How to Cut a Circle in Wood – 5 Different Ways for You

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If you are an experienced woodworker, you must understand the challenge involved when making a perfect circle in a piece of wood. It might seem simple, but most woodworkers end up making oblong ovals instead of delivering a perfect circle.

Nevertheless, there are different ways to tackle this task, and each one of them has its benefits and drawbacks. Some of the techniques are accurate, while others are the best pick if you want to make a quick cut.

How to Cut a Circle in Wood

We shall be reviewing five of the major techniques of how to cut a circle in wood.

Technique One: Using a Hole Saw

A hole saw is probably the most common tool used for making circles in wood pieces. This saw is attached to a drill, and it is meant to make holes in wood. All you have to do is lower the rounded blade head and cut out the disc of wood with perfection.

The hole saw lets you make circles that are between 0.75 inches and 7 inches in diameter. When using a hole saw, place a backing board behind the targeted workpiece to avoid any possible blowout. Also, ensure that you lower the spinning head gradually onto the wood for you to achieve a cleaner cut.

This is the best option for making quick and accurate circles in wood.

Technique Two: Using a Bandsaw

Bandsaws also do a great job of making wood circles. You will need a proper setup and careful planning for you to achieve excellent results.

Here, you’ll also need to create a jig-like work surface, where you can create the wood circle without the need for readjusting the angle of its exterior curve constantly.

The jig can be made from any sort of plywood or scrap. Just make sure it is large enough to be held securely to the worktable of the bandsaw.

You will have to drill a hole through your wood and affix them together loosely but not permanently. Here, a drill, pencil, compass, as well as a bolt nut, will be needed.

Using a bandsaw can be time-consuming, so it might not be your ideal choice if you don’t have all the time.

Technique Three: Using a Table Saw

Did you know that you can also use a table saw to cut circles in wood? Originally, table saws are only meant for cutting straight lines. So, you will need to sketch out the circle you wish to make before you make the cuts. The circle sketches can be made using chalk or a pencil, along with a compass.

With the table saw, you will need to continuously cut the corners off of the sided polygon until you have an almost rounded slice of wood. From there, you can then use a sander or still the table saw to round off the polygon wood disc.

It might be challenging, but this method is relatively efficient.

Technique Four: Using Router and Trammel

A router is among the most versatile power tools out there, and it can be used to make perfect hollow shapes in any block of wood.

When working with a router, you can incorporate multiple-precision points. The trammel can be purchased separately or you can make one yourself. It would take you around ten minutes to make a trammel.

Cut an arm of 4 inches x 24 inches and with a thickness of 0.75 inches. After that, you’ll need to prepare the guide bushing. To do this, drill a long hollow space of 0.5 inches x 4 inches.

From there, prepare the router by installing a guide bushing of 0.5 inches and your preferred bit of spiral or straight pattern. Place two finishing nails on the trammel’s arm and the jig’s arm. Once you place the trammel pivot into the plank, rout it down in an anticlockwise motion.

One major challenge of this method is that it requires expertise and experience to pull it off. If you haven’t used a router before, this shouldn’t be your ideal technique.

Technique Five: Using a Jigsaw

A jigsaw is another tool that is time-consuming if you are using it to make a circle in wood. It is also somewhat tricky to work with it.

If you want to make smaller circles, you have to draw the required shape on the wood using a compass. After that, drill a hole equal to the thickness of your wire nail at the center of the circle.

Find a slim plywood plank not less than 2 inches longer than the radius of the circle. Draw a crosshair mark at its top-left corner. Drill the center mark using a thin drill, but ensure that you don’t waste the rest of it.

Measure the spot set at a distance that is equal to the radius of the circle. Equally, make a similar mark to drill a hole for it to it the blade of your jigsaw. After that, make a pilot hole on the project board that you will use to insert the circle.

To wrap up, secure the workpiece, place the jig over it, and push the nail through the small holes. Line up the starter holes and attach the saw to the jig. Set the blade to full speed and make the perfect circle.


Q. Can You Cut a Circle in Wood Without Power Tools?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to cut wood without power tools. However, you will need specific tools to help you with it. Generally, most people would go for an 8-inch coping saw, along with a crosscut saw. You will also need a compass, plane-style wood rasp, a flat-file, and a sanding block with grits between 60 and 220.

Q. Is it Difficult to Cut a Circle Good?

Ans. Honestly, cutting a circle in wood can be tricky. However, with the right tool and relevant method, you can achieve it with ease.

Q. Which Technique is Best for Cutting Circles in Wood?

Ans. There are multiple techniques of how to cut a circle in wood. Nevertheless, not every method is suitable for all occasions. For example, a DIY artist might go for a table saw or bandsaw, while a professional woodworker would opt for a router to make circles in wood. Generally, go for the technique that best solves your expectations and project needs.

Final Words

Making a circle in wood is surely an easy task but tricky as well. I’m sure you won’t face any difficulty from now on. You can follow any of them I mentioned in this article. If you face any issues while doing the job you can let me know in the comment section, Definitely I will try to solve it anyway..

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