8 Major Types of Table Saws In 2023 [ Features & Uses ]

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When searching for the ideal table saw to purchase for whatever project you might have, it is important to understand the common types of table saws. Here is a look at the 8 common types of table saws, along with their uses.

As a woodworker you definitely know about table saws, But do you know how many of them are there and what is their key-features? Worry not, today I’m gonna give you a complete idea about them. 

For better understanding, I’ve added all of them here.

Different Types of Table Saws

8 Different Types of Table Saws & Uses

Wasting no time, Let’s get into the business.

1. Benchtop Table Saw

The benchtop table saw is also known as a portable table saw, and it doesn’t come with legs or a stand. They can be attached to any stand or clamped to a surface. Benchtops tend to have brush motors and a blade that is usually less than 10 inches.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • They can be used with custom-made stands
  • The blade is placed on the top and can be up to 10 inches in diameter
  • A shorter distance between saw blade and front edge


Ideally, a benchtop table would be used to cut anything soft and small, such as particleboard. They are the best pick for beginners since they are cheaper than other types.

2. Compact Table Saw

These table saws are larger than the benchtops. However, they have some similar features like a direct drive universal motor, and a lightweight design.

Key Features

  • Lightweight design
  • They work with universal motors with a dive belt
  • They come with a stand
  • They work with incredible accuracy
  • Features iron tabletops


Compact table saws tend to be quite accurate. As a result, they would be a good pick for carpenters or woodworkers.

3. Jobsite Table Saw

This type of table saw will be kept in the side stands of the job area during operation. They tend to be robust and rugged enough to fit in a job site.

Key Features

  • Relatively compact and portable
  • Runs on direct drive motors
  • They come with advanced fences and alignment adjustment
  • They offer a 24-inch rip capacity
  • Jobsite table saws come with a folding stand
  • Feature a dust collection system


Normally, job site table saws are best suited for contractors and other heavy-duty use. They are designed for that.

4. Contractor Table Saw

This table saw comes with a belt-drive, along with a large outboard induction motor. It is the best alternative to full-size cabinet saws. The blade is placed on the back, and there is a dust collection feature.

Key Features

  • Blade loaded at the back
  • Features a large table area
  • Massive motor belt
  • Robust construction
  • They weigh between 200 and 300lbs


These are the best table saws for professionals. They can be used for completing complex tasks. However, their less expensive price point allows them to be used by both enthusiasts and hobbyists alike.

5. Hybrid Table Saw

This is a stationary table saw that is more of a combination of a full-size cabinet saw and a contractor saw. They are designed with open leg stands and run on belt-drive induction motors

Key Features

  • Runs on belt-drive induction motors
  • Come with open leg stands
  • Improved dust management system
  • Large working space
  • Sturdy and durable construction


A hybrid table saw would easily suit a woodworker or if you are handling different heavy-duty projects. If you prefer a contractor saw but want to save some money while enjoying its features, this one would be a good pick for you. But I tell you what if you use a miter gauge with it, that would give you an accurate cutting experience.

6. Sliding Table Saw

This type is normally called the European table saw, and it comes with a slide on the behind of the blade. This blade will remain folded under the table. It features a slide that you can use to pass out the cut materials.

Key Features

  • Runs with induction motor
  • Can handle a large scale project
  • Costlier than some models
  • Blade folds under the table 
  • Features a slide for passing through workpieces


Normally, a sliding table saw will be used for slip belongings and huge boards.

7. Cabinet Table Saw

This table saw comes with a large iron metal and steel to facilitate its delivery. The body of this table saw has a cabinet that happens to be the most powerful type of table saw.

Key Features

  • Super-sturdy construction
  • Feature more accurate and robust fences
  • Loaded with motors between 3hp and 5hp
  • Work with minimal vibrations
  • Features an onboard cabinet
  • Can be heavier than 500lbs
  • Can be mounted on a portable stand


The cabinet table saw will cut through almost any material. Also, it would be a good pick for nearly any professional contractor. It would also be used in factory shops or other workshops. If you want the best contractor table saw, ensure that you choose one from a reputable brand.

8. Micro/Mini Table Saws

This is the smallest type of table saw, and it comes with a 4-inch diameter table saw blade. They are compact, lightweight, and easy to move around.

Key Features

  • Petite design
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Features a 4-inch blade


With the small design of a mini table saw, they would be best applicable for hobbyists or model makers.


Q. What is the best home table saw?

Ans. The best table saw to use a home should come from a reputable brand, and it should be designed to give you an easy time when working with it. The saw should be user-friendly, space-saving, and able to serve you for a long time. Preferably, you can start with a benchtop saw.

Q. What is a good table saw for woodworking?

Ans. For woodworking projects, you should consider going for a hybrid table saw or a compact table saw. The saw that you pick should be able to handle different types of woods with ease. It should be versatile, sturdy, and durable enough. Remember to choose a model with a powerful motor, and it should offer a reliable depth of cut at different angles.

Q. What is a good table saw for beginners?

Ans. A beginner should and must always go for a unit that is less complex in terms of its operation. As a beginner, we would advise you to go for a benchtop table saw. The best beginner table saw must be user-friendly or come with a manual to easily guide you on how to work with it.

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Final Words

So, I’m sure you already got the detailed information about how many types of table saws are there and what are the key features of them. If you have any questions You can ask me anything related to the table saw below in the comment section. Will try to help you with that within a short time.

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