DeWalt DWS709 Review [ 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw ]

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If you are looking to make professional-grade cuts when working on wood, then DeWalt DWS709 is the ideal tool for you. It is a sliding compound miter saw, thus able to perform better than any other regular compound miter saw.

Maybe to make you have a deeper understanding of how effective it is, DeWalt DWS709 review you can look at.

DeWalt DWS709 Overview

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  1. Support crown molding by tall sliding fences.
  2. Stainless steel miter detent plate adjustable.
  3. Oversized bevel scale.
  4. Dual horizontal steel rails with linear ball bearings.
  5. Powerful motor delivers extended power & durability.
  6. Exclusive back fence design.
  7. Precise miter system and machined base fence.

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It is a sliding miter saw, a feature that makes it perform way better than any other typical miter saw. DeWalt DWS709 is recommended for those professionals who have considerable projects to undertake.

It is common practice to price highly products that offer quality services. However, that is not the case with DeWalt DWS709. On the contrary, this tool is relatively cheaper and affordable to any professional woodworker.

Moreover, the DeWalt DWS709 has other additional features that make it quite exciting to use. We are talking about its lightweight build and all-in-one bevel adjustments. All these features add up to simplify your woodworking process.

DeWalt DWS709 reviewFeatures

What makes DeWalt DWS709 a unique and exceptional woodworking tool? We take a look into some of its features that are just unbeatable.

Size and Construction

It is expected that DeWalt DWS709 be bulky and weighty because of the power it generates and the extra features. Nonetheless, at 51 pounds, it is still easy to store and transport without having to sweat over its durability.

It comes with a long-lasting aluminum base and a lofty razzing that offers firmness and forte. It has pads on the stainless steel that makes it difficult to wear out. Apart from the pads, the aluminum material itself cushions the saw from any unwarranted stains that would have otherwise destroyed the outer surface.


Most of the cutting activities do involve quite complex methods. You will need to generate a lot of power to accomplish the whole cutting process. The energy is produced by the help of a miter straw and enables steady and uninterrupted cutting.

Fortunately, dewalt dws709 slide compound miter saw can help with the generation of such a tremendous amount of power. It is the 3800 rpm rated motor that helps to generate the power to help you cut your wood with so much ease and nuance.

DeWalt DWS will help you generate that much-needed power with ease. As a result, you are bound to spend very little time making angled cuts on the materials you are working on. It will take off from your back some added tasks and save you time eventually.

It is fixed with a powerful 15-amp and 3800-rpm motor that is capable of delivering prolonged clout and stability. It has tall sliding fences that support the molding crown.

The ability of DeWalt DWS709 to provide much power makes it easier to handle all the materials it processes. It also gives you other options with which you can use the tool.

Cutting capacity

A miter saw that cannot assure you of precise and definite cuts is not worthy of your money. One of the significant features of this tool is based on its ability to perform in a near-flawless manner.

The DeWalt DWS709, however, can deliver those desired accurate cuts. The modifiable miter detent plate enables any desired adjustments to sustain accuracy levels. With the 13 positive stops, this tool allows any user to regulate the saw in the most convenient way.

The user can fine-tune the saw to any desired angle, thus helping them improve on productivity and cutting accuracy. There is an additional sizeable red miter pointer that makes it easy to read and locate miter angles.

The saw is designed such that it is degrees to the right and the left, 50 degrees. That is to ensure increased capacity. The bevel scale is over-sized and easy-to-read. That makes it possible to carry out the bevel angle adjustments accurately and straightforwardly.

Often, when the saw is being beveled, it is the sliding fences that move out of the way. The DeWalt DWS709 has been appropriately designed and tailor-made for easy and efficient cutting. The 13 positive stops should help you make quick adjustments to the miter saws and maintain your cutting accuracy.

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What We Loved

  • Has a powerful motor that drives the whole system.
  • Continuous bevel adjustments.
  • Very light and easy to store.
  • Amazingly accurate.

What Could Be Better

  • Has a weak dust collection system.
  • The defective fence that makes it poor in collecting dust.

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User Experience

Most people who have laid their hands on DeWalt DWS709 appreciate its unique features and are quite positive. They all agree that the machine is very accurate when making cuts. The professional woodworkers were able to help them with the whole process of cutting and deliver magnificently done woodwork. But I got extra benefit while using it with a best portable miter saw stand.

Artisans, who move from one place to the other, were also impressed with its portability. They also cited how easy it was to store. Lastly, most users appreciated the relatively low price of the DeWalt DWS709. Compared to other models in the market, they say it is cheaper.

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Q. What is the difference between the DeWalt dws709 and DWS779?

Ans. These two saws vary in size and weight. DeWalt DWS779 is slightly larger than the DWS709 model. It weighs 67 pounds, whereas DWS709 has 13 plates, DWS779 has ten positive stops.

Q. What is the difference between DeWalt DWS79 and DWS780?

Ans. The DWS779 and DWS780 miter saw are indistinguishable models, but with just one difference. The DWS780 has the XPS Cutline positioning system. The DWS779 doesn’t have it.

Safety Tips

When you have the right miter saw for your wood projects, you must ensure that you handle it with perfect care. That being said, here are the top safety tips to help you when using the miter saw;

  1. Always wear the right protective gear for eyes and ears.
  2. Avoid wearing gloves, dangling jewelry, or loose clothing.
  3. Always use the proper blade size.
  4. Keep your hands and fingers at least 6 inches from the blade.
  5. Unplug the saw from the socket before when changing the blade.
  6. Ensure that the lower guard is kept clean at all times to enhance movement and visibility.
  7. Never perform operations freehand on the miter saw.

Final Verdict

This Dewalt dws709 review clearly demonstrates that it is an exceptional miter saw. DeWalt DWS709 will help you in a big way to make those professional-grade cuts when working on wood. Our other 7 best compound sliding miter saw reviews can make you understand the recent market trend of the miter saws.

However, it has one flaw that the user can quickly get rid of with proper adjustments. The sliding apparatus can cause some inexactness. Other than that, there is more to like in this saw. Consequently, we would recommend it to any woodworker any day. You can check some of our best cordless miter saw review.

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