How to Clean Circular Saw Blades? [ Step by Step Process ]

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The Circular saw blade-like every other machine, that helps to make work easy, usually gets dirty. The dirt can be sawdust or sap, interestingly a dirty blade can result in the poor quality of your cut and an extremely dirty blade can be so dangerous to use. Sharpen the blade if necessary or change it by following the proper steps

Here we will show you the step-by-step process of How to clean circular saw blades.

This is so because a very sharp and neatly tidy blade is safer a tool to use for work and operations. In some cases when the blade seems so dull to work with, all it actually needs is a perfect cleaning and it gets ready to serve you again.

Blade Cleaner

Information you should know

It is important to ensure that you are using a blade that is sharp, so you can avoid the chances of damaging your tool or even causing bloody injury to yourself.

It will interest you to know that the process of cleaning your blade is simple and I am sure you have just everything you will need. Take a note that, In terms of a mini circular saw for wood cutting project, the Improvement process will be the same.

Always clean your blade

After usage and when kept Over time, what happens is that pitch and some sap find a way to build and accumulate on exactly the cutting edges of your blade.

The effect is that it coats the very edges of your blade and makes your blade dull when put to use.

Safety and Precaution Tips 

  • Ensure that the saw blade is turned off completely and removed from your socket before you attempt cleaning it.
  • Ensure to wear gloves.
  • Protect your eyes with goggles.
How to clean circular saw blades

Step By Step Process of How to Clean Circular Saw Blades?

Blade Cleaner

Follow these steps carefully and be sure to have your blade cleaned:

Step 1: Remove your blade and completely submerge it in water.

The very first step to having a cleaned blade is, ensure that your blade is completely removed from electricity.

You must unplug the saw, this you should do before removing the blade! It is advised that it is completely removed from the socket, turning your switch off is not enough, as current sometimes still finds it way to your machine.

Having done this, place your removed blade in a pan, preferably an aluminum pan and dip your blade in water. At this point, you can add detergent and proceed to the next step.

When you notice that your blade is completely dirty, it is best to advise that you remove the whole bulk of dirt, preferably with a wire brush before submerging it in water, to make your job easy.

With this you can proceed to Step 2.

Step 2 : Stir the water and your detergent today and Wait

Here you stir the detergent in your water and ensure to wait for about 10 or 5 minutes for it to foam and start working.

To ensure you don’t get injured doing this, the best tip for stirring your liquids, to get the best results is to position your finger at the hole of your blade, which is preferably the center and move your finger in motion.

Alternatively, if this is too much for you to do, especially when you are afraid of sustaining an injury, if your gloves are not on, you can prefer to instead use your wire brush to do the job for you. Also, the teeth of your blade can cut, so the best thing to do is use your gloves or ensure to protect your fingers away from your blade.

Also, a better way to do this step, to ensure your safety this when you are working without a glove in sight, is to stir the water and detergent together, completely before going ahead to put your blade in the aluminum pan.

Step 3: Scrub gently and completely 

Now it is time to get the job done, time to remove the dirt from your blade and keep it clean.

With plastic or your wire brush as advice in step 2, you can begin the process of scrubbing all the dirt off your blade. This is where the work is, so get it done.

Step 4: Ensure to dry the blade after wash

Now that you have succeeded in removing all the dirt from your blade and it is looking so clean and new, it is important that you dry the blade completely.

This is important to ensure your blade does not develop rust. As a refusal to dry or where you dry your blade and you were impatient to see it dry completely before taking it off, the effect will be that your blade will begin to rust in a few days.

Step 5: Put the blade back to the saw

Your blade is all new and completely dried the next thing to do at this point, is to reinstall the blade, put it back to the saw. Connect, and plug the saw back into your power supply and leave it secured.

Or You Can Improve Performance of Your Blade

The effect is that you will discover that friction and also heat will increase, therefore making cutting extremely difficult, and also you will find out that your cutting edges will not be as clean as they used to. You also need to know how can you cut plywood/concrete blocks or related projects.

As stated in the introduction when your blade is dull, they are very dangerous to work with, much more than when they are sharp.

Also, when your blade is at its maximum capacity, it reduces the strain on your saw motor and produces the best results.

Even when you don’t use your blade very often, it is advised that you give your blade a thorough cleaning, this at least 2-3 times in a calendar year and even more if you can.

This gives you an opportunity to properly examine your blade and discover defects easily. But choosing the best circular saw may increase effectiveness of your work time rather sharpening old blade.

Final Verdict

To learn how to clean circular saw blades, this must be enough for you today. If you followed through the steps outlined in this article which are pretty simple steps, you must have gotten your circular saw blade cleaned and neatly by now, and connected to your power supply, waiting for the next job. If that’s not working for you and need more accuracy for your project, you can check some of the best small circular saws on the market or best track saws to choose one according to your need.

The goal is to enjoy you enjoy an injury-free environment, when you work with tools, to achieve this, please follow the safety tips.

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