5 Different Types of Chainsaws 2023 [ Their Features & Uses ]

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Chainsaws come in different types, and each type is suitable for a specific application or project. Before using or purchasing a chainsaw you should know the detailed information and how many options you have on your hand to pick one. Most people don’t know exactly how many types of chainsaws are there & what are the benefits they offers.

Today we are gonna discuss about the common types of chainsaws that you can come across.

Different Types of Chainsaws and their Key-features

Different Types of Chainsaws

Generally there are five types of chainsaws we can see on the market that mostly used by the people.

  1. Gas-Powered Chainsaws.
  2. Corded Chainsaws.
  3. Battery-Powered Chainsaws
  4. Manual Chainsaws
  5. Pole ChainSaw

1. Gas-Powered Chainsaws

These chainsaws are the most common, and they are mostly used by professionals. However, some homeowners use them as well, especially for felling large trees. They are powered by gasoline, and they tend to be the most powerful of them all.

Greenworks 40V 16' Brushless Cordless Chainsaw (Great For Tree Felling, Limbing, Pruning, and Firewood / 75+ Compatible Tools), 4.0Ah Battery and Charger Included


  • They are gas-powered
  • Highly powerful and able to handle demanding projects
  • They are powered by a 2-stroke engine with displacement ranging from 30cc to 120cc
  • The fuel is a mix of engine oil and gasoline
  • They possess a sheer cutting ability compared to other models
  • They can generate up to 102dB of noise
  • They come with large bars of 16-20 inches

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What We Loved

  • Best suited for high-demanding projects like tree felling
  • They deliver an excellent cutting ability
  • They are the most powerful types
  • Can handle any project

What Could Be Better

  • They are loud
  • They come at a high price-point
  • They need regular maintenance

2. Corded Chainsaws

These are electric models that come with a power cord. The cord will need to be plugged into a socket outlet for the machine to run.

These are the best picks for homeowners or light pruning/limbing applications. The electric chainsaws tend to be lightweight and quieter than the gasoline counterparts. However, they tend to be less powerful, but don’t emit fumes. The best corded electric chainsaw must come with features that make it meet your project needs accordingly

Oregon CS1500 18-inch 15 Amp Self-Sharpening Corded Electric Chainsaw, with Integrated Self-Sharpening System (PowerSharp), 2-Year Warranty, 120V


  • They run on electricity
  • They come with a motor that ranges between 8 and 15Amps. Some have 20+Amp motors
  • Electric chainsaws require an extension cord with the right gauge
  • They come with different bar sizes of between 8 inches and 14 inches

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What We Loved

  • Lightweight design
  • They emit no fumes
  • They are less noisy
  • They don’t require fueling or heavy maintenance
  • Cheaper than gas models

What Could Be Better

  • They are less-powerful
  • Cords and extensions make them less portable

3. Battery-Powered Chainsaws

These chainsaws are considered the most portable as they run on rechargeable batteries. Besides that, they are the best pick for light-duty work and those small pruning/log chores at home. Battery-powered chainsaws don’t have a fuel tank or direct electricity cord.

They are also lightweight, but less powerful than the previous models. They have a limited operation time since the battery can run for as long as 60 minutes.

The best cordless electric chainsaw should have a durable battery life, and enough power to handle your projects

BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Cordless Chainsaw, 10-Inch, Tool Only (LCS1020B)


  • They run on rechargeable batteries
  • Lightweight design
  • The power of the chainsaw is based on the battery amperage
  • Quick startup with a start button
  • Run continuously for up to 60 minutes

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What We Loved

  • Highly portable without the power cords
  • Lightweight design for less fatigue when using it
  • Starts up very quickly and with minimal effort
  • Best pick for light works
  • Less noisy than other models
  • Require minimal maintenance

What Could Be Better

  • Limited runtime with the rechargeable batteries
  • Costlier than corded chainsaws
  • They cannot fell a large tree

4. Manual Chainsaws

These are portable of them all, and they are also called pocket chainsaws. The manual chainsaw comes with a double-sided chain with handles on each end. To operate them, you will need to move the handles back and forth as you cut through trees and logs manually.

Hand Chain Saw for High Limb Tree Branch with 50 Inch Long Chainsaw 34 Blades on Double Sides and Two 5M Ropes, Easy for Cutting High Branch Upon 7M, Perfect Survivalist Tool & Camping Garden Gear.


  • They consist of a double-sided chain
  • Come with handles on each end
  • Operated manually by moving handles back and forth

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What We Loved

  • Highly portable and easy to store
  • They are the safest to use
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to use, even for a beginner

What Could Be Better

  • They require elbow grease to operate
  • They are less effective when handling almost any project

5. Pole chainsaw

Basically, these are not exactly chainsaws. They are typically manual but require less elbow grease to operate. The saw comes attached to an extension pole, and it is mostly used for cutting or trimming high tree limbs. They can be powered by three types.

  1. Electric Pole Saws.
  2. Cordless Pole Saws.
  3. Gas Pole Saws.

Greenworks 80V 10' Cordless Polesaw (Great For Pruning and Trimming Branches / 75+ Compatible Tools), 2.0Ah Battery and Charger Included

Key features

  • Com with an extension pole of different lengths
  • Can be powered by gas, electricity, or battery
  • Operated by pulling a lever that will activate the chain

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What We Loved

  • Highly portable
  • Best pick for pruning or cutting high tree limbs
  • They are typically quiet when running

What Could Be Better

  • They cannot fell a tree


Q. What are the different types of chainsaw chains?

Ans. Chainsaw chains come in 4 main categories, including the following;

  • Full chisel chains. They come with super-sharp square-cornered teeth, and with multiple cutting teeth that need frequent sharpening.
  • Semi-chisel chains. They have fewer teeth that are round-cornered, which can retain sharpness for longer.
  • Skip chisel chains. They have the least number of cutting teeth and work best in cutting wood lumbers.
  • Safety chisel chains. They are designed to reduce the rebound on the chain during cutting and prevent kickbacks.

Q. What is the most aggressive chainsaw chain?

Ans. The most aggressive chain is that which comes with the best edges. Ideally, it should be made from the hardest steel and able to hold an edge better. A square chisel chain would be a good example. But it should not be used for grubbing out tree roots

Q. What are the best chainsaws?

Ans. The best chainsaw is that which meets the users’ needs accordingly. Even if it is a small cordless chainsaw that serves you properly, it would be the best in that situation. Some Budget chainsaws also can satisfy your needs.

Final Words

So here is the different types of chainsaws information all you need to know about, Now you can easily pick one for your project according to your need. Still if you have any question related to this you can comment bellow and let me know what specific things you need to know. I’m here to help you by using all my experinces.

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