How to Build a Table Saw Sled [ Simple & Easy Solution]

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A Table saw sled is an important tool for woodwork, as woodwork is barely possible without the usage of the table saw sled. The tool is so important not only for woodwork where it is often used but also important in the making of furniture. let’s check how to build a table saw sled

Step By Step Instructions On How to Build a Table Saw Sled

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Step 1. Gather your materials and take your measurements.

You will need to ensure that all the materials you will be needing to work are fully in place and you have to take your measurements, in doing this ensure you take correct measurements so you don’t end up wasting your materials. 

The following are a list of materials and tools you will need to make this project a success.

  • 5/16 Washer
  • A  plywood
  • Krage Mini Track
  • Particleboard

Alternative where you can’t find particleboard is MDF

  • Wood River Chisels
  • A glue
  • ¼-20 T-bolt
  • ¼-20 Star Knob

Step 2. Start your building process by cutting your plywood and woods you will use according to your measurements.

Having gathered the materials required and you have carefully taken your measurements and marked the desired positions on your wood, you can begin by cutting the plywood and woods you will need.

Begin cutting your plywood into various pieces and parts to be used in the stiffener, Quality blade and best budget table saw fence position of your table saw.

Importantly ensure that you trim and cut off parts of the plywood that are not needed or excessive to your measurement, so they fit carefully, also brace the woods, and ensure to hold them together using your glue.

Ensure this process is extremely smooth and also ensure to keep the layers intact.

Once done, you may use your table saw sled and cut your plywood and woods into smaller sizes, according to your measurement.

Step 3. The next thing to do is to assemble your pieces

After cutting your plywood into parts and pieces, you should also clamp the plywood together, then cut the hardwoods into various strips and then make the woods into runners.

Convert your hardwood to small parts and pieces, according to your measurements then connect hardwoods to the base of your sled.

This can be achieved with the use of glue. Also, ensure that your glue drys before assembling your parts. Ensure to remove hardened glue when finding on your wood, also clean off glue seen in the parts of your wood.

Last checks on this step:

Just before you move to the next step, ensure to slid the table saw sleds to be sure they are working perfectly well.

If they are not, ensure you double-check the runners of your power saw and be satisfied that everything is right and working just fine.

Step 4. Next is to add your Stiffener and also Square your Fence

You can achieve this by placing your stiffener at the front border of your sled base, you can decide to glue or screw, this depending on the nature of design you have in mind.

Set the blade of your saw according to your measurement and ensure to adjust the blade carefully, to permit the base into the blade of your saw. If you are confused about which table saw blade you can check our review article on best table saw blade.

You can stop cutting and start your finishing when you have attained your desired results.

Last checks on this step:

Having attached your stiffener, ensure that the edge and also the fence are aligned. To achieve this, the fence must be squared, then screw carefully.

Screw also the cover of the lade and ensure it well-positioned in its place.

Step 5. The final step is to add your Stop-Blocks and do your  Finishing

This is the last step in this guide, and it demands you add your stop-blocks. The importance of stop blocks is that it helps to shield your table saw from losing when in use, therefore making sure that your machine is always safe for use.

To successfully do this, you are to add a plank of wood to the base of your sled when screwing it. Ensure that your table saw blade is covered and well protected with the fence.

FAQ & Answer

Q. What the Table Saw Sled Does?

Ans. Being a tool, the table saw is just perfect when used to create exact square cross-cuts as it produces amazing results, also when the table saw sled is used to construct and create miter-cuts, it produces just too excellent results. With all of these amazing features of the table saw sled, learning how to build the table saw yourself is very important, as it makes your woodwork journey easy.This article will teach you the various steps you will need to follow to construct a table saw sled all by yourself and successfully, to achieve your goal, you will need to proceed with the steps outlined and pay close attention to the precautions and safety tips provided in this article.

Q. How to build a crosscut sled for the table saw?

Ans. A crosscut sled is a beautiful accessory for every table saw, and a perfect addition to your table saw.

The crosscut sled makes it easy to get very perfect squares and unique cuts than when trying to get the same results, by using a miter-gauge.

However, the process of getting sled fence square for your table saw blade can be so tasking and such a hassle. Getting your miter slot bars aligned properly too, can also be demanding, a crosscut sled increases the versatility of your table saw if you use Powermatic PM1000 model

As trimming cabinet doors, drawers and making crosscuts for items like shelves are made easy by using a crosscut sled. Below are highlighted steps you can take to build a crosscut for your contractor table saw:


  • Attach a miter bar to the base of your sled
  • Then glue and screw fence to the front and back of your table saw sled
  • Next thing is to cut the kerf
  • Finally attach a second fence square to the kerf and screw, ensure everything is square.

Q. How to make a table saw sled?

Ans. If you followed the process detailed in this article on how to build a table saw sled and the five steps outlined,  your query on how to build a table saw sled, should have been answered by now.

Where you have an issue or missed any of the steps, the good thing is that you can always check it again and ensure you are doing the right thing. If you follow the steps detailed, then you are sure of building your table saw sled.

Final Verdict 

The table saw a sled is an important tool needed to create beautiful furniture and very perfect woodwork, the steps outlined in this article if duly followed will ensure that you arrive at your goal of building a table saw sled, importantly, ensure you adhere to the safety tips to ensure maximum results.

Note; If you are beginner then you should check our article on best beginner saws that will help you to choose one.

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