Track Saw Vs Circular Saw -2023 [ Which One To Pick? ]

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Track Saw vs Circular Saw

Both the track saw and circular saw are meant for cutting straight lines and angle cuts. Plus, they look similar on the surface as they both work with circular blades. Besides that, the track saw and circular saw are both used to cut different materials.

 In a nutshell, track saws are best for professionals while circular saws suit DIYers and renovating projects perfectly.

Let’s Check-In details about the track saw and circular saw.

Track Saw vs Circular Saw: in-depth Discussion -2021

But how do they differ? Which is the best tool to pick for handling your projects? That depends on the specific application you wish to handle. But first, let’s have a look at how the two saws differ.

Track Saw vs Circular Saw

Track Saw

A track saw is more of a circular saw that is handheld and comes with a long rectangular rail known as the track. The saw will slide on the rail as it operates to make long and accurate cuts. 

There is no rail guard on a track saw, which lets you have a clear view of the workpiece. There are also some rubber strips on the base of the rail to hold the workpiece in place.

Features of Track Saws

They collect dust in a shroud

The shroud of the track saw will keep dust away from you and the work surface. The best part is that you can dispose of the dust with ease from the shroud.

They are space-saving

One thing about a track saw is that it comes with a compact design to save you space with ease. The tracks can be easily stacked upright.

They’re accurate

Precision is one major advantage of the best track saw system. They allow you to make clean and precise cuts with absolute ease.

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Pros of Track Saws

  • They lack a blade guard to offer a better view.
  • Tend to be more powerful.
  • They make smooth cuts with limited jagged edges.
  • Light and portable.
  • They let you adjust the cut depth for versatile cuts

Cons of Track Saws

  • They are pricier than circular saws.
  • They take time to set up.
  • They lack a riving knife

Circular Saw

Track Saw vs Circular Saw
Circular saw

Two types of circular saw out there. One is a corded Circular saw and another one is a cordless circular saw which is best for portability. This saw features a disc with teeth that spin around an arbor. Unlike the track saw, the circular saw comes with a safety guard to protect your hand from getting to the blade.

But a best compact circular saw is no less to making you satisfy whenever you need to be done some quick job. To get the best performance you can sharpen the blade easily, for the bulk projects it’s necessary.

Features of Circular Saws

They are versatile

You can use a variety of blades to slice through different materials with a circular saw. This saw allows you to cut through both rip cuts and cross-cuts with limited effort. Keep in mind that a circular saw comes in different types; sidewinder, worm drive saws, and hypoid circular saw.

Fast and easy to use

Circular saws let you handle massive projects in a short time. To cut Plywood circular saw is the best option for you.

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Pros of Circular Saws

Cons of Circular Saws

  • They are not the best for making smooth/clean cuts
  • Not as accurate as track saws

Verdict – Which Is The Right Pick Between A Circular Saw And A Track Saw?

We already discussed Track Saw Vs Circular Saw. It all goes down to your projects and what you will be handling. If you are a professional and you need accurate and super-clean cuts, a track saw would do you justice. Of course, these are costlier and they will need some experience to set up. But they are worth the time and money in the long run.

On the other hand, circular tools would be a good pick for a handyman that needs a unit for handling multiple projects and materials. If you have a big volume of wood pieces that need to be cut, this one would be the best pick for you. For home use, it’s better if you use the best mini circular saw for your project.

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