How To Cut Concrete Blocks With Circular Saw [Easy Steps]

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We all love concrete for the mere reassign that it is durable and can withstand all weather conditions. In the quest to enhance longevity as well as attractive designs, we seek to redesign them to meet specific tastes and preferences. The redesigning entails cutting them down to specific sizes.

With the increasing need to reduce their sizes to meet specific needs, we find it prudent to come up with the procedure on How to cut concrete blocks with circular saw/track saw. Depending on your desire, you can choose to hire professionals to carry out the whole exercise, or you can work on it on your own.

In cases where you prefer to save on costs, you can embrace the right tools and procedures and work on the concrete blocks to your satisfaction. Therefore, even if it sounds difficult and complicated cutting concrete blocks can be procedurally handled by both the experts and the amateurs.

Procedure on How to Cut Concrete Blocks with Circular Saw


  1. A chalk line
  2. A corded or a top rated cordless circular saw or Brand-able Quality track saw 
  3. Protective gears (respiratory masks, hearing masks, as well as safety eye glasses)
  4. The concrete blocks to be cut

Steps involved during the concrete block cutting exercise

Step 1: Wear in the protective gear

Depending on the type of blade used in the circular saw, you are going to expect dust and/or noise. This is harmful to both your respiratory system and your eyes, and thus, the glasses and respiratory masks are prudent here. Furthermore, with the loud noise from the saw and the entire activity, you need to protect your ears from hearing protection, and thus, before you get started, you should adequately equip your body for safety purposes.

Step 2: Mark the exact place to be cut using the chalk line

You need to plan your cut before practically engaging in it. Be sure of the places you want to cut and mark the concrete blocks with the chalk line. The marks act as the guidelines on wear the circular saw blade will pass. You can change the blade if you need it

Step 3: Make adjustments on the circular saw

Here, you should align the circular saw blade with the marks and ensure that it is set at a ripping size of 50mm. Once the settings have been appropriately adjusted, power it on, and wait until it reaches its maximum rate of revolution.

Step 4: Commence the cutting process

Gently embark on the cutting exercise. In this case, you should lead the saw and the blade and not apply excess pressure on it during the cutting process. Remember that it is the blade that engages in the cutting exercise and not your effort, and hence, you should allow the blade to work.

Step 5: Seek for a helping hand to increase the amount of water

This step is only relevant in cases where your circular saw embraces a wet blade. The function of water, in this case, is to cool the blade and eradicate dust. With the cutting process, the concrete blocks are bound to release a significant amount of silica dust that is harmful to your health.

Also, this comes alongside heightened temperatures that require containment strategies. Thus, with the presence of water, these problems are efficiently handled and regardless of the seemingly difficult nature of the exercise, you are assured of your safety in the end.

Step 6: Embrace close intervals during the cutting process

Once you embark on the cutting exercise, ensure that you stop the blade within the ranges of 45 seconds. Continuous cuts may end up overworking the blades and this may result in undesirable outcomes. Also, the amount of heat may build-up to the extent that you may find it challenging to handle. that is How to Cut Concrete Blocks With Circular Saw in a right way

Additional considerations

The cutting process is majorly done by the blades, and considering the daunting tasks associated with these blocks, you may consider obtaining the best blades for this exercise. In this case, you may consider diamond, abrasive and wet/dry blades.

Due to the demanding nature of the concrete blocks cutting process, there are special saws designed for the exercise known as the concrete saws. However, they are not the only saws that can handle the exercise as these special blades can also be fitted into the circular saws/ portable band saws and serve the same purpose.

Apart from the individual concrete blocks, the procedure can be applied when cutting through the concrete foundation as it is made up of the same elements. The best blade for this exercise is the diamond blades as they are tough and can handle similarly tough cutting jobs.

Circular saws with the provision of water and with diamond teeth tend to do well in this exercise, and hence they are highly recommended. However, considering the cost factor, you can resolve to the other types as long as you arrive at the set target. Check the best compact circular saw list and best track saw list to choose one according to your need.

Quick safety tips

How to Cut Concrete Blocks With Circular Saw

How to Cut Concrete Blocks With Circular Saw

  • With the rising need for saws in the modern DIY environment, both merits and demerits are prevalent. On one hand, the outcomes of the DIY projects are impressive but on the other hand, the safety of the users is at stake. Therefore, before we lead you in the procedure of cutting concrete blocks with compact circular saw, it is necessary to highlight the measures to consider when handling the saws.
  • If the blade is not sharp enough to cut then you must have to sharpen the blade.
  • You should dress appropriately to cover different parts of the body from harmful elements like loud noise and dust.
  • Keep the working area and free to minimize the retractile forces of the foreign materials on the workspace.
  • Do not use the saws when drunk as you may lack the right judgment during the projects.
  • When in doubt, do not carry out the saw activities but instead embark on proper consultation to be sure of your actions during the projects.
  • Never under any circumstance touch, a revolving saw blade, but rather ensure that you exercise patience to the point when it is motionless.
  • After finish the task keep the blade clean

Final Verdict

So, I can consider now you know “How to Cut Concrete Blocks With Circular Saw”. remember, Cutting concrete blocks is a common activity and thus investing in the right blade is necessary. If you desire quality and have a flexible budget, then you can consider buying diamond blades for your circular saw specifically for this exercise. On the other hand, if your budget(Some Budget friendly circular saws) is tight but you still need to cut the blocks, you should consider acquiring the cheaper blades.

I tell you what! in terms of cutting wood/plywood there is different steps you have to follow

Furthermore, if you are an expert and professional in this field, you should consider investing in long-lasting diamond blades. These can be used in both the concrete saws and the circular saws for this sole purpose.

However, as you embark on this activity, you should bear in mind that not all concrete blocks, foundations and floors can be done by inexperienced people. For instance, a block of reinforced concrete can only be handled by a professional. Therefore, you should consider engaging a professional in such cases.

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