How to Use A Concrete Saw? [ Just 3 Quick Steps to Follow ]

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If you are planning to create grooves and inlays into concrete slabs, a concrete saw is what would help you achieve that with ease. Specifically, a concrete cutoff saw or a walk-behind concrete saw would be the right pick in such a scenario.

You should decide if you need a concrete or asphalt blade. A diamond-tipped-blade would let you make both dry and wet cuts with ease.

Above all, you need to know how to use concrete saws properly. Luckily, that is what this article is about. Here, we will be giving you tips on how to make the most of concrete saw, and how to achieve the best delivery on your projects.

Let’s get on with it.

Step by Step Guideline of How To Use a Concrete Saw

Hope you already know that a concrete saw is ideal for patch repair, trenching, or concrete, and asphalt applications. If you are looking for the best concrete saw, you also need to ensure that you find the right blade. If you already purchased it, let’s learn how to use a concrete saw in the most effective way.

1. Installing The Blade

Assuming you have purchased your concrete saw at your disposal, you will need to fit in the blade for you to work on your concrete applications.

Here is how to install the blade on the concrete saw.

  • Start by removing the blade cover
  • Remove the arbor cap and slide the blade to the shaft
  • Put back the nut over the blade
  • Replace the blade cover

As you install the blade, ensure that you check for any flatness, under-cutting, core fatigue, or segment damage on the blade or arbor. Furthermore, ensure that the water tank hose is connected properly.

2. How To Saw Cut Concrete

Once you have installed the right blade for the job, you can then power up the saw.

Before you start the saw, ensure that the belt is perfectly tightened and that the bearings on the arbor shaft are well oiled.

  • Getting started with the saw;
  • Power up the engine
  • If you will be making wet cuts, open the water valve
  • Adjust the blade slowly to the ground, which should pull the device forward gradually.
  • Guide the saw slowly on your cutting line with the help of the cutting guide.
  • When cutting, consider step cutting for achieving the maximum cut depth.

Keep in mind that you need to operate the saw properly for you to get the best results.

3. Tips to Help You When Cutting Concrete

The best advice on how to cut concrete with the concrete saw is to follow the proper tips. Besides guiding it slowly along the cut line, here are other tips to help you;

  • Have Perfect Timing: Since wet concrete is difficult to cut and cured concrete can fracture when they are cut, it is advised to cut the concrete when it is hard and only half-cured.
  • Always Use the Right Blade: Usually, a diamond saw blade is the best choice.
  • Always use the right saw for the job. If you are working on a large job on the floor, you should go for a walk-behind saw (usually wet). But a hand-held saw would handle most concrete cutting jobs, and they can be dry or wet.
  • Deal with the Dust Appropriately: If you are a professional and you are using a dry concrete saw, ensure that it has a reliable dust extractor.
  • For electric saws, use a GFCI-protected extension cord. This will keep the saw safe from shocks, overloads, or power surges.
  • Mark your cuts with a chalk line or a crayon when working with wet concrete saws.
  • Put a duct tape strip along the bottom of the saw body, where it will run against the concrete. With this, you will keep the saw free from scratches.
  • Use a guide board along the outside of the chalk line for accurate cuts.
  • For the handheld saws, make a series of shallow cuts instead of one deep cut. You can then switch off the saw and increase the blade depth by 0.5-inch increments. Multiple shallow saws are sager since they offer you more control of the saw.
  • Avoid forcing the blade: You should always let the saw do the work. For you, you simply have to guide the saw in the direction of the cut. If you force the saw, it could overheat, which will make things even worse.
  • You can also watch the video to learn more tips.

Safety Tips

best Concrete Saw
  • Ensure you wear the right safety gear including eye protection and earmuffs. A face shield would also be a good idea.
  • Make sure there are no children or pets nearby before you start using the concrete saw.
  • Wear well-fitted clothing and avoid dangling jewelry or loosely-fitting clothes.
  • Check that the blade arrow is pointing in the right direction when you are installing the blade.
  • Avoid twisting or changing direction when cutting with the saw. The best way to cut concrete is to make smooth cuts, which also prevents blade breakage. 
  • Use a wet blade for wet cuts and a dry blade for dry cuts.
  • Make sure the saw is off and unplugged from the power outlet when changing or installing the blade.
  • Avoid reusing a blade. Rather, use a new blade for each job and discard it properly when done.

Final Words

There you have it that how to use a concrete saw. Now you can be sure of working with a concrete saw with confidence. Don’t forget to go through concrete saw reviews when choosing your next model. The right saw will always give you the best results with your projects.

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