How to Cut Wood Slices with Chainsaw [ 9 Easy Steps ]

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A chainsaw is best suited for cutting wood slices of various sizes at home. The corded chainsaw can allow you to cut both large and small pieces of wood to suit your DIY projects at home. With a chainsaw, you’ll be able to cut wood slices for making furniture like tabletops, decorations, and coasters.

Additionally, a chainsaw makes it simple, fast, and safe for you to cut wood slices from a log, stump, or a large chunk of wood. The secret lies in making even and level cuts. Luckily, using several tips and tricks, you can learn how to cut wood slices with chainsaw – while maintaining your safety.  

Items You’ll Require

  • Protecting clothing (including thick gloves, mask, and goggles)
  • Chainsaw
  • A large chunk of wood or tree

9 Easy Steps: How to Cut Wood Slices Using a Chainsaw

A few steps you can follow when cutting wood slices using your Best budget chainsaw.

 are highlighted below.

Step One: Ensure Protective Gear.

When cutting wood slices with a chainsaw, the first and most important step is to ensure you have worn your protective gear. When working with a sharp tool like a chainsaw, acting like a tough guy will only harm you. Always wear all the necessary protective gear, including a mask, goggles, and thick gloves.

Step Two: Ensure the Side of the Log.

The second step is to ensure the side of the log you’re to cut is raised above the ground six to seven inches. Here, you can position scrap wood underneath the side you intend to slice. Doing so makes cutting with your chainsaw easy and will prevent your chainsaw from hitting the ground. Alternatively, you can use a sawhorse or a log jack to raise the log off the ground.

Step Three: Checking Your Saw.

The third step involves checking your saw. Here, you must ensure that your chainsaw is in the perfect state for the work you intend to carry out. Start by checking whether your chainsaw’s fuel is sufficient to complete the work. You wouldn’t want your chainsaw to go off in the middle of a cut.

Additionally, ensure you try out your chainsaw by cutting a small piece of wood. Doing so will enable you to notice any problem or difficulty that your chainsaw is experiencing when cutting. Ultimately, you’ll know if your chainsaw is in good condition to finish the job you intend to do or not. This will allow you to repair it accordingly to make it easy to complete the task.

Step Four: Clearing the Workspace.

The fourth step involves you clearing the workspace and positioning yourself ready for the cut. Here, you must create enough space for you to move around when cutting using your chainsaw. Besides, ensure that nobody will approach your working area from behind as this can distract you when cutting. Such distraction can be disastrous for both yourself and the individual approaching you. 

In this step, the bottom line is to position yourself in a comfortable posture while working. The right posture to take is to keep your legs spread wide apart. You should separate your legs from one another at the same distance as your shoulder. Doing so will provide your upper body stability and sufficient support to perform the task with ease.

Step Five: Identify the Unsuitable Parts of the Log.

In step five, you’ll need to identify the unsuitable parts of the log you have to avoid cutting. Some sections of the wood will contain knots that normally have a blemish that is circular and darker.

When cutting using your chainsaw, you must avoid cutting through such knots. There are several reasons for not cutting through such knots. However, the main reason is that knots are often hardened than other parts of the log. Such hardened areas can be disastrous for you and your chainsaw.

Step Six: Ensure you Marked Precisely.

Ensure you mark precisely where you’ll be cutting your slices. When cutting wood slices using your chainsaw, there isn’t room for inaccuracy. Even though the thickness of the slices depends on you, ensure you use your measuring tape to determine the precise thickness you want. Therefore, you’ll need a permanent marker to mark the lines you’ll use to cut your wood slices.

Step Seven: Choose the Cutting Method.

At this stage, you’ll need to choose the cutting method to apply. First, you use an over-bucking method that involves cutting wood slices from the top while the rest rests on the ground. Second, you can apply the log supported on both ends method where the log is supported on sawhorses or scrap wood. This method is mainly applied when cutting the middle of the log. Third, you may use the log supported on one end method whereby one side of the log remains the ground, and the other is supported on a sawhorse. You can research your cordless chainsaw reviews to find out which method suits your needs.

Step Eight: Hold Your Chainsaw Firmly.

Another important thing you should always do is to ensure you hold your chainsaw firmly with both your hands. Ensure you keep your left thumb at the front handle. Then, switch your chainsaw on and slowly direct it to the log.

Step Nine: Relocate the First Slice.

If you were interested in cutting one wood slice, then at this point, you’re done. However, if you want more wood slices, you’ll have to relocate the first slice and follow the steps again to cut the others. This way, you can cut as many wood slices as you want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q-1. How do you cut even wood slices?

Ans. Maintain the length of the wood you’re cutting in all the wood slices you intend to cut. Also, you can lay all the pieces on a flat surface, square the ends, and clamp all of them together. Then, measure and make marks and cut all the pieces simultaneously.

Q-2. How do you cut thin wooden rounds?

Ans. Begin by determining the width of the log using your tape measure from the chainsaw blade. Then, clamp your wood log tightly in position and finally cut your thin wooden rounds. The secret here is to ensure the woodblock does not move while you cut.

Q-3. How do you cut tree branches into slices?

Ans. Start by cutting your branches into half-inch thick pieces using your chainsaw and try to maintain them as evenly as you can.  Then, sand each of the wood slices you have just cut using grit paper. Finally, cleanse the pieces and apply clear varnish on the front, back and sides.

Final Words

So here are the steps of how to cut wood slices with chainsaws easily. Remember one thing, must follow the safety precaution before using the chainsaw. If you still need anything to know please let me know in the comment section. I always love to help people.

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