5 Different Pole Saw Uses -[ Cool Ways of Using Pole Saws ]

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5 different ways of pole saw uses

Without any doubt, a pole saw is among the most versatile tools that are available in the woodworking field. It is arguably the main tool you need to keep your yard or garden clear of overgrown twigs and branches. But what is a pole saw?

A pole saw is an elongated pole, which is attached to a saw to help you reach the high branches. Basically, this tool is used for pruning trees in the backyard.

5 Cool Pole Saw Uses – Everything You Need To Know

So, what are the common uses of a pole saw? Let’s have a look at the five main uses;

1. Pruning Trees

As we have mentioned, a pole saw is mainly used to trim trees. Pruning helps to handle the health issues of a tree with a good pruner. It helps to get rid of the unwanted branches while giving room for new branches to sprout. This is a necessary practice that should be applied at the end of the winter season. It promotes healthy growth in the forthcoming months.

Usually, trees tend to grow at a rapid rate over the warmer months. As a result, it is required of every property owner to prepare their yard in advance.

Besides preparing the tree for healthy growth, pruning also helps to shape it properly. A good-looking yard helps to enhance the overall look of the house and better the curb appeal. Nobody would want to have a shabby-looking backyard, even if visitors rarely visit there.

Even vine trees are often pruned for them to look extra appealing. If you have a tree with too many limbs or branches, which are not needed, you might want to prune it appropriately.

You can do this perfectly with the help of a good pole saw. The size of the pole saw will depend on the tree branch’s width as well as the height of the tree itself. But the pole saw will help you cut the branches accurately for them to grow back again.

2. Cutting Branches

It’s never as swift as such to cut the unwanted branches of trees in your yard. The job can be tougher if you don’t have the right pole saw. If you need to cut a brush or shrub, you will be required to have the right means. Most people would go for a trimmer or a simple machine to clear their bushes or shrubs.

There is no crime in that. But if you have thick vines that are over 6 feet high, the only suitable tool to help you with this would be a pole saw.  Using a ladder might not be as efficient as such as many people have incurred injuries through that. But the proper pole saw of the right length will let you reach the high branches without the risk of any injury.

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3. Trimming Trees

If your tree has unwanted limbs that block sunlight, or dead branches/vines, you might have to trim it accordingly.

The excessive growth of limbs can be hazardous to the tree, and it can affect its healthy growth. The tree branches sometimes can block sunlight, which will hinder the growth of grass, as well as the fertilization process.

There could also be tree damage due to natural causes. Natural disasters like cyclones, storms, excessive cold, or excessive heat can lead to tree damage. In the warmer months, the high wind or rain can damage the tree. And during winter, the tree can get dryer and possibly start cracking. If there are any branches that have been damaged in the course of it all, they will need proper trimming.

Here is when you will need the right pole saw to help you with the trimming of the unwanted limbs.

4. Cleaning Roads and Forests Following a Disaster

For special pole saws like hydraulic pole saws, they are used specifically by professionals. They will be used to clean streets and wood after a natural disaster like a cyclone, storm, or hurricane. Hydraulic pole saws are also used in the industrial sector by large firms.

5. Clearing Bushes

A pole saw will help you clear bushes with ease. According to most experts, a pole saw does an impressive job, and it can easily replace a brush trimmer. If you have bushes with an awkward growth, they can make a mess within the garden.

Maybe there is an insect infestation in the bush, and the only solution would be to clear the bush appropriately. A pole saw would help you achieve that with ease.

Final Words

So these are the best possible pole Saw Uses. When using a pole saw, always keep in mind that it can still cause you injuries if not handled properly and with care. That is why you need to observe the necessary safety precautions as you use them. Besides that, avoid using the pole saw on a ladder or in wet weather conditions. Don’t forget to read the user manual properly as it will always come with some useful safety tips.

Generally, understanding how to use a pole saw will always give you the best results out of all the pruning, trimming, or cutting projects that you handle.

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