How To Change Miter Saw Blade [ 5 Simple Steps To Follow ]

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The use of compound sliding miter saws is to cut work pieces accurately by projecting a fast-moving board across a big backsaw. Like every other working tool, there comes a time when it begins to wear out and require replacement. In this article, we provide you with the guidelines on how to change miter saw blade when necessary.

You Need to Know The Reasons Why You May Change Your Blade

Special Cut

One of the reasons requiring change for your miter saw blade include changing it for a specific kind of cut. Blades with more teeth produce a clean smooth cut, while a blade with few teeth gives choppy rough cuts. Some works like furniture work will need a smooth cut, while studs for building houses will require blade with few teeth if you don’t care about the looks.

A Dull Miter Saw Blade

Miter saw blades can get dull when it gets a tear or a broken tooth chain. When this occurs, know that it may be the right time to get a new blade for your machine.

Is it really Dull?

Following each slice, we gather wood pitch on our blades. When this wood pitch grows, it impacts the value of the cuts, leaving us with the thoughts that the blade is dull. The pitch of this wood can also rust the blade if left unchecked. The most important reason for changing the miter saw blade is if the blade has become brittle and no longer makes consistent cuts.

Sometimes, dirt can make a blade seem dull. Whenever you perceive your blade is dull, check the teeth of the blade to see if it is dirty. You can also clean it with a blade cleaner. Cleaning is an important role to keep the blade always ready for use. You can find suitable cleaning products for your blades where you purchase it.

Step by Step Process of How to Change Miter Saw Blade

It’s quite simple to change miter saw blade with few tools and a little time and space. However, going through the machine’s user manual will also help to know the right blade type for your saw. You can ensure that your saw cuts clean evenly whenever you use it by changing the blade frequently.

Below are quick steps on how to change miter saw blade

  1.  Remove the machine from the power source or outlet.
  2.  Engage the spindle lock and loose the bolt
  3.  Then remove the blade
  4.  Put the new blade
  5.  Clasp the spindle locks again and tight the bolt.
How to change Miter Saw Blade
How to change Miter Saw Blade

Step 1. Remove the blade guard

Removing the blade guard should be easy, some easily pops out with a quick release lock of some sort. In some cases, you may have to lose some screws.

Step 2. Remove the Spindle Cover

Remove the cover of the spindle. Rotate to upward side of the blade guard. Detach the screw in front of the spindle cover and remove the cover.

Step 3. Remove the blade

Take the blade away. To lock the spindle completely, press the spindle lock. If it is not possible to completely lock the spindle, turn the spindle with a 10 mm wrench while applying pressure to the spindle lock.

Use a 10 mm wrench to loosen the bolt. Loosen the bolt and washer. Then detach the blade from the miter saw while pressing the lock.

Step 4. Blade Replacement

Changing the blade is just like removing it entirely. Remember to install in the right direction using the arrows on the body of the blade. Change the bolt and washer (remember to twist the bolt turning towards the left).

 Clasp the lock then use a 10 mm wrench to tight the bolt Replace the spindle cover screw and lower the blade guard. Make sure your blade is tightened very well to avoid injury.

Step 5. Tuning the Blade

After some time, miter saws do warrant modification. Some of the time, even fresh saws should be balanced. To guarantee precise slices, we should ensure the fence matches the shape of the blade, and the blade matches the shape of the table.

Safety tips

  • You may be wondering if you really need a safety gear to change miter saw blade. The reason behind this is that, the teeth of the blade is sharp and can cut through your flesh if you are not putting on your protective hand gloves.
  • Furthermore, a professional advice will also be given to you while purchasing the blade.
  • The eye-goggles will also play a great role by protecting your eyes from a spring off of the spindle locks.
  • Your safety boots will protect your foot if the blade mistakenly falls off your hand while installing.

Some Important notes 

  1. The bolt which tightens the miter saw blade is left-handed, therefore it means you will turn it to the right to lose it.
  2. Make sure you disconnect the machine from the power outlet before replacing your blade.
  3. Make sure the spindle lock is disengaged before turning your saw on.


Q. Can I cut an iron with a miter saw blade?

Ans. Yes, you can, depending on the kind of iron you are cutting. Every material has its suitable blade. Nonetheless, carbide-tipped blades are the perfect blades for cutting aluminum. It should be noted that if you use the blade to cut large quantities of metal, there will be more wear of blades.

Q. Which blade works best?

Ans. High-speed saw blade is the best. It reduces waste and gives a neat cut.

Q. Do the teeth design really matter?

Ans. Yes, it matters, This teeth design is very important for a clean cut result.

Q. Does a higher teeth blade mean a better alternative?

Ans. Well, it depends on the type of cuts that you want to make. With more teeth, you can get smoother finishes. They produce less dust, too. Fewer teeth, on the other hand, can be a good choice for cutting thicker materials such as metal.

Final Verdict

To avoide unnecessary risk its safe to learn how to change miter saw blade in a right way. Changing a  Blade Saw is not as complicated as it seems. Every Miter Blade user can be able to change their blade with the proper guidelines.

Step by step instructions involved in changing a Corded/cordless miter saws blade is needed by every DIYer. Not minding if there is at your disposal a Porter-Cable, DeWALT, Bosch, Hitachi, Craftsman, Delta, ryobi, or a different make of miter saws sooner or later, the blade should be changed. Follow the procedures listed above alongside the miter saw manual to change your blade effectively.

Remember one thing, don’t forget you use miter saw stand while expecting accurate cut from a miter saw blade, It helps a lot.

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