How to Cut Tile Without a Wet Saw [ 3 Easy Steps to Follow]

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The most common technique for cutting tiles is by use of a wet saw. However, in some circumstances, the wet saw may be expensive to obtain, and this calls for alternative cheaper mechanisms. You may consider seeking the services of an expert but this may also prove to be costly too. Thus, in the quest to meet your cutting goals, we offer you a step by step procedure of How to cut tile without a wet saw .

One significant alternative to consider during the cutting process is the application of the tile cutter. They are structured in different sizes and shapes and hence, they can appropriately give you the specific shape of the respective tile.

Before we deal with the process of cutting a tile without a wet saw, let us handle the safety precautions attached to the use of different saws.

Steps of How to Cut Tile Without a Wet saw

Things you will need

  1. A glass cutter
  2. A Clothes hanger
  3. A square
  4. A marker
  5. The tiles to be cut

Steps to be followed…

Step 1: Mark the tiles

Using the straight side of the square, align it with the required position that you need to cut. Then draw a line using the marker to indicate the location that you need to cut the respective tiles. For appropriateness, the square should be placed 0.64 inches away from the anticipated mark to make it easy to draw the line.

Step 2: Slightly cut through the marked line

Use the glass cutter to cut through the marked line. In this case, you do not completely cut through the tile. It is more of making a more profound mark all along the line that was initially created by the marker. With this, you have a more defined marking on where to cut through your tiles.

Step 3: Press down the tile using the clothes hanger

Here, you should align the long side of the hanger with the line created initially. The hanger should be on top of the tile and not below it. Now you only need slightly press the hanger against the tile. This action aims to exert pressure on the tile to ensure that it is cut into two pieces.

Once you obtain the required size, you can put the tile into use. You need to repeat the whole procedure for all the tiles to achieve the required dimensions. This mechanism is only appropriate if you need to cut the tiles in a straight line and not to attain other curved shapes on the tiles.

Application of other DIY techniques

Apart from straight lines, you may be confronted with the need to cut the tiles to achieve curved results. This calls for the application of other DIY techniques in the absence of a wet tile saw. The following is a procedure that constitutes cutting non-straight shapes on tiles in the absence of a wet tile saw.

How to cut porcelain tile without a wet saw

Things you will need

  1. Sheets of paper
  2. A sharpened pencil
  3. A bench
  4. The tiles to be shaped
  5. A pair of scissors
  6. Tape
  7. Clippers
  8. Measuring tape
  9. Tile file

How to cut porcelain tile without a wet saw

Steps involved…

Step 1: Check out the pieces of paper

Ensure that the pieces of paper have similar sizes and shapes of the tiles to be cut. You should take the measurements using the measuring tape to ascertain that they are similar. These pieces of paper act as guiding forces during the cutting process. Snip the extra pieces of paper using the pair of scissors to ensure that they perfectly fit the sizes of the tiles to be reduced and shaped.

Step 2: Align the pieces of paper with the sections that the tiles should be fitted

Logically, the cut and shaped tile is to be fitted in a specific place. Since some floor places require different sizes of the tiles, you should know how to cut small pieces of tile.

First, you should place the pieces of paper on the area in question to get the idea of where to cut these tiles. They should perfectly fit the area and act as if the tiles are already in place. Make sure you leave some little space to take into consideration the required spaces between the tiles.

Step 3: Tape the pieces of paper

Using the available tape, attach the pieces of paper on the required area to make it easy to mark the important cut areas. Use the pencil to mark the areas that should be cut based on the shape of the region that the tiles should be put.

Step 4: Mark 0.32 inches marks on the tiles 

Using the tile scribe, indicate 0.32 inches cut on the tiles on the areas to be cut. The tiles should be placed on the bench or the working surface. The marked pieces of paper should be the guiding factors during the cutting process.

(To make holes, Perfect hole saw kit would be a better option)

Step 5: Remove the non-required section

Here, you use the available clippers to cut off the unwanted part. Be careful when chopping of these portions to avoid the wanted regions. This process is bound to result in rough edges in the end.

Step 6: Smoother the rough edges

Using a tile file, reduce the uneven surfaces for easy installation.

Step 7: Fix the adjusted tiles

Once the required shapes have been attained, you can now fix them in their respective areas. No doubt this is a slightly tedious process, and there is the need to be patient to the end. Also, it is more likely to end up in poorly shaped tiles as compared to that of the glass cutter.

However, if you are careful, it may end up serving your intended purpose, and in the end you will have saved huge amounts of cash. But I tell you what with the best tile saw on the market you can make it far more easily the this.

Quick safety tips

  • Ensure you put on the appropriate protective attire before you engage in your project.
  • Embrace the use of the push sticks to minimize the chances of getting in contact with the saw blades or getting injured.
  • Regularly change the blades when they fail to function appropriately and use the appropriate blades for specific tasks in your projects.
  • Ensure that you are patient and do not touch or adjust a blade that is in motion; instead, wait until it becomes still and adjust it appropriately.
  • Carefully read the user manual and grasp the basics for smooth handling of the different parts of the saw.
  • When not in use, unplug the saw from the power source and disconnect the battery from the saw for your safety.
  • Be attentive when handling saws and avoid any form of distractions as this may not only affect the outcome of your project but can also be detrimental to you.

Final verdict

 Tile cutting and shaping are simple if you have the required gadgets. The most common tool for this process is the wet saw and this explains the rampancy of online articles on how to cut tile with a wet saw. However, in cases where you lack the wet saw, you are left with the DIY mechanisms of having the task one without this tool. Now you know How to cut tile without a wet saw , you can solve your problem easily. But in terms of porcelain tile without tile saw is different.

Thus, if you are faced with a tight budget or because of other reasons you cannot be able to access a tile saw, then this article got your back. You do not have to go through the hassle of purchasing the wet tile saw if your budget is fixed as the task can be easily done in the above-stated steps.

On the contrary, if you desire a professional outcome, then you should be ready to part with a reasonable amount of cash to hire a wet tile saw or an expert to work on your tiles.

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