How to Sharpen Table Saw Blades? – [ 6 Easy Steps For You ]

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Table saw could be a cumbersome and expensive thing in your rundown of carpentry mechanism, and when the saw blades turn blunt, it can be costly to replace. A time may come when you need to change the saw blade, however, you can get extra use out of it when you sharpen it yourself. 

Today I will help you to learn how to sharpen table saw blade easily. So lets get started.

How to Identify a Dull Table Saw Blade

At the point when you have to place more pressure into cutting materials than expected, it implies that you have to check the teeth of the blade.

It is crucial to sharpen it when it begins giving indications of bluntness. Failure to do so on time can cause damage to the material you are cutting the blade with, which means you would need to sharpen it for better results. for detailed information about table saw blades you can check our best table saw blade list.

How to Sharpen Table Saw Blades

Some important manifestations that will disclose to you when it’s time to sharpen your blade include:

  • Struggle when cutting through materials.
  • The blade delivers a high-pitched and sharp noise when it makes contact with the surface of the material.
  • The edges of the material are not smooth. They may have fragments or chips that are noticeable upon close review.
  • There is a growing strain on the engine.

Step by Step Process of How to Sharpen Table Saw Blades

Saw Blade Sharpening tool

In the event that you’ve been working with your table saw table saw blades for some time you realize that in the long run they’ll wear out and begin to dull. Numerous individuals go out and purchase another blade before proceeding with work – however you really don’t have to do this.  Here are the processes involved in sharpening table saw blades:

Step 1. Get a Diamond Blade

Sharpening your blade requires you to get a diamond blade. Always have safety in mind. Change your saw blade with the diamond blade, take time while doing this and make sure your machine is turned off and not plugged into its power socket.

Step 2. Put on Your Safety Gears

First thing to consider is your safety. You will need a pair of eye-goggles, ear-protector to reduce the noise emitted from the machine. Also a pair of hand gloves is required to keep your hands safe.

Step 3. Where to Sharpen

The inside of the blade teeth is where you will be sharpening (where carbide is). Take your blade and put it next to the diamond blade. Gently touch it on the diamond blade. This will make the blade nice and sharp for work again.

Step 4. Turn on the Table Saw and Sharpen

Push the first tooth against the diamond blade when you have turned the machine on. Briefly turn on to another tooth and pull back if it’s okay to your satisfaction.

Continue with this process and get your blade sharpened.

Note that this process may not imply to other kinds of blades. Make sure there is enough carbide on the blade if not; you won’t get a better result.

Step 5. Attachment and Lubrication

Greasing your table saw blade can keep it from rusting and also make it sharp. If the blade is newly sharpened you needn’t bother with a lot of oil. Crush a limited quantity of the greasing oil on the whole blade as well as the sharpened edge. Take a stack of paper and polish the oil to the blade. Spread it around it as much as possible and never worry in case you lose some oil. At the point when completed, change the blade.

Step 6. Run a Test

Get a wood and cut it into different pieces with the sharpened blade so as to check the sharpness of your newly sharpened blade. This will enable you to decide whether the blade is sufficiently sharp. On the off chance that the blade isn’t sharp enough, you might want to repeat the process again.

Safety Tips

  • Choose a protected and level surface where you can work and afterward push out the blade from the saw and take it to this region. Because the table saw blades are not appended to the saw doesn’t imply that they are not conceivably harmful.
  • They are still sharp so ensure you are wearing your work gloves when sharpening and taking care of the saw blades. This can be an untidy activity so verify that you lay a covering down on the floor where you will work and that you are wearing your goggles, face veil and an earphone to reduce the noise arising from the machine.
  •  As you sharpen the table saw blades you will find bits of metal filing out. These fragments of metal can turn out to be dangerous on a solid or wood floor. They can likewise be hazardous to your wellbeing. Assuming the metal shavings get into your eye, they could cause visual deficiency and in the event that they enter your lungs you can stifle and turn out to be sick, so take good care while sharpening your blade.


Q. Why does the blade cut clean on one side and not on the other?

Ans. Improper tension, blade dish or side clearance are the three main causes of this.

Q. My blade cuts very heavy, why?

Ans. There are numerous causes of this; it is either you are cutting with too many teeth, the cutting speed is slow, using a blunt blade or your hook angle is incorrect.

Q. My blade vibrates at maximum RPM, why?

Ans. Make sure the blade is mounted properly. Check to be sure the arbor and collars are neat. Check to see if the arbor is running straight and not bent. Finally check the drive belt for leakage/spillage.


That is all about how to sharpen table saw blade for you. I’m Sure If The above guidelines properly followed it would assist you in effectively sharpening your blades. Remember that this procedure won’t work for all blades that you purchase.

 In the event that the best contractor table saw is wearing out and has a bend to the blade rather than the straight edge you find in current correspondents, you won’t have the option to hone it utilizing those techniques.

However, the procedures above are required to sharpen most table saw blades. If would forget anything let it not be your safety gears, I repeat let it not be the safety gears. You can also check some of the table saw brands like DawaltShop foxskilpowermatic and bosch, Ridgid.

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