8 Easy Steps of How to Use a Pole Saw – [ Simple Hacks ]

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Pole saws are essential when it comes to bush clearing, trimming, and pruning saw. They play a significant role in beautifying the garden and making it look orderly.

Pole saw makes the job more comfortable for you: you won’t have to worry about getting a ladder when you need to get rid of a branch.

A pole saw is indeed a tool you must have in the garden. 

They come in various types from different manufacturers. It is your decision to choose which is best for you. We have brought you a guide on how to use a pole saw effectively.

First, Get to Know the Parts of the Pole Saw

Before getting to work, you should know the parts of the pole saw you wish to work with. The overall parts vary on the type of gas pole saw, but we will list the essential part of every pole saw. Make sure you study the lists thoroughly. you can see the details of it here.

  • Pole: This is the part in which the saw is attached to be able to cut limbs that are in a high position.
  • Saw blade: This is an essential part that cuts through branches easily.
  • Handle: This part allows you to hold and control the pole saw correctly.
  • Clipper: It allows for fast snipping.
  • Pull Cord: It facilitates the clippers to snip faster.
How to Use a Pole Saw

Here is 8 Easy Steps Of How to Use a Pole Saw

Step 1: Scrutinize The Working Area

Make sure there isn’t any object that could cause an accident. Get rid of the hazardous object like a fallen branch and be aware of the roots so that you wouldn’t trip over. Also, make sure your safety apparatus is available for use.

Step 2: Strategize and Plan Out your work

You need to strategize well on where to start the cutting from. The area you should begin varies base on the position and type of tree, but it is always advisable to start from the right branches.

Step 3: Extend The Height of The Pole Saw

If your pole saw is not long enough to reach the limb you’re cutting, you can simply extend the pole by separating the central section of the pole saw from the exterior part to increase its height to reach the position of the pole saw you wish to get rid of.

This feature, however, varies on the type of pole saw. Some pole saw are made long to reach almost all desired heights.

Step 4: Make Use of Your Safety Gears.

Do not forget to make use of the gloves to protect your hand from the harsh cutting conditions. The gloves will protect your hand from possible cuts.

The eye goggles and protective face cover to protect your eyes and face from fragments of limbs that come with the cuttings. Lastly, the boot protects your feet from bush thorns you may not be aware of.

Step 5: Position The Pole Saw

The position of the pole saw is essential just as getting the real job done. You should hold the pole saw firmly while you place it vertically on your preferred position.

Step 6: Utilize the First Sets of Cuts to Form a Groove

Make sure the intensity of the first set of cuts is strong enough to form a groove on the limb. The groove has a range of benefits like guiding you throughout your cutting process, making your job easier and faster and making the pole saw not to slip away from the branch.

Step 7: Cut Through The Groove

Since the groove has been formed ensure you are cutting vertically through the groove with the movement of your saw pole going in an up-and-down motion. Make sure that the strikes go deep inside. Be sure to handle the saw pole well to prevent an accident.

Step 8: Observe Your Environment While Cutting

Make sure there isn’t anyone near you that could get hurt when the branch comes crashing. If anyone must watch you, let them keep a distance. Also, make sure the kids are not anywhere near the working site.

The best thing is that you should be the only one on the worksite. But  In terms of manual pole saw you need take less steps to complete the task as it has no auto-powered opportunity.

Clear the Work Area

After getting the job done, you should clear the working area. Then, the cut branches must have littered the floor or might be what could cause an accident. So, leaving it could be dangerous. You can store it in a place or dispose of it if it’s of no use. Remember not to drop your pole saw at the working area a kid could damage it or use it to cause harm to himself/herself.

Safety Measures

Before Knowing how to use a pole saw, you should ensure that there is maximum safety assured. Look around if there is any possible object that could cause an accident; if you find any of them, get rid of it immediately. You should get a protective apparatus like;

  1. Eye goggles.
  2. Gloves.
  3. Protective face cover.
  4. Boot.

You should make sure all these safety apparatus are available for use. Never work without the safety apparatus because the repercussions are dangerous.


That’s all about todays guideline on how to use a pole saw. You already got it that using both Corded/cordless pole saw is not as complicated as it seems. You should not only follow our laid down rules, but you should also read the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Get the job done on your own best ability. Soon, you will see yourself becoming a professional when you repeat the process over and over again.

Safety comes first in everything; your main aim should not just be focused only on getting the job done. Safety should be the main aim. You should not cut a branch without the safety apparatus.

Always make sure that the position you place yourself is comfortable for you to move away when the limbs come crashing down. If you feel you can’t do this, it is advisable to call a professional. some other related saws that called pruning saw which also handy to use.

I believe you now know how to use a pole saw!

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  1. The correct position for using a pole saw is to stand off to the side of the branch, not directly below it. This position will reduce your chances of injury when the wood falls out of the tree. What is the best pole saw for the money?

    • Hello Alex!
      Yes, You are correct. But sometimes the length of the pole saw won’t allow you to maintain distance. Still, if your pole saw long enough to make it, That would be safest for you.

      And also if you are looking for the best pole saw for the money you can check our review


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