How to extend STIHL Pole saw? [ Quick Cutting Tips ]

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In this world of cutting-edge technology, different devices and machines have made our life simple. And, a pole saw is such a type of instrument that enables us to trim high tree branches while standing on the ground. However, a saw from any reputed brand will offer more versatility.  

Therefore, you can put your trust in STIHL; one of the leading manufacturers of pole saws. STIHL’s pole saw comes with extreme power and efficiency to accomplish huge tasks within a short time. You can reach difficult-to-access places with the saw if you know how to extend STIHL pole saws properly. 

In the following sections, I will discuss that and also give you some tips to cut more effectively. 

How to Extend STIHL Pole saw 

There are various models of STIHL pole saws out there and the extension length varies depending on their pole saws’ capacity. STIHL’s battery-operated pole saw can be 12 feet long while other versions can be extended to get a total length of 7-11 feet. No matter how long STIHL pole saws are, you can extend them effortlessly to get these lengths.

The good news is that you don’t need to learn any special skills to extend a STIHL pole saw as they are extremely easy to extend. You can easily do that by following the given instruction manual. However, if you lost the manual or for any reason the instruction manual is missing, I am going to show you the easiest way of extending the pole saw.

The first thing you should keep in mind while extending the saw is where you want to cut. Making the saw longer than necessary will make it heavy for hands to control and you won’t be able to cut efficiently. Also, check the maximum extended length of the saw before purchasing one. 

Now it’s time to extend the pole saw. You will find an extension pole supplied with the saw. Just attach that with the pruner. You should select and attach an appropriate cutting before connecting the extension pole. After attaching the extension pole, you can extend the pole further by turning the extension knob found on the extension pole’s frontal part. Yes, I mean, the part that is situated near the saw blade. 

You can slide out another telescoping pole that is placed inside the pole. The total length of the pole will increase by 3-4 feet. After extending it, make sure you have tightened the knob firmly. Otherwise, it won’t be that stable.

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Tips on Cutting with a STIHL pole saw

Here are some tips regarding STIHL Pole saw. However, maintain these tips always no matter what kind of pole saw you are using. Let’s have a look.

  1. Get yourself a highly effective pole saw

The best cutting tool is the one that fulfills your needs. So, when shopping for a pole saw, be sure to find one that’s suitable for your needs and offers some useful features, such as an enclosed chain cover and automatic tensioning system for the chain.

  1. Use proper safety equipment

Keep in mind that it can be very dangerous to use a pole saw. In fact, thousands of people are injured each year while using this kind of cutting tool. The best way to prevent injuries is to wear protective equipment when working with one of these tools. You should always wear eye protection and heavy-duty gloves made from leather whenever you went for cutting trees and changing blades. 

  1. Know the proper cutting rules. 

There are some general rules of thumb you should follow when using a pole saw. First, make sure you work with the ground on your side and not above it. Holding one of these tools up high for an extended period of time can get tiring, especially if you’re working in hot weather conditions. 

If possible, cut from the bottom branches to the top branches and wear straps while cutting. It will reduce fatigue by helping you hold the pole saw for a longer period.

  1. Use both hands

Using both hands to cut branches will make your work much more efficient. When holding the pole saw, use your left hand and place it on top of the right one. Make sure they are relatively close to the handle and cover it completely. When cutting, use both hands at all times in order to give you maximum support and control for safety purposes.

  1. Avoid windy days

 As you are cutting things that are hanging in the air, windy days can spread these cut-off tree parts in all directions. It’s will make a mess. Also, these branches and leaves can disturb people passing by. These things can even fall on your head. Better stay home with your saw on windy days.

  1. Quickly Clean up the area after cutting 

Don’t leave clumps of grass or leaves on the ground, as it can cause havoc with your mulching bag or rear discharge unit later when operating your unit. Wait until all debris has been removed from around the base before turning to start making more cuts 

  1. Don’t use dull blades.

In some circumstances, dull blades are more dangerous than sharp ones, because you will need to work harder in order to cut through branches, which means that you’ll be overworking your muscles and using more energy than you should while trying to get the job done fast.

Final words

Here we have reached the final section of the article and I believe you have successfully learned how to extend STIHL pole saws. Also, use the tips I have given while operating the super-efficient STIHL pole saw. So, start trimming high tree branches by extending your pole saw without any issue. Good luck.

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