7 Best Concrete Saws -2021 [ Reviews, Top Picks & Guide ]

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Finding Quality concrete saws can be very challenging for you, especially if you are shopping online. Even though manufacturers offer enough information about the products, it is never satisfying enough. In that case, you need to be considerate and extra choosy for you to find the Best Concrete Saw that meets your project needs.

best Concrete Saw

Since the market is filled with hundreds of concrete saws, the search only becomes broader. However, this article is meant to make your search easy. We will be exploring the 7 best concrete saw reviews to help you choose the one that suits you best.

Even better, we will share a buying guide to help you further.

Editor’s Choice: Makita EK7651H 14-Inch Concrete Saw

Reason: Powerful 4-stroke gas engine and excellent speed (9,300 RPM), low-fuel consumption, offers wet and dry cutting, no oil mixing needed, 5-stage filtration system reduces fumes, ergonomic design for better handling and control.

Quick Look Summary of our Favorites - 2021





(Best Overall)

Makita EK7651H

Power Source:  Electric

Weight: 28.4 pounds

(Best Value)

Husqvarna K4000

Power Source: Gasoline

Weight: 24 Pounds

(Top Picks)

Evolution Disccut1

Power Source: AC

Weight: 21 pounds

Husqvarna 966799401

Power Source: Electric

Weight: 21 pounds

Mk Diamond

Power Source: Electric

Weight: 21 pounds

The Top 7 Best Concrete Saw Reviews

If you are not sure about the concrete saw to pick for your project, here are some options you should consider;

1.  Evolution DISCCUT1 12" Disc Cutter Concrete Saw


  • Safety guard is fully adjustable.
  • 4-Inch maximum cutting depth.
  • Alternative to a plate compactor, demotion hammer/jackhammer.
  • Robust & versatile.
  • Speed-5000 RPM.
  • Alternative to high maintenance, petrol-powered disc cutters.
  • Ergonomic soft-grip, mid-position, front.

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What We Loved

  • Lightweight at 21lbs.
  • Comes with an adjustable safety guard.
  • There is a spindle lock mechanism for changing the blade with ease.
  • Fumes-free hence ideal for using indoors.
  • Instant start system with a button and a trigger.

What Could Be Better

  • Not the best pick for wet use.
  • It does make a lot of dust.


If you are in need of the best budget concrete cutting tool, we’d point you to the direction of this machine. The built and delivery are impressive enough, and so is the price tag.

First off, the robust and versatile design of this unit is worth the mention. The ergonomic soft-grip of the handles on this unit assures you of an easy time when handling it. There is a soft grip on the rear and mid-position handles to offer you better control and comfort.

This is an electric concrete saw that comes with a 15amp high-torque motor of 1800W. So yes, you can use it indoors since it doesn’t release any fumes. The motor is decently powerful to offer top speeds of 5000RPM. That should be enough to handle your home-based projects with ease.

You get a 12-inch diamond blade with this saw, which is capable of delivering cutting depths of 4 inches. If you are not a fan of the gas saws with pull starters, this one offers you a button for an instant start. All you have to do is hold down the button and trigger to get it going.


If you are on a tight budget but still want best concrete saw, this electric demo saw would be the right pick for you. It is lightweight and compact for you to easily use it indoors. Just make sure you don’t use it on wet workpieces.

2.  Husqvarna 967181002 Concrete Saw


  • A strong Poly-V belt.
  • Superior power-to-weight ratio.
  • Vibrations below 2.5 m/s2 in the cutter.
  • High power with less fuel.
  • Cuts close to walls or ground.
  • Fits multiple blade bushings.
  • Active Air Filtration™.

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What We Loved

  • 2-stroke gas engine delivers 9,300RPM.
  • Features a Dura Starter to offer you a quick start.
  • Air filtration system prevents dust from getting into the machine.
  • Auto-water shutoff lessens wastage.
  • Handles both wet and dry workpieces.

What Could Be Better

  • Not ideal for indoor uses


This unit from Husqvarna makes the cut in our list and we were impressed by its delivery too. There are plenty of Husqvarna K760 reviews that point this unit as a good concrete saw for outdoor use.

The saw comes in at 24lbs, which happens to be relatively lightweight than most units out there. It also comes with great power that is well-balanced with its weight. Keep in mind that the saw runs on gas, which is an assurance of excellent power.

It is loaded with a 2-stroke engine that will offer you up to 9,300 RPM. Plus, the saw comes with a 0.9ltr fuel capacity that helps you to handle those demanding and prolonged projects. Even though most gas powered concrete saws out there run with a lot of vibrations, this one defies the odds. The saw comes with an ergonomic design to cut down the vibrations.

You get a 14-inch on this monster, which is capable of delivering a cutting depth of 6 inches. With that depth, you can be sure of handling multiple projects with this fella. There is a Dura Starter feature onboard that assures you of a quick start. Also, improved air filtration helps to prevent dust from getting into the machine.


If you need cement saw that can handle both wet and dry workpieces, you should consider choosing this piece. The saw is gas-powered, but still lightweight enough to offer you easy handling with your projects. However, be ready to pay that extra dollar for this saw.

3.  Makita EK7651H 14-Inch Concrete Saw


  • Pressure compensated carburetor with vented choke plate.
  • Clear primer bulb facilitates fuel delivery.
  • Integrated all aluminum wheels.
  • Reduced exhaust and intake carbon build-up.
  • Lower noise at 92.7-dB (A).
  • No oil mixing simplifies operation.
  • Three ring piston.
  • Advance direction air flow with Five-stage.

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What We Loved

  • 4-stroke engine with a 3-ring piston for excellent power.
  • Comes with a five-stage filtration system to reduce the fumes.
  • Features aluminum wheels to let you move the saw around with ease.
  • It works with low-noise levels for a gas-powered machine.
  • No need for mixing oil hence easy to maintain.
  • Low-fuel consumption at 45 gallons per hour.

What Could Be Better

  • You will have to purchase the blade separately.
  • Some users had an issue when starting the saw.


Makita doesn’t disappoint when it comes to delivering reliable power tools. This is also a gas-powered unit that can easily handle your heavy-duty projects with ease.

With this Makita demolition saw, you get a powerful 4-stroke gas engine that easily handles the contractors’ projects. In turn, you get a no-load speed of 9,300RPM to spin the 14-inch blade. Keep in mind that this saw doesn’t require any oil mixing. This is a feature will prevent any engine failure because of the improper oil mix.

Even better, this beast comes with a 3-ring piston that is engineered to enhance the durability of the engine. Furthermore, there is a lessened exhaust and intake carbon buildup for enhancing the life of the cylinder. The five-stage filtration system helps to reduce the fumes eliminated.

You won’t have to worry about the need for carrying this unit wherever you go. This is because it comes with all-aluminum wheels that eliminate the fatigue as you work on the prolonged projects. Luckily, the wheels can retract easily when they are not in use.

In terms of the cutting depth, this demolition saw offers you 4.8 inches. By the way, there is a pressure-compensated carburetor that has a vented choke plate on this machine. This helps to maximize fuel delivery and cut down the possibility of flooding during those cold starts.


If you are a contractor and you need a powerful unit to handle your projects, this beast would be a good pick for you. It is quieter than most gas powered concrete saws, and the maintenance level is also on the low. However, keep in mind that you may experience issues when starting the saw.

4.  Husqvarna 966799401 Wet Power Cutter


  • The integrated regulator.
  • Generously dimension-ed miter gear.
  • Quick-locking of the spindle.
  • Rear handle makes operation easier.
  • A large outlet in the blade guard.
  • Elgard [TM] system protects against overload.
  • Rated input power-2.4 hp.

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What We Loved

  • Comes with an ergonomic rear handle for easy operations.
  • Features a constant-flow water valve to assure you of enough water when cutting through concrete.
  • The miter gear is sizeable enough to reduce noise levels and power loss.
  • It features the ElgardTM system that rotates the speed to protect the unit against overload.
  • Quick-locking spindle offers easily blade changes.

What Could Be Better

  • The price tag is higher than most units.
  • It only handles wet cutting.


Are you in need of the electric concrete saw for sale to specifically handle your wet concrete workpieces? This would be a good pick for you.

Whether you a contractor or a hobbyist that needs a concrete wet saw for using indoors or in confined spaces, you will find this saw reliable enough. The saw comes in at only 21lbs, and it has a compact design that makes it easy to handle.

Being an electric demo saw, this baby runs on a 15Amp 2.4hp motor that is capable of delivering no-load speeds of 4500RPM. So, it might not suit those high-demanding projects as such. Furthermore, it comes with a 14-inch blade capacity that will offer you a cutting depth of 5 inches.

Need to change the blade? No problem! Just make use of the quick-locking spindle and the large outlet onboard. There is a miter gear that is sizeable enough to reduce power loss and the noise levels of the machine.

We have stated that this concrete circular saw comes with an integrated regulator that manages the water volume. In turn, this will assure you of a constant flow of water to the blade to cut through the workpieces with ease. This also means that you will have enough water flowing through to bind the dust.


If you specifically need a wet concrete saw, you will find this one reliable enough. Unfortunately, it cannot handle dry cutting. Also, you should be ready to dig your pocket a little deeper to get this fella.

5.  Mk Diamond 159345 14" Walk Behind Concrete Saw


  • Built-in water distribution system.
  • Engineered for maneuverability.
  • 1" diameter blade shaft.
  • Can be used for wet/dry cutting.
  • Adjustable depth control With left/right cutting capability.
  • Corrosion resistant cast-aluminum blade guard.

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What We Loved

  • Very powerful 6.5HP engine for handling high-demanding projects.
  • Handles both dry and wet cutting.
  • It comes with an inbuilt water distribution system.
  • The cutting depth is adjustable and can cut on the left and right with ease.
  • Features a cast-aluminum hinged blade guard.

What Could Be Better

  • It can be challenging for a beginner to start it.
  • The machine is very expensive; only suited for commercial use.


Are there any contractors in the house? Do you need a heavy-duty gas-powered chop saw for those high-demanding projects? Why not give this fella a shot?

As the name suggests, this is a large saw that is pushed from behind. Specifically, it comes in at 119lbs. Of course, you won’t have to carry it around as it comes with wheels for you to push it as you cut through your workpieces.

The machine is powered by a 6.5Hp Honda engine that delivers no-load speeds of 3,600RPM. Also, it comes with a 14-inch blade capacity to offer you a cutting depth of 5.5inches. Luckily, there is an adjustable depth control to let you choose the ideal depth for your projects. Even better, you get both right and left capability with this member.

Furthermore, there is a throttle control on the machine to enhance the overall performance of the machine. One thing you should note about this saw is that it will run smoothly once it gets going.

Luckily, you can use this walk behind concrete saw for both wet and dry cutting, which makes it a good investment.


We would consider this one of the best dry and wet concrete saws and specifically suggest it to a commercial contractor. The power delivery is so high that it would be a waste to use it on small projects. Even though the price tag is so high, the ROI is assured with this unit.

6.  Husqvarna Gas Cut-n-Break Power Cutter Concrete Saw


  • Twin diamond blades.
  • 5 HP, 73cc engine with X-Torq.
  • Anti-vibration system added.
  • Gasoline Powered.
  • Dust-sealed starter to reduce downtime.
  • Cut-n-Break system.

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What We Loved

  • Offers Cut-n-Break to let you cut in stages.
  • You get a deep cutting depth of 16 inches.
  • Easy to start with the Dura Starter and Easy Start.
  • It can handle both wet and dry cutting.
  • Features an air-filtration system that controls the dust from entering the machine.

What Could Be Better

  • It only accepts dual blades.


If you are in need of a quickie saw that does an excellent job on those concrete workpieces, this one would be a good pick for you.

This is a gas-powered cut off saw that comes with every relevant feature to make it a good pick for your projects. It runs on a 5HP 73cc engine that features the X-Torq. With this, you can be sure of having the needed torque and power with limited emissions. You also get no-load speeds of 9,300RPM with this machine.

Even though this is a gas-powered demolition saw, you will not have a difficult time starting it up. It comes with the Dura Starter and EasyStart features that offer you a quick starting while cutting down the starter wear.

The saw comes with the Cut-n-Break feature that lets you cut in stages up to a maximum of 16 inches. This means that you get a maximum cutting depth of 16 inches with the 9-inch blade on this fella. This is made possible by the dual-blade function onboard.

If you need a machine with the deepest cutting depth, this one would be a good pick for you.


If you value the cutting depth of a concrete cutoff saw, this would suit you perfectly. It has the deepest cutting depth, but you will need to get the dual saws for this fella. It doesn’t accept the single blades. Nevertheless, the delivery of this machine is quite satisfying especially if you need a commercial concrete saw.

7. Husqvarna K4000 14" Concrete Saw


  • Elgard, the advanced electronic overload protection system.
  • The new pop-up carbon brushes.
  • Integrated regulator.
  • Power cord inlet.
  • The one-piece inspection lid.
  • Torx screws make it easy to assemble and service.

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What We Loved

  • It can handle wet and dry cutting.
  • Features an Elgard for protecting it against an overload.
  • Very lightweight hence easy to handle.
  • Powerful enough for high-demanding projects.
  • Ergonomic rear handle design for comfort and better control.

What Could Be Better

  • It is relatively pricey.
  • The blade is sold separately.


We conclude our gas cut off saw reviews with this saw from Husqvarna. It is the lightest unit on our list and has the capability of handling demanding projects with ease.

This is an electric concrete chop saw that comes with a 15-amp motor that can spit no-load speeds of 4,500RPM. There is also the Elgard feature, which helps to protect the machine against overload. This feature helps to control the RPM to suit the project perfectly. It will also warn you of any approaching overload.

You get an electronic Soft Start that lets you kick off the machine with ease. If you need to change the blade, you can easily do so with the help of the quick-locking spindle and the large blade guard. The large-size miter gear helps to minimize power loss, lower noise levels, and enhance the durability.

This unit only measures 16.8lbs that makes it easy to handle with its lightweight. You can enjoy the dust extinguisher system for sucking out dust when dry cutting. Also, there is an integrated regulator that controls the volume of water flowing to the blade.


This would be a best concrete saw that can handle your high-demanding projects with ease. It can handle both wet and dry cutting with the onboard features. Furthermore, the power output is impressive. You might have to budget well for this unit.

What to Consider When Buying a Concrete Saw

With the dry cut saw reviews we have explored, you now have an idea of the right unit that would meet your project needs accordingly. Keep in mind that each concrete will be suitable for a specific application.

That being said, here are some of the things you should consider when choosing a good concrete saw.

  • Type of Saw

Specifically, there are two types of concrete saws out there on the market. It can either be a walk-behind concrete saw or a handheld concrete saw;

  • Walk-Behind Saws

The walk-behind concrete saw is the best choice for those high-demanding projects. In most cases, you will find them being used in road repairs and construction. These units come with a powerful motor and engine that is capable of handling those high-demanding projects.

Some of these units come at a very heavyweight that makes them impossible to carry around the workspace. These machines will require you to walk behind them as you work on your projects, but they always propel themselves along the workpiece.

If you have high-demanding and prolonged projects, the walk-behind saws would be the right choice for you.

Just keep in mind that they come at very hefty price points.

  • Handheld Concrete Saws

With the handheld concrete saws, they tend to look like a chainsaw, and they can feature a round blade like that of a table saw.

In most cases, the handheld cement saws are highly portable and lightweight too. This way, you can maneuver with it easily while working on your projects. Keep in mind that hand held concrete saws are designed for cutting workpieces horizontally.

For the chainsaw-kind-of saw, they are ideal for removing damaged sections of brick walls, concrete, or for making holes in the wall for adding a new construction or inserting beams. On the other hand, the saw with a round blade lets you use it as a table saw. The difference is that you will be using it for cutting slabs or granite counter-tops.

Choose the one that suits you best.

  • Cutting Depth

The depth of cut should be a point to consider when you are choosing the concrete saw. If you have multiple projects, you will be handling different thicknesses and materials.

For that matter, consider the blade that comes with the saw or the one that should be used on it. Most of the models we have covered come with blades ranging from 14 inches and 18 inches. With these blades, you will be getting a depth of cut ranging from 5 to 6 inches.

If you need more cutting depth, you should consider those units that use dual blades, such as the Husqvarna Gas Cut-n-Break Power Cutter. Such units can cut over 14 inches deep.

  • Wet or Dry Cutting?

Here Another feature that you should consider as you are going for the concrete saws. With the dry cutting concrete saws, you should choose one that comes with a diamond-tipped blade or a carbide blade. These blades will avoid sending a lot of dust in the air.

Since concrete tends to release a lot of dust when you are cutting through them. In this case, some people prefer wet cutting saws.

If you are going for the wet cutting concrete saws, ensure you find one with a water reservoir system or a system that lets you connect a hose. Whichever unit you choose, ensure that it will give you an easy time when handling those high-demanding and prolonged projects.

Above all, ensure that you choose one with the right ergonomics to offer you easy handling on your projects.

If you have heavy-duty projects, it is always advised to choose the gas-powered concrete cutter tools. The gas-powered units tend to offer enough power for handling high-demanding projects.


  • Cutting concrete with a circular saw

When working with the circular saw on your concrete workpieces, you will need to mark the joints you will be cut using chalk. Suppose you are wet cutting the workpiece, you will need to ensure that you have enough water flowing down the blade. Make sure that the blade reaches the depth of your choice before you start cutting through it.

After that, you can start moving the saw along the chalk line. Make sure that you don’t twist the blade and that the blade doesn’t spin while cutting. This would make it wear too quickly.

  • How deep can a concrete saw cut?

Generally, the concrete saw can cut between 5 and 6 inches deep into the workpieces. However, some come with dual blades to cut more than 14 inches deep.

  • What is the best blade for cutting concrete?

Preferably, you should use diamond-tipped or carbide-tipped blades when cutting through concrete.

(Check the video to learn how to use concrete saw)


That marks the end of our cut off saw reviews. You now have an idea of how to shop for the Best Concrete Saw. Make sure that you go for one that suits your project needs accordingly while giving you an easy time to work with it.

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