How To Cut Baseboard Inside Corners With Miter Saw Easily

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How to cut baseboard inside corners with miter saw

Because of the underlying challenges on both the beginners and the woodwork experts; we seek to enhance the cutting experience by explaining a step by step procedure on how to cut baseboard inside corners with miter saws.

The fact that a miter saw contains different angles to guide different cuts makes appropriate for this task.

Cutting baseboard corners can be challenging if you lack the appropriate tools for the exercise. However, in cases where you are equipped with the right tools and the correct procedure, you can efficiently complete your baseboard cutting project without any doubts. One of the vital tools for this exercise is the miter saw. But to make holes in inside corners you should buy top rated hole saw kit.

Baseboard corners largely depend on the measurements of different angles and without the required accuracy; you may not like the outcomes of your project. Mostly, they are measured at 450 as the walls measure 90 degrees.

6 simple steps of How to Cut Baseboard Inside Corners with Miter Saw

Things that you will need

  1. best battery miter saw.
  2. Sharpened pencil.
  3. Baseboard.
  4. Measuring tape.
  5. Protective eyeglasses.
  6. Dust mask.
  7. Best Portable miter saw stand.

Steps to be followed

Step 1: Wear your protective gear

You should embrace safety by wearing both your dust mask and protective glasses. This should be an initial routinely step when handling the miter saws and other saws in different projects. We are sure that you do not want to affect your senses when you engage in your woodwork.

Step 2: Take you exact wall measurements

Using your tape measure, find out the lengths of your respective walls. This project requires you to learn on how to measure baseboards for a miter cut. You should carefully measure between the adjacent corners to have a clear outlook on what you are dealing with.

As you measure, you should take into consideration the available studs that are lengthier than your baseboards. Here, you should embrace the closest ones.

Step 3: Readjust your miter saw

At this point, you should ensure that your miter bevel is at 45 degrees. You should further set your miter at 0 degrees. This is the most common angular requirements for the inside corners and thus it is appropriate to take note of these when handling similar projects. Ensure you check again to be sure that you have the right measurements. Use stand for better angle.

Step 4: Mark the baseboard

First, turn the baseboard and using your pencil, ensure you make the required mark on its back to offer a guideline on where the miter saw should cut.

Step 5: Power on the saw and cut

Since the relevant adjustments have been done on the saw, it is now ready for action. Switch on the power source and once the saw is in full speed, cut through the pencil line you drew earlier. The result of this cut should be in such a way that the backside size of the baseboard is longer than that of the front part. The backside should be lengthier as it should touch the corner of the wall.

Continuously push the blade through the trim but ensure that you apply moderate pressure on the saw and the blade. Too much pressure can be destructive to the initial trim. You don’t want to damage your baseboard with an increased amount of force. Embark on moderate pushing until you rip off the baseboard.

Step 6: Turn off the saw

Once your goal has been attained, you should first turn off the saw and remove the blade from the baseboard as you no longer need to cut it. You should further unplug the miter saw to disconnect it from the power source for the sake of your safety.

This procedure can be applied on steps on how to cut baseboard outside corners with miter saw except that it is done on the outer sides of the walls.

Quick safety tips

Handling saws can be both enjoyable and challenging depending on the basic information you have at hand. For instance, the precautionary measures are relevant in keeping you safe, and your saw well maintained for longevity. Therefore, before we check out the step by step procedure on how to cut baseboard inside corners with miter saw, let us quickly check out some of the saw safety tips.

  • Embrace protective gears like glasses, masks and hearing protection to minimize direct contact with the saws and the blades when in action.
  • Be careful with the power source and when the saws are not in use, switch it off, unplug the coded ones and remove the batteries from them.
  • Continuously maintain your saws with authorized dealers recommended by the manufacturers to enhance their longevity.
  • Change old blades and ensure that different blades are used for different tasks as recommended by the manufacturers.
  • Avoid touching or reaching behind a saw blade that is in motion and in case of any adjustments ensure that you exercise patience until the blade stops moving.
  • Do not under any situation ignore the user manual as it contains the details on how to go about the saw and its general operations.
  • Use quality stand that will make it easy to cut more accurately.

You can watch the video as well.


Q. How to cut baseboard with miter saw?

Ans. You should first consider your safety by dressing appropriately. After that, you should make the required angular adjustments on the saw to meet the needs of the projects in question. Once the adjustments have been made, ensure that you power on the miter saw and carefully cut the baseboard without exerting high pressure on the miter saw and the blade.

Gently push the miter saw on the baseboard until the cut is entirely made. At this point, you can turn off the saw and disconnect it from the power source as you raise the blade from the baseboard.

Final Verdict

So here is How To Cut Baseboard Inside Corners With Miter Saw. Cutting baseboard corners is not as challenging as it is assumed to be. Once you assemble the right tools for the whole process, you only need to identify the right and straightforward step by step procedure to embark on the exercise to secure the required outcomes.

DeWalt DWS709 Miter saws are appropriate for this exercise as they are capable of making angular cuts which are mandatory in this exercise. Proper adjustments are necessary on the saw as you cannot work with random angular settings on the saw. No doubt this task is doable by both the experts and the new-bies as long as the required equipment and procedure are availed to the user in question.

Therefore, if you are faced with the need to change the outlook of your corners, the baseboard cutting process should not be hectic. These guidelines suit your needs, and thus you should embrace and systematically apply them.

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