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Chop saw Vs Miter saw

If you want to know the main difference between Chop Saw VS Miter Saw you are in the right place. Today I’m gonna show you some main differences between them. In terms of appearance and design, a miter saw and chop saw don’t have such a massive difference. And while they might look similar, they do differ in several aspects.

Both these saws come with a rotating circular blade that is hooked up to a pivoting arm. Also, both of them are the tabletop version.

Chop Saw VS Miter Saw- The Major Differences

There is more to learn about the differences between the chop saw and miter saw. That being said, here is a chop saw vs miter saw comparison article to help you get the differences.

The Chop Saw 

Chop saw by toolscritics

This is a metal cutting chop saw that features an abrasive spinning blade that is mounted on a pivoting arm. Instead of having teeth, the blade/disc comes with a diamond coating that is used for abrasion.

Since a chop saw cannot pivot right or left, it will only deliver a maximum angle cut at 90 degrees. Most people prefer using a chop saw when working on robust materials. They tend to come in larger than miter saws and tend to produce a lot of sparks when working on some materials. That is why you should never have anything combustible lying around when using a chop saw.

Uses of a Chop Saw

Mostly, chop saws will be used in masonry, metal, composite, and wood applications. You can use a chop saw to slice through lumber with embedded nails. That is why it is commonly found on construction sites.

It possesses excellent power and can deliver precise cuts with a toothless cutting disc. For It’s extraordinary metal cutting ability people call it Metal cutting saw.

Chop Saw

The Good

  • Excellent power output
  • Works with precision
  • They can cut through any material
  • Very efficient
  • Ideal for handling demanding projects

The Not-So-Good

  • They can be heavy
  • Only cut 90-degree angles

Steel Cutting Chop Saw

The Miter Saw

Miter saw details by toolscritics

This is a saw that comes with a vertical circular blade that is also mounted on a pivot arm, just like a chop saw. It swivels to cut angles and the blade can swing to the right or left to make bevel, compound, and miter cuts with ease. The blade on a miter saw will be between 8 inches and 12 inches in size.

With corded or cordless miter saws, they tend to come with a smaller size compared to chop saws. Keep in mind that some miter saws can swing either to the left or right to minimize the need for flipping the material that you are working on. In other words, some models come with a dual bevel.

Uses of a Miter Saw

Normally, miter saws will be used for complex cut projects. For that, they will mostly be used for detail work in the crown and base moldings. But they can also be used in making door and window frames since they make very precise cuts. It would be better if you learn first how to use a miter saw.

If you are not using the saw for steel, you can select it with peace of mind.


The Good

  • It can make compound, miter, and bevel cuts with ease
  • Safe to use
  • Highly portable efficient
  • Cuts with precision
  • Quite efficient

The Not-So-Good

  • Not strong enough for metal and masonry projects

How Do They Differ?

The major difference between these saws is that a miter saw can spin and deliver angle cuts as well. On the other hand, a chop saw only delivers straight, 90-degree cuts. Another difference is that a chop saw is larger and more powerful than a miter saw.

Conclusion: Which one should you choose?

Within Chop Saw VS Miter Saw, you should pick the saw that specifically meets your project needs. If you are a DIYer and you need a tool to handle projects around the house, you should go with a miter saw. But for the professionals that have heady-duty projects, a chop saw should be the ideal tool. It is recommended to use good quality miter saw stand while using both these saw.

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