DeWalt DW717 Review-2022 [ Let’s Check Pros and Cons ]

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When choosing a good miter saw, one of the things you need to consider is the brand. DeWalt is among the most respected power tool brands out there.

The DeWalt DW717 Miter Saw stands among the top-rated models, and here is a detailed DW717 review to give you more information about the miter saw.

At a Glance

  • 23.5 by 31 by 19.5 inches measurement.
  • 51lbs weight.
  • 15amp motor.
  • 10-inch blade.
  • 5/8-inch arbor.
  • 4,000RPM speed.
  • 14-inch crosscut capacity.
  • 0° to 48° bevel to the left and right.
  • 0° to 52° miter cut to the right and 0° to 60° miter cut to the left.
  • 6.25-inch vertical nested cut capacity.
DeWalt DW717 Review

Product; DeWalt DW717 Overview

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This DeWalt miter saw has been made to handle both the light and heavy-duty projects. Being a miter saw from a reputable brand, you should expect to get a high-quality tool that can help you with whichever project you might be having. While this miter saw might be heavier than most miter saws out there, it is capable of handling multiple projects without breaking down. Don’t forget to check new model of it.

In other words, this beast is built to last for long while offering you the best sawing opportunities. Plus, it comes with some features that enhance its flexibility and overall functionality. There are other advanced features on this baby that make it a top product worthy of handling the toughest jobs out there.

If you are used to getting cheap miter saws, this one would not suit your budget bracket. But if you don’t mind spending a few hundreds of dollars on a robust and reliable miter saw, then this unit would be a great pick for you. Specifically, if you will be using this miter saw regularly, you will truly love its delivery.

Even with its sturdiness, heavyweight, and advanced features, this saw is quite user-friendly.

To help you understand it further, here are the Features and Functions of the miter saw.

DeWalt DW717 Review & features

Size and Build

If you want a miter saw that will fit perfectly in your working space and capable of handling your project accordingly, you must consider its size and build. The size and construction are ignored a lot of times, but they are very important points to consider.

In terms of the size, this one falls under the medium-sized units. It measures 23.5 by 31 by 19.5 inches, which makes it slightly bigger than most miter saws out there. So, ensure that you have enough working space in your workshop if you want to use this saw.

Along with that size, this miter saw is also heavy at 51lbs. So, unless you have the strength and you can easily carry such weight when working with the miter saw, then you should opt for another unit.

By the way, one of the major features that make this miter saw heavy is metal construction. Luckily, there is an inbuilt carry handle for enhanced portability. Check some metal cutting chop saw reviews.

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The power of the miter saw is another factor you must consider if you want to purchase it. Did you know that the power has nothing to do with the size and construction of the miter saw? Just because the saw is made of high-quality and robust metal construction doesn’t automatically mean that it will be powerful enough.

But you should count yourself lucky if you will be getting this miter saw. This saw comes with a powerful motor that goes well with the sturdy construction.

The Dewalt DW717 10-inch double-bevel sliding compound miter saw comes with a powerful 15-amp motor, which is strong enough to deliver a no-load speed of 4,000 RPM. With such power and speed, you can be sure of relying on the miter saw to cut through stuff with ease. The power and speed also make it easy and effortless to make miter cuts and crosscuts with this unit.

By the way, this saw only requires 120 volts to run, which is the default power ratings in most homes.

Cutting Capabilities 

Now that you are aware of the size, construction and power of the miter saw, you must be curious about whether it can cut your workpieces as needed, or not.

First off, the miter saw comes with a 10-inch blade that is capable of cutting through stuff with ease. If you read other DeWalt DW717 reviews out there, you will see just how reliable this miter saw is in terms of the cutting capacity.

The saw is sturdy enough and made to offer accurate cuts. This then allows for versatile setups that are necessary for miter applications. Furthermore, there is a miter detent plate made of stainless steel, which is adjustable to offer better cutting abilities with the miter saw. With this detent plate, you can adjust it to 11 positive stops. This then assures you of an easy setup as well as enhanced efficiency.

Keep in mind that this saw comes with a large miter capacity of 0 to 60 degrees to the left, as well as 0 to 52 degrees to the right. Long story short, this helps to enhance versatility.

There are exclusive crosscut stop positions cutting head that enhances the vertical cut capacity. Besides that, the saw comes with a bevel cut capacity of 45 degrees. This includes dimensional lumber of 2 by 12, along with 2 by 14 inches with a back fence.

By the way, there is an exclusive bevel detent system along with 7 positive stops to offer you fast, precise, and repeatable cuts.

User Experience

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Even though this miter saw comes with some incredible features to offer satisfying cutting capabilities, it is important to consider the user experience of this unit. To keep it simple, the miter saw is quite user-friendly.

So yes, it is a heavy miter saw, but the design is meant to make it easy to use. Thanks to the ergonomic handle, the miter saw is easily portable and you can move with it around the working space with ease.

Plus, this saw is compatible with the DeWalt DW7187 miter saw laser system that is quite adjustable. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with the saw. In other words, you will have to purchase the DW7187 separately. By the way, this miter saw laser system lets you see the cutting line easily through the red laser line. In other words, it lets you make accurate cuts on your workpiece.

This saw has been made to handle big jobs with elegance. With this one, you will be flipping the saw instead of the material, hence giving you an easy time when working on the workpieces. Furthermore, there are several bevels that stop on the saw. The best part is that you will easily find the bevel angles on this baby.

It is generally a highly adjustable miter saw that assures you of user-friendliness when working with it.

Who is the DW717 Designed For?

Anybody looking for a sturdy miter saw can go for this unit. However, according to most DeWalt 717 miter saw reviews, it would be a great pick for the seasoned professionals that have large stocks for cutting. Due to its medium-weight and robust construction, professionals in a fixed working area would find it convenient to use this miter saw. But if you move around too often when using a miter saw, this unit might not be your best pick.

So, does that mean DIY contractors should go for the saw? Absolutely not. Even DIYers can get this miter saw. However, it is a complex saw that comes at a relatively high price tag. If you don’t mind spending a few more dollars and you can also handle a complex miter saw, then you are free to go for this one.

What We Loved

  • Robust and durable.
  • Convenient handle for easy portability.
  • Easy to change the settings on this unit.
  • Convenient high fence.
  • Makes accurate cuts.
  • Highly adjustable.
  • Powerful motor.
  • 4 hardened steel bevel stops make it extra versatile.

What Could Be Better

  • It is a heavy machine.
  • Not the best dust collection.

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What Is The Best Miter Saw For Home Use?

From this DeWalt DW717 Review, you must realize It is almost impossible to point out a specific miter saw as the best for home use. Nevertheless, you must consider some factors when choosing a miter saw for home use. First off, it must come with a compact design and shouldn’t be too heavy. Most working spaces at home are not large enough, so a compact miter saw would be the best pick.

The miter saw should be durable enough, but it is not a must for it to be able to withstand daily usage since you won’t be using it daily. Above all, a good miter saw for home use should come at a decent price, and it must be user-friendly as well.

Safety Tips

  • Make sure you wear the proper protective gear for the eyes and ears.
  • Avoid operating the miter saw with gloves.
  • By taking help of good miter saw stand will help you to cut safely and accurately.
  • Keep the floor dry at all times. Do not operate the saw when standing on a wet floor.
  • The working space should be well ventilated.
  • Ensure that the area is well lit to avoid accidental cuts on your or the workpiece.
  • Make sure you switch off and unplug the saw from the socket when changing the blade.
  • Always install the correct blade on the saw.
  • Avoid operating the saw when intoxicated or unstable.
  • Hold the saw firmly whenever you are making cuts.


So, that marks the end of our DeWalt DW717 Review. So, are you ready to make the purchase? Where do you plan to use the miter saw? Wherever you intend to use it, you can be sure of getting the best from it. The delivery of the miter saw is quite satisfying and overly easy to use. Even though it comes at a high price tag, you get it on a 90-day money-back guarantee. So yes, it is worth the purchase.

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