Learn How To Change A Circular Saw Blade [ Quick Hacks ]

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Circular saw blade

Saw blades require maintenance and changes from time to time. Your user manual offers the basic guidelines on How to change a circular saw blade. At some point, the blades become inefficient and there is a need to replace them.

Also, depending on the type of material you need to cut with the saws, you are confronted with the need to change and use the most appropriate blade and also you need to know the right way to clean as well.

Considering the hassle that comes with changing Corded/Cordless circular saws blades, we offer you a step-by-step procedure of the whole process. However, handling saws require carefulness to minimize the chances of getting hurt.

Therefore, for the sake of your safety, there is a need to master some safety tips when handling the blades. Before we engage in the blade changing process, let’s check out some of the important safety tips when handling saws.

The procedure of How to change a circular saw blade

How to change a circular saw blade

Things you will need for the process

  1. A Wooden surface
  2. A replacement circular saw blade wrench
  3. Two pieces of wood
  4. A hammer

How to change a circular saw blade

Steps followed during the changing and replacement of the circular saw blade

Step 1: switch off and disconnect the saw from the power source

First, you should turn off the power source and then unplug the saw from the power source. In case the saw uses a battery, remove it too before operating on it. Leaving the power on may be disadvantageous as it may result in the spinning of the blade, a process which is dangerous during the blade changing process. No doubt, you do not want to trade your fingers with the changing process.

Step 2: Lay the saw in question on the wooden surface

Once you have powered it off, lay it on the available wooden surface and readjust its blade guard backwards. If your circular saw has an arbor lock, press it, but if it lacks one, press the blade against the wooden surface. You don’t want it to keep shaking as you engage in the whole exercise.

Step 3: Fix the replacement circular saw blade wrench on the arbor

In case your circular saw uses a battery, the arbor nut is bound to have an opening for the wrench, and this is where you should fix it for its functionality.

Step 4:  Revolve the replacement circular saw blade wrench

Watch the direction in which the blade spins and turn the wrench in a similar direction. As you loosen the nut, ensure that you depress the arbor button if it is present. In cases where the saw lacks one, continuously press the saw against the wooden surface as you engage in the unbolting exercise. This keeps the saw steady for ease in uninstalling the blade in question.

Step 5: Replace the existing blade with a new one

Pull off the old blade and fit the replacement on the saw’s arbor. You should do this carefully as you will be in direct contact with the blade. Any distractions may lead to injuries that you may not like.

Step 6: Put the unused saw blade on the two pieces of wood

To replace the old blade, lay the new blade on the two pieces of wood and ensure that the center of the blade is in line with the space between the pieces. Once you have done this, you can knock out the arbor using a hammer.

Step 7: Replace and tighten the nut

Once the blade has been fixed into its rightful position, it is prudent to keep it tight by replacing the nuts. To enhance the required tightness, you should press the blade against the wooden surface to keep it steady during the bolting process. If you are dealing with an arbor lock button Skilsaw, ensure you first use your fingers to bolt up the nut after which you make use of a screwdriver. Ensure that the arbor completely connects with the saw blade and it does not exhibit any form of looseness. You don’t want to suffer any injuries with a loose blade because it may fly out of the saw due to loose bolts.

Step 8: Replace the battery/plug the cord to the power source and switch on the power

At this point, the blade is ready to be used. I think you know how to use the saw, The battery should be replaced, or if the saw is corded, it should be plugged to the power source. If you have a project to carry out, you should switch the power own and try out the saw to ascertain its functionality before embarking on your particular work. In terms of cordless circular saw you don’t need to think about the plugged option

 Once everything is set and the saw blade is appropriately fixed, you can now enjoy your woodworking creativity to the fullest without the worry of injuries and poorly completed projects.

Note: A good worm drive saw/Circular-saw/Track saw arbor lock is crucial during the changing of the blade, and without it, the process may turn out hectic. This explains the presence of the two strips of wood which act as the mechanisms to secure the new blade in the arbor. Remember to clamp these pieces tightly for better results or you can sharpen the old blade for a better result

Quick safety tips

  • Ensure you understand the manufacturer’s guidelines by keenly reading the manufacturer’s manual.
  • The power switch should be off when changing the blades to avoid unnecessary accidents.
  • Remove the batteries to ensure extra safety when the saw is not in use.
  • Dress appropriately when handling the saws to avoid direct contact with the blades.
  • Regularly maintain the saws to enhance their efficiency and to reduce the chances of multifunctioning.
  • Be sober-minded and place yourself strategically (away from the spinning blades)to remain steady and reduce the chances of distraction from your woodwork.

Final Verdict

So, that’s all about How To Change A Circular Saw Blade. No doubt changing the circular saw blades is a common phenomenon on the users of these types of compact circular saws. Therefore, it is prudent to have the right information and steps on how to go about the same. The fact that wear and tear are expected on the saw blades the knowledge on how to change them is crucial.

If you fancy creative and proper outcomes in your woodwork, you should invest in a capable saw blade in order to arrive at a smooth finish. Rough and unmaintained blade saws result in unsatisfactory outputs. Thus, it is crucial to invest it in fitting the new blades in the right way.

Using the right blades guarantees satisfaction in your work. You should follow the above-mentioned steps to ensure that the saw remains sturdy even with the new blades. If your security is your priority, these steps are prudent as they minimize the flying out of the blades due to poor installation. Therefore, you should ensure that the blade is appropriately fixed before using it for your projects.

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