How to Fold A Bandsaw Blade – 5 Useful & Easy Steps

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In terms of length, a bandsaw has possibly the longest blade out of other power saws on the market.

As a result, it is recommended to store the blade of your bandsaw safely to assure you of tool longevity and protection. It also prevents any possible injury.

Before you can securely store the bandsaw blade, you should know how to fold it appropriately. Generally, it is impossible to store even a portable bandsaw without folding it first. Even if you need it to be sharpened by a professional, you will have to fold it first before you set it to the sharpening expert.

But the challenge comes in folding the blade. It might not be as straightforward as such. However, with the right procedure, it is easy-peasy to fold a bandsaw blade.

That being said, here is a look at how to fold a bandsaw blade in 5 easy steps.

How to Fold a Bandsaw Blade – 5 Easy Steps

What you will need

  • A bandsaw blade
  • A pair of non-hollowed gloves
  • A pair of good-quality boots

What Next?

Now that you have the required accessories, it should be time to start folding the bandsaw blade. Here is a look at how you should go about it.

First Step: Work on an ideal surface

Clearly, the bandsaw blade is long and big. You will therefore need to find a space that is enough to accommodate it without much fuss. Here, check that the surface is non-slippery and even as well. Working on such a surface will prevent the blade from slipping or you (the operator) from getting injured.

Second Step: Wear the right gloves

We have mentioned that the gloves used to fold the bandsaw blade shouldn’t have any holes. They should be of good quality to prevent you from any possible injury. Don’t try to fold the blade without wearing gloves. Even a dull bandsaw blade is still dangerous.

Third Step: Make the first loop

Now that your hands and fingers are safely protected inside the gloves, you can make the first loop on the blade by holding it securely on the floor with your hand. While at it, check that the teeth of the blade are facing away from you.

From there, try to bend it to create the first loop for folding. This should be done when the blade is still lying flat on the ground.

Fourth Step: Make the second loop

After making the first loop, put your foot in there as you hold the blade firmly on the floor. Here is where the good-quality boots come in. You should never step on the blade with your bare feet, flip-flops, or low-quality shoes.

Hold one end of the blade on the surface and fold it to make a second loop.

Fifth Step: Wrap it up

As you make the loops, ensure that you use enough strength to fold the edge while the teeth of the blade is facing away from you. Lower your back gradually as you put pressure on the blade. This will make the blade to start coiling.

And that is generally how to fold bandsaw blade in 5 easy steps. Very simple and straightforward. Even though it doesn’t require any special skills and knowledge, you will need to apply enough strength to it. Unless you are sure of possessing enough power to fold up the bandsaw blade, you shouldn’t try it.


Q. When should a bandsaw blade be folded?

Ans. Normally, a bandsaw blade will need to be folded when you need to store it or sharpen it. Either way, it is important to fold the bandsaw blade when not in use.

Q. Can a bandsaw blade be turned inside out?

Ans. Yes, it can. To do this, just follow the procedure we have highlighted in this article. Basically, you only need to step on the bottom of the blade and turn it inside out.


So, how easy is it to fold a bandsaw blade? Very easy. Just ensure that you apply enough strength while folding it and wear the right (heavy) gloves. Safety boots are also recommended for the protection of your feet.

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