Electric Vs Gas Pole Saw – Which Is Best for Your Garden?

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If you have a yard at home, gardening is one of the things that you must carry out from one time to another. Gardening, in this case, entails multiple duties, including planting trees, trimming and pruning them, cutting grass, trimming bushes, and many more.

Now, all these duties can be carried out using specific tools. A pole saw, for example, is one of the common garden tools used out there. Pole saws come in two major types; electric and gas.

In this article, we shall be discussing electric vs gas pole saw to help you find the one that suits your gardening needs perfectly.

Definition of a Pole Saw

Before we dive deep into the type of pole saws, let’s first understand what this power tool is. A pole saw is a chainsaw that is attached to a long stick or pole. They come in two major types;

  • Electric Pole Saw
  • Gas Pole Saw

Electric Pole Saw

The electric pole saw is powered by electricity, and you’ll have to plug it into a power outlet for it to run. Usually, they are equipped with a 7-amp motor, which will run the saw. Along with blades that range between 6 and 10 inches.

One plus side of an electric pole saw is that it is lightweight and quite easy to maneuver. But on the negative side, the extension cord will limit the movement around and maximum reach. They are the best pick for amateur gardeners for keeping gardens clean and appealing.

Gas Pole Saw

With the gas pole saws, they run on gasoline, which powers the engine. Most gardeners prefer working with a gas pole saw because of their power and performance. They can easily cut through thick timers to save you time and effort.

On the negative side, the gas pole saws are heavy and can be loud too.

Electric Vs Gas Pole Saw: Which Pole Saw is Best for Your Garden?

When you want to choose the perfect pole saw for your garden, it is important to consider the different applicable factors. The main rule of thumb is choosing a pole saw that fulfills your demands on average. But here are other factors that you should consider;

Which is More Powerful?

A gas-powered pole saw is heavy-duty and powerful, which allows it to handle thick materials with ease. If you have large tree trunks to cut, a gas-powered model will be your ideal companion. But they also demand proper control and operation, which an amateur might not possess.

But experienced gardeners can operate them with ease. All in all, they are the most powerful of all pole saws. Electric pole saws would suit you if you want to handle the basic home garden pruning and trimming jobs.

Energy Efficiency

If we were to choose between an electric and a gas pole saw, in terms of energy efficiency, we would directly go for the electric-powered pole saw.

An electric-powered pole saw is environmentally friendly, and it isn’t harmful to your health. Gas-powered pole saws consume a lot of energy and can cause damage to the environment.

Hobbyist gardeners often prefer working with an electric pole saw, whereas professionals opt for gas-powered pole saws for handling bulk projects.

Ease of Use

Electric pole saws are lightweight and generally easy to use. They make minimal noise, and they don’t vibrate too much. Furthermore, they don’t kick back too often as they run. They also let you maneuver around easily and require minimal effort when operating them.

Conversely, the gas-powered pole saws are heavy and somewhat difficult for an amateur. Beginners will also have a challenge when controlling the gas pole saws. Furthermore, gas-powered models require constant repair/maintenance, and you’ll also need to refill the fuel tank frequently.

Cost Efficiency

You should consider the cost efficiency of the pole saw before you purchase. Electric pole saws will be more costly when you first purchase them, but they save you maintenance and operational costs. On the other hand, gas-powered pole saws are cheaper to buy, but they cost a lot of money to operate and maintain.

Here, decide the one that works best for you.

Which is More Flexible?

If you have a garden with multiple trees, you might want a pole saw that can trim the branches, prune twigs, and even cut some logs in the backyard.

In that case, a gas-powered pole saw would be the perfect pick. This is because the gas-powered models can easily reach any place without the limitation of the power cord. But you will have to ensure that there is enough supply of fuel if you plan to work for a long time with the pole saw. If you have some light-duty projects, you can invest in a battery-powered pole saw.


Q. Can I cut down a tree with a pole saw?

Ans. Generally, a pole saw is meant to trim the limbs and branches of a tree. For the thick wood, a pole saw might not be the best option. The results might not be reliable enough.

Q. How much reach can the pole saw offers?

Ans. On average, a pole saw can offer up to around 14-ft, along with an extendable pole for extra reach.

Final Words

We cannot straight out point out a specific pole saw that will be perfect for you. Rather, you have to choose one that meets your requirements. This is based on power delivery, flexibility, cost-efficiency, as well as ease of use. However, an electric pole saw would be the perfect pick if you want to save money in the long run and if you need to handle minor pruning and trimming jobs around the home. On the other hand, a gas-powered pole saw is more flexible, more powerful, and can handle just about any project in your garden.

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