How To Sharpen A ChainSaw [Quick Expert’s Guideline]

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Is your chain saw blade dull? If it is, You are in right place, Here we will be discussing how to sharpen a chainsaw in this article. the only solution is to sharpen it because replacing it would be too expensive. Read on to learn more

Understanding the Chain Anatomy

How To Sharpen A ChainSaw

Before you even think of making the chain saw blade sharp and able to easily slice through large wood pieces or trees, it is important to understand the anatomy. Generally, there are three parts of the chain saw blade that will be sharpened.

  • Semi-circular cutting edges
  • A depth-gauge fin, and
  • The cutters

The cutters are the teeth of the saw, and they are located on the loop. You will find angles ground on the cutters, which will change from right to left to ensure that the saw cuts straight. There is a depth-gauge fin that is shaped like a shark’s fin. With the depth-gauge fin, it is placed in front of each cutter, and it determines how deep the cutter digs into the wood.

You can sharpen the semicircular cutting edges and reshape them using a round file. Make sure that the round file has the same diameter as the semicircular cutting edges to get the best results.

While sharpening the chain saw can be effective, it might not be the best option in every situation. For instance, after you sharpen the cutters one too many times, they might be level with the depth gauges. You should know that the depth gauges tips are normally shorter than the tip of the cutter. So, when they are the same level, the chain saw might not cut through wood as you expect.

In this case, you might have to replace the whole chain or have it professionally sharpened.

Tools Needed

Before you start, you must ensure that you are equipped with the right chainsaw. Here is what you must have before you get started;

  1. 1A round-file. This will be used for sharpening the cutters.
  2. 2File guide. The file guide will hold the round file at an even depth while you are sharpening the cutters.
  3. 3Flat file. This will help you to lower the depth gauges if need be.
  4. 4Depth-gauge guide. For leveling depth gauge.

Just make sure that you don’t use a rattail file on your cutters. A standard rattail file has a tapered diameter and coarse teeth, which will ruin the cutters of your chain.

Step by Step Process of How To Sharpen A ChainSaw

Even though the cutters on a chainsaw look complex, it is not difficult as such to sharpen them. As long as you have the proper supplies, you can pull it off in just about 10 minutes.

Make sure you have the proper pair of gloves and a designated filing kit for chainsaws. If everything is in place, here is how you should go about it;

  1. 1Engage the brake of the chain saw to prevent it from running
  2. 2Clamp the bar lightly in a vice for easy sharpening of the clutter. Don’t tighten the vice lest you damage the bar.
  3. 3Place the file guide between the rivets on the chain. Make sure the arrows on the guide point towards the nose of the bar.
  4. 4Follow the top plate angle of the cutter. Here, the rollers on the file guide will prevent you from going too deep into the cutter’s side plate.
  5. 5Start filling the cutters by making even strokes on each of them using the round file. Ideally, make two or three strokes on each cutter until they are silver shiny.
  6. 6When you have sharpened most of the cutters on one side, flip the chainsaw around to sharpen the other section of cutters.
  7. 7At this point, the depth-gauge guide and flat-file will come in handy. Use these tools to adjust the height of the depth gauges. Remember that the cutters won’t reach the wood if the depth gauges are too high.

That’s pretty much all that you need to do when it comes to sharpening the chainsaw. Remember that a rattail file should never be used on your cutters because they can cause some serious damage.

When Should I Sharpen My Chainsaw?

If you ask people out there, they may give you different opinions on when you should sharpen the chainsaw. Some say that you should sharpen it whenever you are changing the fuel. This is not wrong at all. However, it is not the only strategy.

The best way to know if it is time to sharpen the chainsaw is to check the waste material from the saw cuts. If the saw cuts are in the dust, then it is time to sharpen the chainsaw. However, if you get chips, it means that the cutters are still sharp and don’t need re-sharpening. To know detailed information about the best cordless electric chainsaw you can check our review article. If you want the best quality at a low price you can check some of the best chainsaw under $200 list. Surely it will make you satisfied.

Basically, a dull chain will rill only slide in the cut instead of deepening it. As a result, you will get dust from the saw cuts. But a sharp chain will cut and use less force on the bar, which is why you will get chips from the saw cuts of sharp cutters.

Final verdict

Keep in mind that a dull chain is dangerous because it can easily lead to a kickback. To ensure your chainsaw stays long without the need for a re-sharpening, make sure that you keep it away from the dirt as you are using it. Dirt tends to reduce the sharpness of the saw gradually.

Always follow the proper safety tips when handling the chainsaw.

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