Learn How to use jigsaw client [ Expert’s suggestions ]

Are you a lover of video games? No doubt you may have encountered the jigsaw client installer. You may wonder how to operate it to enjoy your experience to the maximum. To enhance your satisfaction and enjoyment, we provide you with the step by step basics of acquiring and using this form of online gaming for your pleasure.

Online gaming has gained traction in the recent past, and this has led to mushrooming of both genuine and scrupulous gaming providers in the market. This guideline advocates for the use of the latest and reliable versions of the online games to minimize the chances of the menacing viruses. 

Given this, we elaborate on the basics regarding how to use jigsaw client appropriately in the following steps. Before we deal with these guidelines, it is prudent to check out safety measures when dealing with online video games.

Quick safety tips

  • Get your downloads from trusted and recommended providers
  • Install a reliable antivirus to protect your computer or any other related gadget from any given viruses
  • Ensure that you get the most updated versions of the games to reduce any junk in your device.
  • Make sure that you take into consideration the updates that pop up during your streaming or download as they contain crucial information
  • Engage in a background check by getting the necessary information from the reviews about the games and the versions that you are interested in
  • Ensure you press on the appropriate download button to reduce the chances of downloading unnecessary advertisers junk
  • Regularly check on the updates associated with the apps and the games that you install so that you don’t miss out the necessary basics

Step by step basics on How to use jigsaw client  

What you will need

  • Source of reliable and robust internet
  • Computer or any other related gadget with enough space


Step 1: Download, install and save it

To access the jigsaw client, you first need to download its installer. You need to right-click the download button after which you locate it in the download folder. Once it has been downloaded, ensure you save it in a location that you can be able to identify like; the download folder.

For easy access, drag the icon from the download folder to the desktop.  It is noteworthy to state that you should research and get the latest version from the most reliable providers to avoid disappointments. Depending on your windows and accessibility, you can consider getting a jigsaw 1.12.2 download, as some of its users have given positive reviews about it. 

Step 2: Open the downloaded file

Once you drag it to the desktop, ensure that you right-click to open it. After opening it, confirm that the mine craft is stored in your most preferred location for ease of access in the future. This is crucial in the operation of the jigsaw client installer.

Step 3: Increase your RAM

Here, you should reset the jigsaw client by changing its RAM capacity. When you open the mine craft, the screen displays the news, skins, settings, and launch options. To increase the RAM, click on the launch options, then go to the jigsaw option.

You should further click on the JVM arguments and alter the displayed RAM. The numbers besides these options are what you should adjust, after which you should click on save to save the changes arrived at. At this point, your RAM has successfully stable.

Step 4: Go to the play option

To exit from your previous screen, click on the news option on the screen. This will lead you to a screen that displays a similar screen with an additional image in the center and a play icon. You need to click on the play button to display a new screen.

On the upper right corner of the new screen is a control menu for the game. You can use the up and down control and the enter keys to arrive at your desired menu. The control menu is made up of nine essential keys which include; Combat, Movement, Render, and Mini games, Ai, Fun, Exploit, Player and World.

As you press on the up key, the upper control menu is selected and vice versa. Once you reach on your desired key, you should move the cursor across the option to the right side to display the mini menu that falls under the selected main menu. Then click on the required sub-menu to meet the desired goal. The sub-menus are arranged alphabetically for ease of access.


  • Which is the best source to access Jigsaw?

Jigsaw is mainly obtained from the internet sources through downloading and installing in your machine. You can download them using either HTTP or FTP files.

  • Why does Jigsaw embrace Java?

 Java is flexible and advantageous to use. Jigsaw client embraces it due to its ability to enhance proper and flexible coding that meets even the most dynamic server architecture. Even though it is written in Java, Jigsaw performs remarkably well. Thus, the incorporation of Java makes it possible for you to have the best in both worlds which is; flexibility and reasonable speed.

Final Verdict 

Using jigsaw client is easy when you understand the working of the menu and the right settings of the installer. This article points out the significant steps in accessing and understanding How to use jigsaw client installer to embark on your game.

 If you are a newbie in this hobby, you should understand the basics from downloading to playing through the jigsaw client. These steps are helpful to you as they offer a clear guideline on the same. Rather than embarking on guesswork, you should first understand the operation of the key menu to operate the jigsaw client appropriately.

When downloading and installing the jigsaw client, you should understand that it may be invaded by jigsaw client virus. Some users have complained of jigsaw client download not working due to these viruses. To handle this, you should invest in a reliable antivirus to minimize the corruption of the jigsaw client and other files in your machine.

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