9 Scroll Saw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?

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If you’re a professional woodworker or a regular DIYer and you need to make intricate shape cuts in thin pieces of stock with precision, you’ll need to find the right tool. Here, a scroll saw is the ultimate tool to help you achieve that.

What is a Scroll Saw?

This is an electrically-powered saw, which is operated with a foot pedal. The saw comes with a small and thin reciprocating blade that moves up and down to make cuts on wood pieces. Typically, a scroll saw is like a powered benchtop coping saw.

How Does a Scroll Saw Work?

Thanks to the small and thin blade of the scroll saw you can get to tight angles and sharp curves with ease.

When working with a scroll saw, you first start by inserting the blade appropriately and locking it in place by turning a knob. After that, place the workpiece and your preferred pattern on a table and lock them with a clamp. Locking it in place prevents it from sliding out, but you will still move it around with ease.

Since the saw uses a reciprocating motor, it will move the blade up and down as you push the workpiece and pattern through it.

Always ensure that you have the right blade to handle the specific project you have at hand.

9 Scroll Saw Uses You Must Need to know

Now that you have a clue of how the scroll saw works, what are its applications? Let’s find that out.

1. Making Curves

Thanks to the design and mechanism of the scroll saw you can use it to make multiple curves ranging from round curves to plain curves. The best part is that the curves made using a scroll saw are precise and perfect compared to other saws.

2. Making Toys

A scroll saw can also be used to make toys such as simple puzzles. With the versatility of this saw, slicing around wood pieces to make a toy is easily achievable. You won’t strain to do so while at it.

3. Making Musical Instruments

For any musical instrument to deliver the desired sound, it must be constructed with precision. Even the slightest cut-off can affect the sound delivery. But with a scroll saw, you have perfect control in your hands when it comes to designing mu8sical instruments like sound boxes.  

4. Cabinetry

Carpenters are other woodworkers who benefit from using a scroll saw. The scroll saw can be employed when making joints to build cabinets. For example, they can help you make dovetail joints, which are quite important in the cabinetry field.

5. Fretwork

When it comes to fretwork, the blade of the scroll saw is inserted into the workpiece through a tiny hole. This then allows for the small holes to be removed with ease. The holes will worm shapes and sizes that are designed by the blade so you they are inserted in the wood.

6. Home Décor

Scroll saw specialists can also use it to make inlays and marquetry for furniture. These can also act as home décor as the saw lets you come up with an intricate design. Plus, you can make special designs for tabletops, as well as intricate braces for shelves.

7. Creating 3D Objects

Thanks to the complexity of the scroll saw you can create 3D objects effortlessly. For example, you can make an object and explore its width, length, and breadth to look as real as possible. The options are limitless.  

8. Non-metal Materials

Besides wood, a scroll saw can be used to cut or make shapes out of plastic, fiberglass, as well as soft metal. Preferably, only use the scroll saw to cut soft metal like brass or copper, but not the hard metals. Suppose you want to cut aluminum with the saw, ensure that you use a lubricant to prevent the blade from damaging.

9. Home Items

You will have multiple options when it comes to using a scroll saw. This special tool allows you to explore your creativity with those complex jobs. The saw lets you make bookends, coasters, bowls, baskets, holiday decorations, and many more.


Q. How thick a wood piece can a scroll saw cut?

Ans. A scroll saw can cut up to 0.75 inches of wood. If the workpiece is thicker than that, then you may have to use a band saw. Just keep in mind that the band saw won’t make intricate curves and patterns like a scroll saw.

Q. Can a scroll saw cut a 2×4?

Ans. Yes, it can. Most people would choose a band saw for this purpose, but a scroll saw can still do it. All you have to do is use a large blade and set the lowest speed.

Q. Can a scroll saw cut plywood?

Ans. Yes, a scroll saw can perfectly cut plywood, but up to a thickness of 0.75-inch thickness.


So, there goes the 9 easy scroll saw uses. You now know just how versatile a scroll saw can be. Basically, it is the best saw to go for if you need to make precise and intricate cuts. Even though these saws are among the safest power tools to use, you still need to observe the necessary safety precautions when using them.

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