How To Cut Rocks With A Tile Saw [ Simple & Easy Method ]

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Rocks can be used for different roles, which range from landscaping to making ornaments. They are a pleasant scene to set eyes on as they are embraced by many. However, their raw form does not look as pleasant as the finished form.

Rocks come in different sizes and shapes, and to arrive at these pleasant outputs, there is the need to cut and shape them appropriately. The best mechanism to cut them is through the use of tile saws. Tile saws are equipped with appropriate tools to cut the rocks to bring about their beauty finely.

In the quest to meet the desired goals and objectives, the selection of the appropriate rocks is made before reducing their sizes to meet the landscaping of ornamental requirements. Here, we guide you through a step by step procedure of How to cut rocks with a tile saw.

Note: Using saws come with safety risks and to manage them, let’s first embark on safety precautions when handling them.

Procedure on How to Cut Rocks With a Tile Saw

How to cut rocks with a tile saw

Things That You Will Need

  1. A pair of gloves
  2. Protective safety elements for the eyes, ears, nose and the entire face
  3. A permanent marker
  4. A good quality wet tile saw
  5. The rocks to be cut
  6. Bowl to sock the rocks

Procedure: Steps to be followed

Step 1: Dress appropriately

Wear protective clothing, masks and gloves to be ready to handle the saw and the rock.

Step 2: Set up the tile saw

Set up the tile saw on a sturdy table so that it is ready to engage in the cutting process. Attach a diamond blade to be used in the cutting process.

Step 3: Place the rocks to be cut in a bowl with water

Collect the rocks to be cut and sock them in water for some time.

Step 4: Mark the rocks

Depending on your project, make marks on the rock to show where you intend to cut the rock. The marks act as guidelines to ensure that the saw divides the rock accurately to meet the needs of the project in question.

Step 5: Position each rock appropriately

Place the rock to be cut on the tile saw table in preparation to cut it as required. Here you should ensure that the saw and the table are stable to enhance smooth cutting of the rocks without the fear of tipping off.

Step 6: Check the water level

Since you will be using a wet tile, it is prudent to ensure that it has the required water level to ensure that only the blade is immersed in water. Add or reduce the amount of water, depending on whether the blade is immersed or not. This enhances the proper functioning of the saw and relevant results from the rock cutting process.

Step 7: Position yourself appropriately and pull the rock towards your direction

Stand on the opposite side of the rock. This position is appropriate in pulling the rock towards the blade. In the process, the rock makes contact with the blade and is cut appropriately. You should ensure that the blade is in contact with the markings on the rock to ensure that the cuts are in line with the previous markings.

Pulling the rock is more appropriate than pushing it, as this reduces the mess on your clothes. The fact that the process entails the use of a wet tile saw means that as it cuts the rock, water splashes in the opposite direction of the rock. This explains the reason behind the recommendation of the opposite position.

To further counter the mess created by the splashes, you should consider wearing a plastic coat to reduce your contact with the splashing water. The most recommended tile saw blade is the diamond-tipped one as it is appropriate for tough and hard surfaces like those of the rocks.

Step 8: Watch out for the redness of the rock

As you pull the rock, be keen to notice any redness. At this point, you should pause the whole process and wait for it to cool before resuming. This reduces the chances of getting hurt. Once you continue the process, the rock will be wholly cut according to the required specifications. The whole procedure is then repeated on all the rocks to ensure that they are uniform and of the required sizes.

 If you lack the appropriate gadgets, be sure to strain and spend more time in the whole process without the possibility of arriving at the desired outcomes. Thus, you should be driven by the urge to improve your interior and embrace the rock cutting hobby. here you can watch the video for your comfort on How to cut rocks with a tile saw.

Quick safety tips

  • Keep your body parts as far as possible to avoid direct contact with the blades in motion
  • Frequently maintain the saws to get wind of any malfunctioned parts for replacement purposes
  • Embrace gloves, masks, and other proper clothing when working with the saws to minimize injuries
  • When you embark on your tasks, ensure you place all your attention in the project and avoid any unnecessary distractions that may be dangerous
  • Carefully go through the manufacturers’ guidelines on the instruction booklet to properly handle and maintain your saw

Final Verdict

Hope you got the idea about How to cut rocks with a tile saw. Cutting rocks sounds like a complicated task that needs experts. 

However, it is the easiest task given the right tools and the proper procedure. The primary tool for this procedure is the wet tile saw with a diamond-tipped blade. Even though the concept sounds demanding, you can easily turn it into your hobby.

The only quality you need is persistence, as rocks require an extended period to be broken into pieces. However, this should not discourage you from carrying it out. It is a great past-time activity as you can easily do it both indoors and outdoors, depending on your preference.

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