How to Cut a 4×4 Post with a Circular Saw [ 3 Simple Steps ]

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Circular saws come in handy for both DIY lovers and professional woodworkers. They are endowed with adaptability, versatility, and portability, making them efficient in handling various tasks. Among these tasks is post-cutting. However, slicing thick pieces of wood can be daunting. This article highlights the necessary steps on how to cut a 4×4 post with a circular saw.

Selection of Circular Saw

Several models of circular saws have emerged and flooded the current market. However, without the necessary information, you may be confused about the best choice to embrace. First, ensure that you shop within your budget by selecting your budget circular saw. Remember that a simple and cheap circular saw can be as reliable as or even better than a more expensive one. For instance, Tacklife PES01A 1500W circular saw is budget-friendly and efficient in wood cutting. 

Also, depending on your preference, you should decide whether you need a corded or cordless circular saw. Thoroughly read through cordless circular saw reviews and corded/Compact circular saw reviews to make your verdict. The information is crucial in understanding the pros and cons of these features. 

After the purchase, ensure you focus and learn how to use a circular saw. Any concerns and questions should be clarified before using the saw. This will help in enhancing safety and positive outcomes on the DITY and professional tasks. 

Just like other machines, saws require continuous maintenance. An example of maintenance practices is the element of cleanliness. You should learn how to clean a circular saw blade to boost its durability and efficiency. Thus, this will help cut the maintenance and replacement costs.  

3 Simple Steps of How to Cut a 4×4 Post with a Circular Saw

Materials Required & Safety 

  1. When cutting a 4×4 post, a measurement scale, pencil, table, wood, clump, and a circular saw are required. In addition, you should adorn yourself with safety gear like heavy gloves, boots, earmuffs, and safety eye goggles. 
  2. Additionally, your circular saw should be maintained to enhance its working conditions.  Lack of maintenance is a safety breach that can be avoided.   
  3. Besides, ensure that you get a helping hand to help in turning the wood carefully. Any movement of the wood may tamper with the overall stability of the wood and negatively affect the outcome. With these preparations, you will be assured of your welfare as you engage in your DIYs and professional tasks.

Here are steps on how to cut the 4×4 post with a circular saw.

Step One: Fasten and Stabilize the Wood

Rest the 4×4 piece of wood on the table and make sure it balances on both sides. The wood should not overextend on either of the sides. Additionally, you should support both sides of the working piece of wood to avoid falling. Ultimately, you should clamp down the wood to ensure that it is firm and nonsliding on the working surface or table. 

Step Two: Measurement and Demarcation

Using a pencil and measuring scale, draw out the necessary areas to cut through your working piece of wood. The boundaries include lines and accurate angles to be followed to meet your specifications. The accuracy of the markings determines the accuracy of the final product. 

Step Three: Cut a 4X4 Using the Circular Saw

Firmly grip the blade and gently push it. Keep the blade perpendicular to its base after the initial cut as you prepare for the next cut. During this step, you need prowess in rotating the wood to avoid messing it up. Any alteration of the wood’s stability can tamper with your final piece. 

Depending on your professional craftsmanship skills, you may or may not achieve your set standards. However, you can be guaranteed of safely getting the task completed using a circular saw. Therefore, continuous practice will positively impact your outcomes in the short and long run.

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Q. What is the Best Saw to Cut 4×4 Posts?

Ans. Circular saws with bigger blades are comfortable to handle when cutting 4×4 posts. Saws with 12-inch blades are convenient in these tasks as they reduce the number of times that the woodcutter has to slice to achieve the required specifications. 

Final Words

Now I can expect you already know How to Cut a 4×4 Post with a Circular Saw, Remember! Cutting thick woods can be a daunting task, but you can rest assured that you will get a pleasant outcome with the right tools and knowledge. The DIY and professional project results are determined by the type of circular saw selected. Therefore, it is prudent to pick the most reliable woodcutter carefully. 

Bear in mind the physical features and the budget in question as you engage in decision-making. Markedly, this will help in making the right choice. Most importantly, ensure that you prioritize safety as you engage in your personal or professional projects. Wear the required gear to protect different body parts from harm.  Ultimately, you will enjoy your crafts and their outcomes. 

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