How to Cut Glass Tile [ 5 Quick & Simple Steps to Follow ]

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Glass tiles are commonly used in backsplashes and bathrooms to bring that attractive appeal. However, they are very susceptible to damage, especially during installation.

Unlike ceramic, glass tiles offer a clear or jewel-toned radiance, which will reflect light and give the bathroom a gleaming effect.

Luckily, we shall be exploring the best techniques for cutting glass tile efficiently.

But first.

Why Is Cutting Glass Tile Difficult?

The main reason why you will find it challenging to cut glass tile is the fact that the glass tiles are clear. Since you can see through the glass tiles, any imperfections will be visible.

Most glass tiles are clear throughout, and they will come with a coating on the back that gives them their color.

How To Cut Glass Tile Properly

So, how do you cut glass tile perfectly? Let’s find that out.

If you will be cutting glass tiles to install at home, a quality wet saw should work for you. Ensure that you use it with a diamond blade. This assures you of achieving clean cuts.

Furthermore, the saw blade must have a continuous rim, and it should use small diamonds. When cutting the glass tiles with the diamond blade, you must run it slower than you would when cutting porcelain or ceramic tiles.

Now that you have some basic tips, let’s see how you can cut the glass tile.

Step One

Place the smooth side of the tile to face down on the saw’s surface. From there, place a straight piece of wood against the outside edge of the glass tile. This should be the side nearest to you. Ensure that you hold the piece of wood against the tile as you cut.

Step Two

Run the saw and move the glass tile gradually through the blade. As you move forward, make sure the wood is pushed against the tile. The wood also helps to absorb the stress and vibrations from the movement of the saw. As a result, you will achieve a clean cut.

Step Three

Once you cut the glass tile, use super-fine grit sandpaper of around 240 grit to smooth the cut edges. If you don’t have one, you can use steel wool to do the same. While at it, ensure that you don’t scratch the glass fronts.

Step Four

Drill a hole in the tile using a coring drill or drill bit. The drill must be specifically designed to drill into glass. Mark the places on every tile where you wish to drill a hole. Use a clamp to secure the glass tile onto a flat surface.

Step Five

Hook up the drill motor with a water swivel to lubricate the drill bit and hole properly. Before drilling a complete hole, drill a pilot hole into the surface of the back of the glass. After that, drill into the front side of the glass tile. It helps to prevent the glass from chipping. Normally, the glass tile would chip when the drill comes through the other side.

But if the tile is installed already, drill a surface pilot hole gradually. Continue drilling slowly until the hole has opened fully.

Tips To Help You Cut Glass Tile Properly

Here are some tips to help you achieve it with perfection.

  • Cut upside down. Cutting glass tiles upside down allows you to cut the coating on the back first. In the end, you can sand or file down the front side to give the glass a better-looking cut. However, you can cut in the normal way if you are cutting glass without a coating on the back.
  • Use a glass blade. Even though a regular porcelain tile saw blade can still cut glass tile, we’d advise you to work with a glass tile blade since it comes with finer and softer diamonds to deliver a smoother cut. Using the glass blade might end up being time-consuming, but it offers the best results.
  • Avoid dragging the rolling saw cart back through the glass tile after you cut it. Instead, you should only push the tile through the saw blade and switch off the saw or separate the tile. Once the tile is off, you can pull back the rolling tray. It helps to prevent the glass from chipping further.
  • Cut beginning and end before the middle. Ideally, start the cut and skip to cutting the very end of the tile close to your body. You can then finish by cutting the middle.
  • Round your notches. It is common to have notches once you finish cutting the glass tile. An L-cut or notch will most likely crack the glass. That is why you should avoid this cut. But if you cannot avoid the cut, you should round the inside corners as much as you can. Rounding the notch will lower the chances of having cracks.

Watch the video to learn more.


Q. Do you need water to cut glass tile?

Ans. The superheated glass will usually crack and chip easily. Therefore, you need to use plenty of water to cool down the glass tile, as well as the diamond blade. This helps to prevent it from cracking and chipping.

Q. Can you cut a glass tile with a miter saw?

Ans. Traditionally, miter saws are meant to cut wood. However, they can also be used to cut tile. But you will need to have the right blade attachment for you to cut the tile. But the results are not always the best when you use a miter saw.

Final Words

Now I’m sure, You know How to Cut Glass tiles easily. Remember, When you are cutting glass tile, always use the right blade. A wet tile saw is normally the best option, and you should use a glass blade with smooth diamonds for cleaner cuts. Don’t forget to apply the tips that we have given you when cutting the glass tile.

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