7 Best Hole Saw kit 2021 [ Expert’s Reviews & Guideline ]

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A hole saw allows you to dig holes in concrete, wood, or metal. For that reason, you must ensure that you find a Top-quality hole saw kit for you to get excellent results with your projects.

Are you in a Rush? Here's Milwaukee 49-22-4185 which one is our winner after 61 hours of research!

best hole saw kit

Also called a hole cutter, a hole saw comes in ring shape for creating precise holes in multiple applications. It then connects to a drill, which works with drill bits. But the most important thing is to help you find the best hole saw. So Here I will show you some of the best hole saw kits available on the market for both wood & metal.

Toolscritics's Top 5 Picks of 2021 (Updated) :


Product Name

Editor Rating


(Top Picks)

Milwaukee 49-22-4185

  • 14.65 pounds
  • Matrix II Bi-Metal Teeth
  • Editor rating: 5/5

(Best Overall)

Greenlee 660 Kwik

  • 1.3 pounds
  • Quickly Cuts stainless steel
  • Editor rating: 4.9/5

(Best Value)

Bosch 25-Piece HB25M

  • 6.61 pounds
  • Higher heat resistance
  • Editor rating: 4.5/5

LENOX Hole Saw Kit

  • 2 pounds
  • Up to 2X the life in metal cutting.
  • Editor rating: 4.4/5

Diablo DHS14SGP

  • 6.6 pounds
  • wood, plastic, aluminum, metal
  • Editor rating: 4.1/5

That is what this article is for. So, let’s get started.

Did You Know? What Materials Can a Hole Saw Cut Through?

Thanks to the different drill bits that come with the hole saw, they can make holes in a wide range of materials including the following;

  • Wood, including soft and hard wood.
  • Metal, including steel, aluminum and metal sheets.
  • Plastic.
  • Ceramics and tiles.
  • Glass and enamel.
  • Plaster and board.
  • Concrete, brick, stone, and other masonry materials.
What Materials Can a Hole Saw Cut Through

The 7 Best hole saw kit Reviews

Finding a good hole saw can be tricky, especially with the multiple units out there. However, here is a look at the top 7 units that you should consider when you are looking for a good unit;

1. Milwaukee 49-22-4185 Hole Saw Kit.


  • Matrix II Bi-Metal Teeth.
  • Radiused Tooth Back reduces stress.
  • Fast chip removal.
  • Weight14.62 pounds
  • Positive Rake Angle.
  • Functional Slot Geometry.
  • Stainless Steel Material.

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What We Loved

  • Lightweight design.
  • Ice-hardened for sturdiness and durability.
  • Excellent wood hole saw kit.
  • Comes with 22 hole saws in different sizes.
  • Very easy to use, hence ideal pick for beginners.
  • Positive Rake Angle offers fast cutting.
  • Radiused Tooth Back cuts down stress on teeth.
  • Comes with a sturdy case.

What Could Be Better

  • Somewhat costlier than other saw kits.
  • Disassembling the cutter with fixture can be challenging.


This saw stands among the best hole saw for cutting stainless steel , and it can offer you excellent usability while giving you an easy time when handling it.

If you thought the 11 saws included in the previous product were many, you need to think twice. This one comes with 22 hole saws that are typically more than enough to handle your project needs. Now, what makes them even a better pick is the fact that they have been ice-hardened.

In general, the saw kit is meant to serve you for long while remaining strong enough for your projects. Furthermore, the saws come with deep gullets that let you make super-deep cut hole saw with ease. We also have to mention that the saw comes with Matrix II bi metal hole saw with Metal Teeth for enhanced longevity.

The best part is that getting started with this saw kit is very easy. You won’t even need a guide to using it. For that reason, the saw would be a good pick for beginners.

The positive rake angle and radiuses tooth back are other features that make this a good pick for your projects. These features help to enhance fast cutting and reduce stress on the teeth, respectively. Don’t forget that the saw is lightweight for easy and comfortable handling.


If you are a beginner and you want a good Milwaukee hole saw kit without minding the price tag, this fella would suit you best. It doesn’t disappoint in its delivery at all.

2. Greenlee 660 Hole Saw Kit (Kwik 7-Piece).


  • Quickly Cuts stainless steel.
  • Quick Change arbor.
  • Cutting range: 5/8″ to 3″.
  • Removable cutter heads.
  • Prevents over-drilling by Flange stop.
  • Precision carbide teeth.

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What We Loved

  • Strong carbide quality for cutting holes in metal.
  • Push button for an easy start and stop.
  • Comes with hex key and a quick-change auger.
  • It features a flange stop.
  • Replaceable, cobalt-steel pilot drill is included.
  • Spilled-point tip included.

What Could Be Better

  • The gullets are typically shallow.
  • Some people think the 5 hole saws are limited.


Do you want the best hole saw for metal? Here is one recommendation for you. This fella is made with high-quality material that can easily handle your metal or even hardwood projects with ease.

It comes with strong carbide teeth that eat through the metal pieces without a problem. You will have an easy time working with this unit since it comes with some features to enhance its delivery. There is a flange stop that will prevent over-drilling.

You get 5 cutter heads, along with a hex key and arbor. All these come in a nice case for easy storage and portability. Also, there is a replaceable cobalt-steel pilot drill that comes with a split-point tip that will prevent walking as you work on your projects.

We won’t forget to mention the ejector spring that comes on all sizes above ¾-inch. With this, you will have an easy time when removing the slug.

What about the ease of use? Without any doubt, this fella comes with a mechanism that makes it very easy to use. There is a push button that lets you start and stop it without breaking a sweat.


If you strictly need a metal hole saw, you will find it reliable enough. It only comes with five, very strong carbide hole saw kit with teeth that drill through stainless steel with ease.

3. Bosch HB25M 25-Piece Metal hole saw kit.


  • Both wood and metal applications.
  • Easy plug removal.
  • Features a reinforced shoulder.
  • Cuts faster and more precisely.
  • Higher heat resistance.
  • Thread-less design.
  • lock design minimize the wobble.

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What We Loved

  • Reinforced shoulder for sturdiness.
  • It comes with a universal hole saw system.
  • Made with 8% cobalt alloy for sturdiness and heat-resistance.
  • Comes with 4 small adapters.
  • It is easy and quick to change arbor.
  • Progress teeth design.

What Could Be Better

  • The largest saw size is only 3 inches.
  • The pilot could be longer.


The convenience of this hole saw is one to point out. It is also strong and would make best metal cutting hole saw.

The design of the Bosch hole saw arbor is one of a kind. This one comes with a reinforced shoulder that added strength and long life. A positive lock is also on board to cut down the wobble. Along with that, you get alternating teeth sizes that enhance the performance of the saw. This helps you to cut faster and even handle prolonged use without a problem.

By the way, this saw kit works with standard or the quick-change arbors, which is a good thing. There is a pilot bit that will span easily into the mandrel. This is why the hole saw kit can easily handle metal and wood applications.

We won’t fail to mention the 8% cobalt alloy that makes the saw strong and heat-resistant. And yes, this also enhances its lifespan. Here, you get 11 hole saws to serve you with your multiple projects.

The thread-less design will prevent the seizing up in the mandrel, which we thought was a good feature.


If you need the best hole saw for stainless steel, this would be a decent pick for you. It can also handle hardwoods and other high-demanding projects with ease. Luckily, it is a saw that is very easy to use.

4.  LENOX Tools Hole Saw Kit.


  • Designed for easy plug ejection.
  • Up to 2X the life in metal cutting.
  • Weight11.23 pounds.
  • Increased wall thickness.
  • Tooth design penetrates metal.
  • Larger, sharper teeth for faster cutting.

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What We Loved

  • Built to last longer while staying strong.
  • Removing the plugs is easy breezy.
  • Thick walls prevent tooth loss.
  • Optimized tooth design to penetrate metal with ease.
  • Bi-Metal material makes it strong for handling high-demanding projects.

What Could Be Better

  • It only comes with two arbors.
  • It doesn’t come cheaply.


For those that value durability more than anything in a power tool, this hole saw would suit them well. It has been made to last for long enough while delivering accordingly.

This monster is made for twice durability and longer life compared to the previous LENOX saws. This is a Bi-Metal Hole Saw that features the T3 technology, which enhances its durability in general. Besides that, it has been made to drill deeper while minimizing tooth loss.

The teeth design is meant to penetrate metal without any problem. Here, you get a total of 20 different hole saws that deliver hole sizes from ¾ to 4-3/4 inches. So, we think this is the best hole saw for cutting thick metal.

There is a speed slot staircase design that assures you of easy plug ejection. Keep in mind that the saw comes with thick walls, which are the ones that prevent tooth loss.

Plus, the saw has been made to remove sawdust and chips easily to prevent the plugs from getting stuck.


If you are in search of a good hole saw that can work on your high-demanding projects and you don’t mind spending a little more, this one would be a good pick for you. The delivery is superb, though you should prepare to pay some good money for it. Also, it would be a good mason hole saw if you need one.

5.  DEWALT D180005 14-Piece Hole Saw Kit.


  • High-speed steel height.
  • Double-tooth design.
  • Weight 0.01 ounces.
  • Hardened backing plates.
  • Door lock kit utilizes C-clamp design.
  • Two adjustable bushings.
  • Deep-cut style hole saw.

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What We Loved

  • Durable 14-inch saw parts for durability.
  • 11 different saws with different sizes for versatility.
  • Hardened backing plates prevent thread stripping and saw warping.
  • The saws come with deep-cut style for enhanced versatility and efficiency.
  • Double-tooth design makes it extra robust.
  • Features some replacement parts.

What Could Be Better

  • Not the best pick for metal.
  • Some people thought it was slightly costly (it might not seem expensive to you).


Starting up on the list with a DeWalt hole saw kit. If you have been using power tools for a long time, you must recognize this as one of the leading brands out there. This unit is designed for versatility or any other demanding project.

The saw kit comes with multiple bits for you to use in different applications. For that reason, you can use the saw in different applications, including electrical works, plumbing, door-lock installation, or other DIY projects.

There are 11 hole saws that come in different sizes, and each of them features a double-tooth design that assures you of strength and longevity. Plus, you get the saws with a special deep-cut geometry that delivers fast and effective cutting.

Also, there are hardened backing plates that help to prevent thread stripping, which then assures you of a long life.

We loved the small and large quick-change mandrels on the saw kit. This will give you an easy time when setting it up. Oh, and the saw kit also comes with some replacement parts for extra reliability.


This would be a great pick if you have some wood projects at home or in any other professional applications. It is meant to serve you for a long time and comes with some replacement parts too, Just not suitable for metal applications.

6.  Diablo DHS14SGP 14 Piece Hole Saw Kit.


  • For Drilling wood, plastic,  aluminum, metal/stainless steel.
  • 60 mm (2-3/8 in.) cutting depth.
  • Weight6.6 pounds.
  • Snap-lock Plus mandrel system.
  • Tool-free plug ejection.
  • Faster cuts with less vibration.

More photos & price on Amazon.com

What We Loved

  • Sturdy construction that lasts long.
  • Bi-Metal saws cut through wood, plastic, and metal.
  • Easy to change the saws with the Snap-Lock system.
  • Universal mandrel design.
  • Great price.
  • Tool-free plug ejection for removing material with ease.

What Could Be Better

  • The saw sizes onboard are not very common.
  • Not the best pick for a universal hole saw.


Last, but not least, is this one of the best hole saw kit for plumbers from a renowned brand, Diablo. This one would be the ideal pick if you have multiple projects to handle and you don’t want to purchase separate hole saws.

This fella comes with 10 Bi-Metal holes saw cups that will sink through any material with ease. In terms of the cutting depth, this one offers 2-3/8 inches, these 8 inch hole saws are deeper than most saws out there. The best part is that this can be done in a single pass. So yes, this saw will assure you of enhanced productivity.

There is a Snap-lock Plus mandrel system, which includes a mandrel, pilot bit, and threaded adaptors. By the way, the mandrel on this saw is a one-size-fits-all unit that proves to be extra reliable. There is a tool-free plug ejection that assures you of fast material removal after you drill holes on work-pieces.

You’ll love the quality construction of this saw. It has been made to serve you for long while taking care of multiple materials with ease. Nevertheless, there are some less-than-common saw sizes, which means that it might also not be the universal hole saw as such.


If you need a strong hole saw that can handle your high-demanding projects with ease, this diablo hole saw kit wouldn’t be a bad choice. It is strong and very durable and comes in at a very decent price point.

7. Tacklife Hole Saw Kit.


  • High speed steel teeth.
  • For soft wood, thin PVC board, plastic.
  • Not for metal.
  • ABS Material.
  • Impact resistance, wear resistance.
  • Weight2 pounds.

More photos & price on Amazon.com

What We Loved

  • Comes at a super-low price.
  • Carbon steel material for longevity.
  • Small storage case for easy portability.
  • Best choice for DIYers.
  • Generally easy to use.

What Could Be Better

  • It’s not the best pick for metal or hardwood.
  • It may not handle high-demanding jobs effectively.


There are multiple projects that require a good hole saw to deliver handle them. Tack life understands that clearly, which is why they bring you this amazing hole saw that is meant to handle your projects.

This saw is made of carbon steel and it is heat-treated to assure you of a durable unit for excellent delivery. It comes with high-speed teeth that assure you of clean and fast cuts. Ideally, this would be the best hole saw kit for wood, plastic, and thin PVC board. It is not the right choice for metal.

There are 12 carbon steel saws in this kit, along with two mandrels, one installation plate, one hex wrench, and one hex key. You get it in a nice plastic storage case that is well organized for easy portability.

The multiple saws in this kit will deliver different cutting depths, which makes it a good choice for those multiple applications. Generally, the saw kit will deliver hole sizes that range from 0.75 inches to 5 inches.


If you are a DIYer and you are on a low budget, you would find this saw kit reliable enough. We would say this is the best budget hole saw.

What are the Uses of Hole Saw Kits?

Holes saw kits come with an annular-shaped blade that is designed to cut rough holes with precision in different materials. Some of the common uses of hole saw kits include the following;

  • Installation of door hardware
  • Light fixture installation
  • Installation of drainage pipes
  • Connecting already installed pipes
  • Cutting vents in masonry
  • Cutting holes for electrical cables and wiring

They are used to make precise holes in different materials and surfaces.

Buying Guide

So, those are the top 7 hole saws that we thought would be a good pick for you. If you want the best unit, ensure that you weight your project needs to your preferences.

That being said, here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a good hole saw:

Best hole saw kit buying guide by toolscritics


The first thing to consider is the material used to make the hole saw. How will this impact your projects? Generally, the material used will determine if the saw will be strong enough to handle your project without a problem

For instance, steel hole saws are best suited for drilling fiberglass, wood, PVC, or aluminum. On the other hand, cobalt hole saws work well for aluminum and stainless steel materials. This is because cobalt is known to dissipate heat faster.

You should go for black oxide-coated or titanium-coated steel hole saws for PVC, fiberglass, and hard or softwoods. However, carbide-tipped hole saws are the perfect choice for masonry and drilling tile since they stay sharp for long.

All in all, choose the right material that can handle your project accordingly.

Available Size

Another thing to consider is the sizes available in the hole saw kit. If you will be drilling a hole of the same size too often, then there is no need for going for a 20-piece kit. Before you buy the hole saw kit, check the saw sizes available and consider the ones that you need most.

If it is for multiple applications, then there must be many saws in the kit. Generally, ensure that the sizes available in the kit are exactly what you will need for your project.

Arbor Shank Size

The arbor shank is very important in a hole saw. It is also called an arbor shaft, and it is the bit that is placed into the drill used to connect it to your hole saw.

Too many times, you can find units that come with additional collar with a large arbor shank, which is meant for the large hole saws. With that, it would be a good pick since they will offer a secure connection to the large saw.

But, you still need to ensure that the arbor shank is compatible with your drill. If possible, test it before you buy or check what other users are saying about it.


It is always important to work with a unit that is durable enough to handle your projects without a problem. This should be considered in terms of the construction of the unit itself. Choose a hole saw that is of a high-quality for it to last for long without breaking down.

Ease Of Use

You also want to choose a unit that gives you an easy time when using, especially when getting started and when dismantling it. Don’t forget to consider the ease of removing the plugs from the saw.Ensure that you know how to use a hole saw in a right way

Above all, consider if the hole saw is corded or cordless and if it has enough replacement parts for extra efficiency. Remember to go for a saw from a reputable brand, and one that falls in your budget bracket.


What Materials Are Hole Saws Made Of?  

Ans. Hole saws are made of tools steels of different types, including high-speed steel (HSS) and carbon steel. Also, they are commonly made from bi-metals that make them more durable and harder.

What is the best hole saw kit for electricians?

Ans. As an electrician, Bosch electricians hole saw set always recommended to ensure a reliable hole saw kit that will let you handle your projects with ease. That being said, Bosch 25-Piece HB25M is the best hole saw kit for electrician, it offers a stable and reliable source of power, it is durable enough, and comes from a reputable brand. Also, the kit should come with a variety of drill bits to let you handle different projects and applications with ease.

Will a diamond hole saw cut steel?

Ans. Diamond-edge hole saws are considered strong and hard enough to cut through hard materials, including steel. However, they are not the best choice for cutting hardened stainless steel since they get clogged with steel.

What is an arbor hole saw?

Ans. This is simply a saw blade of a ring shape, which comes with a pilot drill bit at the center to prevent the saw teeth from walking.

How do you hook up a hole saw?

Ans. It is usually simple. First off, you need to choose a powerful drill of at least 14V, then connect the drill to the chuck arbor. After that, attach the hole saw to the pilot drill, and finalize it by locking the hole saw. Nevertheless, ensure that you follow the user instruction of the saw you bought.

How do you use a 6 hole saw?

Ans. The process of using a 6 inch hole saw is typically similar to any other hole saw. But you should follow the user guide for you to achieve the best results.


So, there goes our best hole saw kit reviews. By now, we are confident that you will choose the right hole saw for your project and get the results as needed. Just make sure you follow the user guide and maintain all safety precautions at all times.

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