Hitachi C10FCG Review [ Why We Loved This Miter Saw ]

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Hitachi is no stranger in the power tools world. Their model C10FCG stands among the best out there. In this article, we will be giving you information about the miter saw and explore its reliability too. That being said, here is a dialed Hitachi C10FCG review to help you. 

Remember one thing “Hitachi Power Tools has renamed to Metabo HPT, Same tools. New name. 

At a Glance 

  • 24.3lbs weight
  • 21.5 by 18.1 by 22.9 inches size
  • 15 amp 2.75hp motor deliver
  • It uses a 10-inch blade
  • Miters zero to 52 on the right and 0 to 52 degrees to the left
  • Bevels 0 to 45 degrees to the left
  • 5,000RPM blade speed
  • 6ft power cord.
Hitachi C10FCG Review
Hitachi C10FCG Review

(Note: Same tools. New name. Hitachi Power Tools has renamed to Metabo HPT)

The Great Hitachi C10FCG Overview 

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  1. Thumb actuated positive stops.
  2. Large table for better material support.
  3. Miter ranges right 52, left 52.
  4. Dust collector attachment.
  5. It has renamed to Metabo HPT.
  6. Clean and accurate bevel cuts.

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This miter saw comes with an elegant design that is not just about beauty. Rather, this miter saw is made to offer an impressive sawing experience while remaining strong even with multiple uses. The motor on this baby is powerful to handle different projects. This one is best suited for the DIY projects or for anyone that is getting started with miter saws.

It is user-friendly and comes with a sizable table to let you work on large wood pieces without a problem. Setting up this unit is easy as well. The price tag is quite friendly, and you can be confident of having a reliable machine that isn’t harsh to your pockets.

Hitachi C10FCG Review & Features

Size and Construction

This Hitachi 10 compound miter saw comes with a sturdy design that is both lightweight and portable. It is a compact saw that only measures 21.5 by 18.1 by 22.9 inches. Plus, this little fella comes in at just 24lbs. honestly; anyone can carry it around the working space with ease. Even if you are moving it from room to room, this machine is generally easy to carry.

Furthermore, the miter saw can easily be folded to make cuts with Miter saw stand. But this also helps to make it easy to store away since it won’t eat up your space.


Any power saw out there must have a motor that will spin the blade. In that case, we can’t fail to cover the motor of this saw. The C10FCG comes with a 15 amp 2.74hp motor that is capable of giving it enough power for almost any DIY project. It will slice through any type of wood without a problem.

The motor is very strong that it can spin the blade at top speeds of 5,000 Revolutions Per Minute. We thought that was powerful enough and capable of handling wood projects that need fine finishes. By the way, you must be careful when using this saw.

Ideally, maintain the motor to avoid any possible burns. Do not use the normal cord that you always use with other devices at home. Instead, use a 12/3 or 10/3 cord that has a long gauge.

Cutting Capacity

Regardless of the size, weight, or features of the saw, what matters is how performs. What are the cutting capacity and ability of the saw?

Well, this one comes with a 10-inch 24-Tooth TCT Saw Blade that is meant to offer excellent cuts on your wood projects. Ideally, this unit would be perfect to use for wood projects that require fine finishes.

According to most Hitachi 10, miter saw reviews out there; this unit can assure you of clean cuts with your projects.

Besides the blade, we were impressed by the tabletop of this little fella. It comes with a sizable table compared to other miter saws out there. The large table on this one allows you to stabilize every workpiece that you are handling. As a result, you will have more precision with your projects.

The C10FCG comes with a full 45-degree bevel to the left. This helps you to make several cuts from different angles. It also means that any material pieces that you try fitting together will make a strong and tight connection. Plus, it prevents you from using excessive force to put the joints together.

This saw will also allow you to access the full scope of the material without any limit. With such flexibility, you can easily rotate the saw as you wish. This feature assures you of maximum precision while limiting the risk of the material being damaged when making the changes.

Since the miter angle range to the right and left is from 0 to 52 degrees, you will be confident of using the saw with a special level of flexibility. A dust collector attachment is onboard to reduce the airborne particles.

User Experience

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Getting started with this saw is very easy and anyone can typically use it even without necessary sawing skills. As long as you follow the user manual, you will be good to go. Whether you want to carry it with you to a different location or you simply want to move it from one room to the other, this saw won’t give you a headache.

If you come across any Hitachi C10FCG Review, you will most likely notice that most people are talking about the user experience of this saw. One feature that enhances the user experience is the thumb actuated positive stops that allows you to make any miter adjustment with ease.

Along with the large table, the saw comes with a vice clamping that helps to secure the workpiece. You can enjoy a horizontal handle that is designed to offer you the right amount of pressure control, which then enhances the cutting accuracy.

The saw also comes with some security features that make it safe to use. With the horizontal handle, which you will be pushing vertically, you can be sure of having a strong grip that enhances your safety when using it.

What We Loved

  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Flexible cutting angles.
  • Dust collector attachment minimizes airborne particles.
  • Easy to use.
  • Decent price tag.
  • Ideal for hobbyists and beginners.
  • Powerful motor.

What Could Be Better

  • Not the best pick for professional/heavy-duty projects.

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(Note: Same tools. New name. Hitachi Power Tools has renamed to Metabo HPT)


Q. How to change the blade on Hitachi miter saw?

Ans. Changing the blade on your Hitachi miter saw is just the same as how you would do it on the miter saw brand. All Hitachi miter saw reviews have the same process of changing the blade. So, to break it down here is a quick guide to help you;

  1. Start by disconnecting the saw plug from the socket-outlet
  2. Release the blade by pressing the spindle lock then loosening the boll
  3. After that, remove the blade from the saw and insert the new blade
  4. When the new blade is inserted, press the spindle lock and tighten the bolt as you did for the first time
  5. Always ensure that you use the right miter saw blade size with the miter saw.

Safety Tips

Any power tool out there must be handled with proper care at all times. With hitachi mitre saw reviews you need to ensure safety issue as well , Here are some useful safety tips to help you when working with your miter saws.

  • Never leave the miter saw near the edge of the table
  • Make sure the floor and working area are dry whenever you are using the miter saw. Water can lead to electric shocks
  • It is a must to use the proper safety gear at all time
  • Avoid making small cuts with the miter saw
  • When cutting long materials, make sure you support them at the same height as the saw table
  • Always clamp all materials securely against the fence to avoid losing control
  • Never change the blade of the saw when it is plugged into the socket.

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Final Verdict

That marks the end of our Hitachi C10FCG Review. As of now, we are confident that you will make an informed decision if you get this miter saw. It is easy to use, flexible, lightweight, and very accurate when making cuts and is generally safe to use.

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