How To Use a Chainsaw [ 6 Simple Steps You Need To Follow ]

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So, you are back at home for the weekend or any other day, and you wake up to notice just how untidy your yard is. The driveway and the backyard have overgrown shrubs and it is just unbearable to watch.

What would you do? Call a tree service company? We have a better idea; why don’t you decide to be a handyman and handle it on your own?

How to use a chainsaw

In this case, you will need a corded or Cordless chainsaw to help you with the project accordingly. So, you already bought a corded/cordless chainsaw, but you don’t know how to go about it. Don’t worry because that is where we step in.

Here, we will be discussing with you the tips on how to use a chainsaw accordingly. Read on to learn more.

How to use a chainsaw

Getting Started with the Chainsaw

Before you start using the chainsaw, there are some things you must ensure that you have them at hand.

What You Must Have;

  1. Chainsaw (of course) (Check our article on best cordless chainsaw reviews)
  2. Protective chaps
  3. Non Slip gloves
  4. Earmuffs
  5. Gas
  6. Chainsaw helmet with a faceguard or a pair of goggles
  7. Two-stroke engine oil
  8. Logging boots
  9. Chain oil

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With all these things in check, you should be ready to start using the saw.

Here is how to go about it;

6 Easy Steps of How To Use a Chainsaw

First Step:

Start by studying the work area, and be sure that there are safe escape areas that you will move when the tree is falling. Generally, ensure that you understand the terrain that you are working on before you start cutting down the trees. A pruning saw also can be helpful for small branches.

Second Step:

Put on the safety gear accordingly from head to foot. When you are all set, check that the chain has good tension. Ensure that the chain and the links are tight enough and not loose. Follow the user manual to know the right tightness of the chain.

Third Step:

If you’re using a gas chainsaw, ensure that the gas levels are full before you start using it. For the two-cycle engines, ensure that you mix the gas and oil in the required ratio. Pour the chain oil in the chain lube reservoir.

Fourth Step:

Place the chainsaw flat on the ground bottom down. After that, push the chain brake forward until it fully locks. This brake is the lever between the blade and the top handle of the chainsaw. You’ll need it for your safety.

Fifth Step:

Turn on the choke on the gas-powered saw and push in the primer button four to six times. After that, turn on the power switch. But if you have an cordless electric chainsaw, simply depress the safety switch and flip on the power switch.

With the gas-powered units, step on the back handle of the saw and use your left hand to firmly hold the saw in place. Pull the starter rope with your right hand sharply to its maximum length. This should take around four or five pulls to get it running. Pull the choke halfway if the engine doesn’t engage.

For an electric chainsaw, you simply need to hold the saw firmly and turn on the power switch.

Sixth Step:

When the chainsaw is running, press the trigger or throttle to move the chain. Ensure that you position yourself properly and that your feet are firmly planted on the ground. Have a strong grip on the saw before you start cutting down the tree.

Once you are ready to cut, you can release the chain brake and engage the throttle fully. Always ensure that you don’t apply pressure to the tree or log when cutting them down. The chain momentum will draw the wood in automatically.

When done cutting down the trees, power off the saw and switch it off. Allow the chainsaw to cool down for a few minutes before you store it.

Safety Tips

  1. Always have your safety gear on before you turn on the saw.
  2. Maintain a strong and steady grip of the saw at all times.
  3. Cut with the saw off angled or to the side of the tree away from you to avoid an injury in case of a kickback.
  4. For the gas chainsaws, do not leave the fuel in the tank if you won’t be using it for more than four weeks. It could clog the tank.
  5. Always store the saw with a bar cover or a case to prevent from debris or dust.
  6. Always have a friend nearby to help you in case of an accident.
  7. Never operate the chainsaw higher than your shoulder on a ladder.
  8. Ensure that you are sober whenever you are operating the chainsaw.


Even though we are giving you tips on how to use a chainsaw, it is always important to follow the user guide that comes with the machine. The most important thing to do is to observe the safety precautions when operating the small or big chainsaw. If you need it at low price you should buy best cheap chainsaw or small chainsaw.

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