Shop Fox W1837 Review [Worth Buying Hybrid Table Saw/Not?]

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The saw market is flooded with different models of Table Saws, and this leaves you confused on what to settle for. If you are a wood hobbyist, you desire the best outcome in your work as it gives you satisfaction.

Our shop fox w1837 review explores the characteristics and reasons behind the high preference of shop fox 1837 Table Saw in the market.

let’s delve into its overall characteristics and features. 

Shop Fox W1837 Review

Shop Fox w1837 Review & Features

At a glance

  • Measurements: (58 by 38 by 36) inches.
  • Weight: 260 lbs.
  • Power: 240V/ 120W.
  • Motor: 20A.
  • Dust port size: 4 inches.
  • Right side Rip capability: 30 inches.
  • Left side Rip capability: 15 inches.
  • Table dimensions: (40.25 by 27) inches.
  • Hose Power: 2 HP.
  • Blade size: 10 inches.
  • Blade speed: 3450 RPM.
  • Max rip at 900: 3.25 inches.
  • Max rip at 450: 2.25 inches.
  • Anti-kickback Pawls.
  • Abor size: 5/8 inches
  • Left blade tilt of up to 450.

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Powerful motor

Does your work involve both hard and softwoods? You have no reason to worry as shop fox 1837 hybrid table saw will not disappoint you. With a 20A, 2HP motor, you can be sure of effortlessly working on your projects.

High blade speed and adjustability

Shop fox 1837 prides itself in flexibility. With this saw, you have the freedom of maneuvering through the miter and bevel to meet your desired angle. This is a plus feature that is lacking in hybrid saws with the same range of pricing. This coupled with 3450 RPM, makes effective in its overall functionality.

Safety measures

The Shop fox 1837 saw has your interests at heart. It is equipped with a clear blade guard that helps you keep track of your project. Also, it protects you from the impact of the flying pieces of wood. Thus, you will not be hurt as you work with this hybrid saw.

Also, Shop fox 1837 saw minimizes overheating. This is a common phenomenon on other saws, but with the presence of thermal overload protection, you can be sure of saw safety from the fluctuating current. No doubt you don’t want to lose the functionality of your saw due to the uncertain changes in the current.

Unintended backward movements of the piece of wood you are working on can jeopardize your safety. The Shop fox 1837 table saw takes this into consideration as it is equipped with anti-kickback pawls. Any time the wood tries to move backward, it gets stopped with an immediate effect. This minimizes such accidents.

Dust port

Do you fancy a neat workplace? Shop fox 1837 hybrid saw serves this purpose the right way as it is equipped with a four-inch dust port. This is a plus as it not only limits your contact with the dust but also maintains the saw by keeping it clean and in the right condition.

Portability and stability

One of the major worries that woodworkers have is the flexibility of the gadgets they work with. In fact, Shop fox 1837 saw has a whopping 260 pounds. This is scary, right? But before you think of moving to the next available hybrid saw, you need to check out its excellent in-built mobile base and its efficiency.

With shop fox w1837 review base, you can easily transfer your Table saw from one corner to another. If anything, you won’t need much energy as the process is effortless. You just need to slightly push the foot levers down and immediately the saw becomes mobile.

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By giving the idea of shop fox table saw review we can’t forget to let you know that it is amazing that the base embraces both stability and flexibility. It is stable in the sense that, whenever it is not in motion, the foot levers are raised, and the inbuilt base assumes its stable position.

Strong Cabinet fixed Trunnions

The high performance of Shop fox 1837 saw is attributed to the strong trunnions attached to the cabinet. They not only absorb the vibrations but also enhance proper alignment of the table saw blade and table saw fence. With these features, the adjustment of the height and angles are a walk in the park and this enhances the saw’s effectiveness.

Remarkable accuracy

The Shop fox 1837 saw comes with a riving knife as well as a quick-release blade guard. The combination of these two features assures you of your desired accuracy. This knife not only enhances efficiency but also keeps you and your blade safe from any pinches that during its operation. In the end, your work comes out neat and admirable.

Increased Durability

The structure of Shop fox 1837 saw features cast iron which is long-lasting. With this saw, you can be sure of convenience even with the heavy-duty tasks. We are sure that you want a lasting product to offer you the corresponding value for your money.

High rip capacity

No doubt your shop is made up small and large woods. This means that you desire a saw that does not limit you and Shop fox 1837 saw meets this requirement. With a rip capacity of 30 inches, the saw makes your projects a breeze regardless of whether the pieces are large or small. Markedly, this is a fantastic feature which makes the hybrid saw worth buying.

What We Loved

  • Features a riving knife for accuracy.
  • Embraces professionalism.
  • Fits in limited spaces.
  • Durable & Increased mobility.
  • Dust collection port.
  • Reasonable rip capacity of 15 and 30 inches to the left and right respectively
  • Highly stable.
  • Incorporates safety anti-kickback pawls.
  • Highly versatile.

What Could Be Better

  • A bit Expensive
  • Some people find it complex to assemble and set it up.
  • Some users find the hybrid characteristic undesirable as view them as less quality than other saws.

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Quick safety tips

  1. After powering it on, run a simple test on the saw to ascertain its proper functioning.
  2. Prioritize on keeping your saw stable before embarking on your project
  3. Keep your hands at a safe distance to minimize blade cuts and injuries
  4. Fix the appropriate blade depending on the type of project you are handling
  5. Avoid hastiness when handling the blade but rather make careful and calculated moves
  6. Make regular maintenance of the saws a routine
  7. Use a miter gauge for ensuring the accuracy of your project
  8. Never place the piece of wood under the blade when it is in motion but instead wait for it to stop rotating.


Q. Are grizzly and Shop Fox the same?

Ans. These two saws are not the same. They only have some similar features, but then they are two different products. For instance, both of them come with a four-inch dust port, cut a maximum of 3.25 inches at  the 900 and 2.25 at  the 450 points.

However, the grizzly saw is slightly heavier than Shop fox 1837 saw as it weighs 286 pounds. Also, Grizzly’s ripping capacity is somewhat higher than that of Shop fox 1837 as it can rip a maximum of 16.1 inches leftwards and 31 inches rightwards. They meet varying specifications.

Final Verdict

Based on our shop fox w1837 review, this saw is convenient and flexible. Its extraordinary safety measures make your tasks enjoyable. Its level of accuracy is breathtaking as it is reflected in the outcome of the projects.

These sentiments are supported by other hybrid table saws reviews. and customer reviews as they acknowledge the prowess of this saw. If professionalism is your number one consideration, then you have your solution with shop fox 1837. In addition to that, it is appropriate in both big and small spaces, hence remarkable flexibility.

However, you should bear in mind that it is a bit costly. But then, this should not worry you because its features are worth every penny that you incur on it. If the features above are in line with your requirements then acquire your shop fox 1837 and enjoy the woodwork experience. On the contrary, if they do not match your standards, then you can consider parting with more cash to obtain better and reliable saws.

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