5 Alternatives of How to Cut Wood Without a Saw

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How to Cut Wood Without a Saw

Wood happens to be one of the most popular of Mother Nature’s gifts, and it is very essential in our lives. If you are a handy person, then you must acknowledge that wood is supposedly the most unavoidable material in the workshop.

Nevertheless, before you make that beautiful bench, stool, or any piece of furniture at home, you will need to cut some wood.

But what if there is no saw to do it. Does it mean that you cannot cut that wood piece? Of course not. On the contrary, it is still very possible to cut wood without a saw.

In this article, we will be exploring how to cut a piece of wood without a saw.

5 Major Alternatives of How To Cut Wood Without A Saw

Sow how can you cut wood without a saw? How is that possible? Well, that depends on the tool you are using. Interestingly, these tools have been right before your eyes all along, and you probably use some every day.

Here is a look at the alternatives if you want to know how to cut through wood without a saw;

1. Knife

You can cut wood without a saw using a knife, but there is a catch here. The knife must be super sharp for it to cut smoothly.

Usually, a sharp knife is the best remedy of how to cut through wood without a saw. Just keep in mind that the knife is not an immediate substitute for a saw. Also, it requires a little manipulation for it to work effectively.

Never try cutting wood with a dull knife as it will only frustrate you for no reason. If the knife isn’t sharp enough, find a file and sharpen it accordingly. Another thing to remember is that the knife will not work effectively when you are cutting thick wood pieces. In other words, use a knife only when cutting thin pieces of wood.

When cutting the thin wood pieces, slide the knife back and forth with even tempo and pressure for it not to slip and cause some injuries to your hand.

You can also cut the wood by digging out tiny bits with the tip. From there, you can snap the wood carefully into two and smoothen the rough edges with the knife.

2. Machete

A machete is another option for cutting wood without a saw. It must be very sharp for it to deliver the expected results. We recommend using the sharp machete on raw lumber. Just keep in mind that you won’t get clean cuts like what a saw delivers. 

To cut with the machete, start by drawing a line on the wood for you to have an easy time when cutting it. From there, you can make small cuts along the line with the machete. Ensure that you use it at a slanted angle. Repeat this step on each side of the wood until it breaks into two pieces.

If you have rough edges, use a knife or a machete to smoothen them.

3. Drilling Machine

Did you know that another way of how to cut wood without a table saw is by using a drilling machine? Well, these power tools that used to make holes in lumber, but they can also do some cutting on the wood pieces.

When using a drilling machine, start by drawing a line over the section of the wood you wish to cut. After that, simply make perforations along the line. Repeat this process until the wood is weakened and breakable into two pieces.

4. Ax

An ax is among the oldest tools used to cut wood. As usual, the ax must be sharp enough for it to cut the wood pieces efficiently. Again, you will need to draw a line along with the wood before you start cutting. Before you start cutting with the ax, ensure that the wood is on a firm foundation. You can use a tree stump, which should be high enough around the height of your waist.

With the ax, it is more suitable for cutting thick wood pieces like logs. It would be the best pick if you want to chunk wood pieces into manageable sizes.

You will need to have steady hands for you to hit the mark perfectly. If you are new to using an ax, try some practice to help you better your accuracy. For the first few strikes, you can try making a large V-notch in the wood. This helps to ease the effort of aiming and it also gives you a larger landing area for the blade.

You can flip the wood about halfway through the depth and start over on the other side of the wood.

5. Chisel

Another alternative is using a chisel. There is no exception here as the chisel must be sharp as well. With the chisel, ensure that you sharpen the edges using a file.

When using a chisel, place the wood on a firm and secure surface. Place the flat side against the surface of the wood while the bevel side is up. From there, proceed to carve the wood at a twenty-degree angle.

Generally, if you want an option of how to cut angles in wood without a miter saw, a chisel is the perfect solution. Make sure you use your dominant hand to hammer the chisel, and the non-dominant hand to hold on to it. Hit the chisel severally using a hammer, then clear the chipped wood away. If you are trying to cut thicker lumber, you may need to repeat the chipping process several times until you get your two desired pieces. 

Besides the above-mentioned alternatives, you can also use a plane, an electric router, or a lathe, to cut wood pieces without a saw. Regardless of the option you use, the blade or cutting device must be sharp enough for it to deliver excellent results.

You can always use a knife or machete to smoothen the rough edges.

Final Words

Now you know how to cut through wood without a saw. Whichever option you choose, you must make sure that you observe the necessary safety precautions. If it seems too complicated for you, leave it to a professional or handle the less delicate projects. 

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