuts up to 2-by-16 dimensional lumber at 90-degrees and 2-by-12 at 45 degrees.
  • 90-degree cross-cutting capacity.
  • 45-degree miter cut capacity
Dewalt DWS780 Review
Dewalt DWS780 Review

Dewalt DWS780 Overview

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This Dewalt 780 miter saw is made to handle your sawing projects accordingly. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional woodworker, this miter saw will serve you perfectly. It has been designed to remain sturdy for the longest time possible. The cutting capacity is quite satisfying, and the miter saw can handle just about any type of project.


  • Exclusive back fence design.
  • Dual horizontal steel rails.
  • Precise miter system.
  • Bevel angle adjustments accurate.
  • Blade Positioning System helps free cut-line indication.
  • Stainless-steel miter detent plate.
  • Dust collection system Super-efficient.
  • Machined base fence support.
  • Handle design for added portability.
  • vertical cutting capacity improved.

While this one might not be a lightweight miter saw, it still convenient enough to take care of your miter sawing needs. It is easy to use and generally a reliable unit to have in your arsenal. This would be your best pick if you don’t mind spending a few more dollars on a miter saw. It costs thrice as much as some miter saw units out there. Nevertheless, the saw is very much worth its price tag.

Dewalt DWS780 Review & Features

If you are looking for perfect cut then those features going to be it for you, let’s down to the business.

Size and Construction

While other miter saws might come with a compact and lightweight design, this is a heavy unit that is capable of handling professional and DIY projects. Generally, this unit comes with a robust industrial design that looks and feels strong enough to enhance its performance.

We loved the iconic yellow-black color that makes it stand from other power tools in the workshop. The miter saw comes in at 21.5 by 17.7 by 17.1 inches, and it measures about 56lbs. This means that you will have an easy time carrying this unit around if need be. Well, it also isn’t very lightweight if you will be carrying it over a long distance in your hands.

So, what makes it convenient enough? There is a handle on board to give you an easy time when carrying it around.


Every miter saw comes with a motor, but not all of them have a powerful motor to handle multiple projects. Luckily, the Dewalt 780 miter saw has one of the most powerful motors out there. This one packs on a 15amp 1675 watt motor that is strong enough to spin the blade at top speeds of 3,800RPM.

The motor on this unit is powerful enough to handle any sort of project.

Cutting Capacity

The cutting capacity of a miter saw, or any other saw out there is supposedly the most important thing that you should consider before buying. The saw is used to cut materials, and if it doesn’t do what it is meant to do, then it would be useless to have it in our collection.

Luckily, this saw comes with an impressive cutting capacity that is sure of handling almost any project out there. First off, the saw comes with an advanced gearbox and belt drive design. With this design, you can be sure of an enhanced vertical cutting capacity. I will suggest you to use it with Quality miter saw stand to get more accuracy.

Besides that, you get an integrated XPS cross-cut positioning system on the saw. This feature will allow you to adjust the free-cut line indication. We loved the stainless steel miter detent plate on this saw. The plate is adjustable, and it comes with 10 positive stops that enhance productivity. Plus, this helps to enhance the overall precision of the miter saw. In this video, you will get it perfectly

An accurate saw leads to better project delivery. By the way, it is not only in this DWS780 review that we are acknowledging the cutting capacity of this saw. The sturdiness of this saw, along with the powerful motor allows it to glide through almost any material. Whether you are cutting metal, plastic, or wood, this saw will handle that with excellence.

By the way, this fella comes with a maximum cut depth of 4.3 inches, which is around 11.9cm. So yes, you can throw that large construction timber in the way of this saw and the results will be impeccable. In terms of the maximum cut width, this miter saw delivers up to 30.30cm or 12 inches. The bronze rail guides assure you of smoothness and precision.

We won’t fail to mention that this is a double bevel miter saw that can cut a 49-angle on both rights and left bevel setting. The best part is that setting the bevel cut is a walk in the park. There is a quick-release bevel that allows you to control the different angles you intend to cut.

On the left, you get miter settings of up to 60 degrees, while you get miter settings of up to 50 degrees to the right. A miter cam lock is available to help you set and change these angles. Even when cutting tights angles, this saw will deliver accordingly.

User Experience

So, this Dewalt 12 sliding miter saw review is not just about the cutting capacity and other specifications. Rather, we also would like you to know about the user experience of the saw. What is it like to use this miter saw, and will you have a difficult time when handling it? A short answer is that you will have an easy time.

The saw is easy to get started with it and most of the features are easy to access or set. If you have used a miter saw before, this one shouldn’t give you a difficult time. Along with the excellent cutting capacity and easy to use, this saw features a dust port for collecting the dust, chips, and debris with ease.

This way, you will end up having a tidy working space to enhance project delivery.

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What We Loved

  • Lightweight and easily portable.
  • Strong base keeps it stable and sturdy.
  • Extra safety features.
  • 12-inch carbide blade.
  • The efficient dust collection system.
  • Cutting light included for better vision.
  • Accurate cuts.
  • Double bevel.

What Could Be Better

  • Some people find it heavy.
  • It’s a bit costly.

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Safety Features

The safety of this unit is also worth pointing out. Most Dewalt DW708 reviews have stated that this miter saw comes with some excellent safety features.

First off, the dust port and bag allows you to keep the workspace clean and allow you to watch the blade clearly. Furthermore, the blade is covered with a large automatic cover that is very sturdy. There is a cutting light that keeps the area well lit. This way, you won’t have to bend or strain to see the cutting area. You won’t find the cutting light in most saws out there.

You can enjoy the strong base that sits firmly on a flat surface and has some excellent stability. When the saw is stable, it means that you will have better control, which then reduces the possibility of any injury.


Q. Who Should Get this Saw?

Ans. So, there is no specific restriction of who should use the saw and who shouldn’t. Obviously, children and anyone that doesn’t know how to handle the saw should avoid using it. Most of the Dewalt miter saw reviews specify how and who should use each miter saw. With this one, it comes with a lightweight and portable design that already showed Dewalt dws780 review section.

This design means that the saw is best suited for roofers and construction workers. But you can also use it for your DIY projects at home and get amazing results. Whether you want to cut some metal pieces or timber, this saw won’t disappoint. Just remember to use the right blade at all times.

Q. What blade comes with Dewalt dws780?

Ans. When you purchase this miter saw, you get a free 12-inch carbide blade. The blade comes with 60 teeth to help you with your projects.

DWS780 vs DWS782

The DWS780 and DWS782 are from the same manufacturer, but they do vary. The Dewalt DWS780, it is best suited for precise woodwork since it is portable and user-friendly. This one can make accurate cuts even in awkward positions. But the Dewalt DWS782 is heavier and best suited for professional projects.

However, it doesn’t come with an LED light like the DWS780. If you are on a tight budget, the DWS782 would be your best pick. But if you don’t mind spending some extra hundreds on a miter saw, then DWS780 is the way to go. Worry not, if you need more options you can check our expert’s reviews about cordless and compound sliding miter saw, this will surely make you satisfied.

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Safety Tips

It goes without saying that safety must be observed at all times when working with any saw out there. Here are some tips you should observe when handling a miter saw;

  1. Keep the saw away from children
  2. Wear the necessary eye protection and earmuffs
  3. Avoid working with the saw away from the socket-outlet.
  4. The power cord should not be tight at any point
  5. Ensure that you are working in a place free of water
  6. Store the miter saw in a safe place when you finish working with it
  7. Never take your eyes from the blade when it is running/avoid distraction

Final Verdict

So this Dewalt Dws780 Review surely given you a complete idea that can help you to decide you are going to use it or not.

Remember, This Dewalt DWS780 12 inch double bevel sliding compound miter saw is one to have in your power tools arsenal. It has been made to handle multiple projects while maintaining accuracy and better control.

The safety features onboard assure you of reliability when working with this unit. If you are ready to invest in a premium miter saw, then this would be the best pick for you.

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