How To Cut Laminate Countertop With Table Saw[8 Easy Steps]

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How to Cut Laminate Countertop with Table Saw

Laminate countertop is encountering an explosion in the market lately. For a considerable length of time, this countertop was formerly rated as a poor looking, low-quality option.

That is now totally changed with the best in class laminate countertop which look superior to anything like the former and last longer also – all at a profoundly reasonable cost.

How to Cut Laminate Countertop with Table Saw

Learn How to Cut Laminate Countertop with Table Saw

Necessary Tools for Cutting Laminate Countertop

There is a bunch of various tools to use in cutting laminate countertops.

  1. Measuring tape
  2. Pencil used by carpenters
  3. Carpenters Square
  4. Circular Saw
  5. Work Table
  6. Belt Sander (which has 220-Coarseness Sandpaper)
  7.  Jigsaw.
  8. Top quality Contractor table saw recommended

Step By Step process on How to Cut Laminate Countertop with Table Saw

Below are the means by which you could cut a laminate countertop with a table saw/some beginner table saws

Step 1. Choosing the correct blade for the cut

Before you begin to cut laminate counter-top, it is very important to install in your round saw the correct blades.

Basically, particular kinds of blade are perfect for cutting some specific materials. For instance, when you’re cutting a Corian counter-top or stone, it’s crucial to use a strong blade. Since laminate counter-tops are a moderately delicate material, a typical round blade used in wood cutting is fit for cutting through the counter-top quickly. Your perfect bet is a good-toothed blade, like the one used in plywood cutting.

This blade type limits the possibility that the counter-top material will break off or split as you slice through it.

Step 2. Measuring

The perfect method for cutting laminate is to use a table saw but ensure there’s a 60-tooth carbide blade. You have to have a high tooth count on the blade to make an impeccable cut. It’s essential to have full control of the laminate when cutting to guarantee it can’t slide or slip. Rather than a handsaw, it is ideal to use a table saw.

For cutting, it’s crucial that the blade cuts down into the laminate into its face. Make sure that there’s a best table saw fence or something related to it on the saw to push the laminate against and keep it stable. Run the laminate through consistently, taking consideration to guarantee the cut is consistent on the line marked.

Step 3. Cutting the length

Measure the length of the countertop and afterward cut the countertop piece length with your circular saw to be longer.

Use your carpenters square to make a mark on the countertop area. Cut through the marked lines and keep the piece down on top of the countertop part to see the small cutout left by the initial cut.

Step 4. Cutting to width

Since your countertop has been cut to length, it’s an excellent opportunity to place it on the main laminate area to get the right width size.

The least demanding approach in doing this is to take a width measurement first with your measuring tape. Cut the width of the material slab a bit wider.

You can after that lay the piece over the countertop part. It will, at that point, enable you to use a scribing apparatus, or simply pencil, to mark the width for the countertop. Another cut should be made along the scribed spot for a correct fit.

Step 5. Put on your safety gears

Don’t forget to put on your safety gears such as; eye-goggles, ear-protector, boots, hand glove and jackets.

Step 6. Re-checking your measurements

Since your saw is furnished with the right blade with best table saw miter gauge, it’s an ideal opportunity to get ready for the job.

Start making all the essential measurements. It will be ideal to first assess the length and width with every other as any pattern (like sink cutout) prior to making your first cut on laminate counter top task. You will utilize these measurements as a stand for your cuts and for the fitting.

For better result, still re-measure before making every cut. Double-check your measurements to make sure that the laminate counter-top is actually still in the correct measure.

Step 7. Making any cutout

This stage is somewhat more complicated than to make the length and the width cut. Being a starter, you should take as much time as needed and never hurry through this process and purchase compact table saw.

Go round the sink hole to make an accurate layout. Utilize jigsaw to cut out the sink hole. It is recommended to cut the sink structure slightly lesser than required. Make extra cuts until it suits as precisely as required.

Step 8. Edge finishing

Odds are the cuts edges might be a bit rough. Make use of belt sander that has 220-coarseness sandpaper to sharpen through the edges till the jagged edges are smooth. On the other hand, you can smooth by hand, despite the fact that it will take time. RIDGID R4512 is ideal to get this facility.


Q. Does laminate counter-top have advantage?

Ans. Laminate countertop is less expensive; this is one of its advantages. It doesn’t require any special maintenance process. It has an anti-bacteria feature.

Q. Why do my table saw slow down on light load?

Ans. A wrong extension cord may cause your table saw to slow down because of insufficient power. Using a dull blade may also cause this. Top Quality Professional table saw has less problem like this and Powermatic PM1000 is ideal among them.

Q. Must I use the table saw stand?

Ans. It isn’t really necessary; you can install or mount it on any sturdy work surface. Make sure there is an 11- inches square space beneath the saw where saw dust can pass through.

Q. Does my table saw require a specific electrical circuit?

Ans. Your table saw has a specific electrical circuit. Some has 12 or 14 copper wire, with 20 or 15 amp delay fuse. You can check your user manual to see your product type. For example shop fox w1837, Dawalt Dwe7480, Bosch GTS1031, Dawalt Dw745 etc.


Learning How to Cut Laminate Countertop with Table Saw is not hard. Instead of renting a tool or machine used for the project, you can get them at your local stores near you.

Also, know that it is of great importance to be careful while using the saw to avoid injury, accident, or possibility of the countertop pieces kicking back towards your face.

Always wear the necessary protective gear for safety reasons.

Countertops have been thriving through the market, always make certain plans when buying one or you could use the help of an expert or check the show rooms online or offline.

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