6 Different Types of Band Saws & Their Uses (With Pictures)

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Different Types of Band Saws
Types of Band Saws

A band saw is one with a long blade, and it features a continuous band of metal with saw teeth. The saw teeth will be stretched between two or more wheels. Keep in mind that the blade will constantly rotate along with the wheels, almost like the vintage cassette tape.

As the blade is moving, there will be a small part of it that will be exposed to the cutting area. The blade will come up through the table’s flat surface. There is where the workpiece is moved into the saw to make the cuts

Different Types of Band Saws

Band saws come in different categories based on their purpose and structure. We will be looking at the different types of band saws based on the two categories.

Distinction by Purpose

1. Metal Band Saw

This is a band saw that is specifically designed for cutting through metal pieces. The saw resembles a large box, and it runs with a thin and fine blade that allows you to cut on metal.

Due to the size and nature of the blade, a metal band saw will be relatively slower than a wood band saw. Also, the blade of a metal band saw runs at a slower speed compared to a metal band saw. A metal band saw features unique inbuilt instruction, along with user instructions.

Furthermore, most of these saws will be loaded with a coolant, which will lubricate the system and keep it cool as it cuts through metal.

Metal band saws come in two categories;

Vertical band saw, which is used for making complex cutting tasks, such as making curves on metal pieces, and

Horizontal metal band saw that lets you make simple straight cuts on metal pieces. Also, the horizontal saw can be used to cut a large metal piece into smaller pieces.

2. Wood Band Saw

This is a type of band saw that is used for cutting timber and logs. It comes with a blade that is thick and coarse to let you slice through wood with ease. Generally, wood bandsaws come in different sizes.

The larger model is used for professional and heavy-duty projects

Furthermore, wood bandsaws are grouped into four categories;

A benchtop saw, which is the most popular and it comes with moderate power and a decent size. The best benchtop bandsaws would perfectly suit a homeowner or a DIY artist.

A resaw, which is used to cut timber into smaller sizes due to their tiny kerfs.

Head saw, which cine with large silver teeth on the blade for cutting hardwoods like cherry and oak, and

A double-cut saw that features cutting teeth on either side of the blade, and they are usually used for industrial-size bandsaws and table saws. They can also cut through metal and plastic pieces.

3. Meat Band Saw

As the name suggests, this one is used for cutting through chunks of meats and bones with ease. The table and some parts of the meat bandsaw will be made of stainless steel for cleaning ease and stain resistance.

Distinction by Structure

4. Horizontal Band Saw

This type of bandsaw is huge and costly. It comes with features that make it suitable for professional and industrial use.

The saw will cut down horizontally, so it isn’t the best pick for making shapes and curves. It will feature a clamp that holds material in place as the bench is lowered on the material by the hydraulics onboard. Due to the precision and power of this saw, it would be a good pick for cutting almost any large material. Some of the best horizontal band saw are made by DeWalt.

5. Vertical Band Saw

This one comes with a different operation mode as the material to be cut is moved against the running blade. All the other bandsaws work by lowering the saw to a locked material.

It works just like a sewing machine, where the tailor moves the fabric into the path of the needle. Since you only have to move the material against the blade, it makes a vertical bandsaw the most versatile type of bandsaw.

6. Portable Band Saw

If you are in need of the best portable band saws, then it means that you need a lightweight model that can be used anywhere other than a specific workstation. You can also get some portable band saws from DeWalt.

You can also watch the video to know more tips and tricks about band saw

Final Words

So I can expect you got a clear idea about Different Types of Band Saws and their specialties. Don’t forget to follow the safety precautions that you need most to keep yourself safe. Another thing, If you need to know anything about any band saws let me know in the comment section. I would love to share my knowledge and experiences with you about band saws.

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